Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 82 Part 1

You Qian was dumbstruck at Ah Jin's action.

Ah Jin shrugged off the blood on the sword and stuck it back into her back.

Sensing his gaze, "Well? I can not?"

You Qian hurriedly shook his head, "Sure, okay, okay, as long as you are happy."

Ren Fengjiang's minions did not know what was happening.

They only saw him stepped forward to say a few words, and then just before he was about to come back, he was called by the super good-looking goddess and was killed in two strokes.

The female sponsor also froze.

She thought Ren Fengjiang and the experts had some kind of friendship, but it turned out that he just went ahead and acted as if he was forced to do so?

Now he was killed for pretending instead.

They were simply not a match for the three men.

It was impossible to help him take revenge.

The female sponsor only felt her face burning, embarrassed, and humiliated to the point where she could not go home.

They did not wait for Ren Fengjiang to return and left in a hurry.

They were afraid that they would be implicated and they would be killed.

You Qian curiously asked, "Miss, how to do it, a level 35 slaying level 60?"

Ah Jin straightened her long hair to the back of her ear, "Do you want to try?"

You Qian froze.

He was thinking seriously about this question.

Ah Jin was eager to fight him to see how big the gap between herself and him was.

Too bad, You Qian decided to refuse.

"I don't want to be a bully. You have no skills."

Ah Jin was not impressed.

Skills were all an excuse.

He was afraid of losing and throwing away his face.

You Qian earnestly explained to Ah Jin, "The game is played with skills. You can not do many things without skills."

"Are you sure?" Ah Jin looked at him.

"It is true, it is true. Do you agree?"

You Qian tugged on the hem of Mo Shanghua's sleeve and shot him a look.

Mo Shanghua nodded and said, "Yeah, you can't even fly unless you have a Light Skill."

Ah Jin looked at the two suspiciously.

You Qian quickly pulled Ah Jin, "Let's go. We will have to continue to fight in the dungeons for you to get a rare skill that you need to know."

Ren Fengjiang was revived in the central city.

With a gloomy face, he quickly went to a place, swearing and cursing under his breath, "D*mmit, every one of them is nuts."

After arriving at the Security Agency, he slapped 10 yuan bao on the table with a "bang.”

"I want a bounty!

The NPC did not look up, "A bounty on a human head, starting at 100 yuan bao."

Ren Fengjiang looked even uglier.

It was painful to pay the 100 yuan bao bounty on Ah Jin, but he was happy in his heart to see how far she could go.

Ah Jin, who had just finished fighting in a dungeon and was in the process of sharing the spoils with You Qian, found him pointing at her above her head.

"Oh, Miss, you have been put on a bounty! Is it that man just now?"

Ah Jin looked at the top of her head, and there was a golden word "Reward" next to her red name.

She curled a smile on her lips, "The more people that come, the better."

You Qian raised his eyebrows and asked, "Do you have a grudge against that man?"

"A little. He offended me before."

You Qian once again learned a truth, women were creatures that could not be messed with!

He snapped and interrupted the conversation, "Oh, we better go play in a dungeon."

Ah Jin refused, "I'm going offline to eat."

You Qian then realized that it was already noon.

The three people had added each other as friends and agreed to continue to fight in the dungeon that afternoon.

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