Lovable Package

Chapter 82: Little Cutie 19

The air immediately stilled, as though no one said anything before this. Su Tang saw that Chi Shuyan was pretending to lay dead, hence he shifted further back and asked, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“......” Chi Shuyan was stumped by his words that he couldn’t form a reply. He could only start regretting…

When Su Tang observed this, he thought that it was very funny. He didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt a small inch of pride, as though he was the righteous knight who had, after countless battles, finally defeated the demon king.

Even though prior to this, he had been bullied badly by the demon king, still, it didn’t reduce that intelligent spark in him.

As Su Tang thought about this, he started becoming full of himself, and continued, “Hurry up, go back to your bed to sleep.”

“I was joking just now.” Chi Shuyan felt like he wanted to cry, and his voice was also filled with helplessness.

Su Tang almost burst out laughing when he heard Chi Shuyan, but he quickly held his ground. After all, it was rare that he had the upper hand, and he hadn’t had his fill of being pleased with himself. If he were to laugh now, then he would never have the chance to tease Chi Shuyan anymore.

Hence, he restrained himself. As to how he did it, naturally, it was to cover his mouth with his hand, and tried his best not to think about Chi Shuyan’s helpless and regretful voice and expression. However, the more he tried not to think about it, his brain was filled with the image, as though it was intentionally going against his wishes.

In the end, he didn’t burst out in laughter, but his shoulders were shrugging. However, it wasn’t very obvious, so Chi Shuyan shouldn’t have seen it.

Yet, Chi Shuyan had already seen it.

He was tickled yet angry. He didn’t know why he would take care of such a little boyfriend. He usually looked as obedient as an angel, but now, he had directly turned into a mischievous little demon.

He imagined in his mind how Su Tang would look like if he turned into a little demon. He would probably have two tiny horns on his head, and he would carry a fork while his tail would be swishing about recklessly. And then, he would have a fierce look on his face, but when he was supposed to light a fire, he could even burn his own little wings.

That was really quite cute. Chi Shuyan was still stuck in his little reverie when he heard Su Tang ask in a conceited tone, “Why aren’t you saying anything anymore?”

“What do you think?” As Chi Shuyan said this, he hugged Su Tang rightly.

“Ahhh…” Su Tang yelped in shock, then hastily asked, “What are you doing?”

“Nothing much, I just suddenly wanted to do this.” Chi Shuyan continued hugging Su Tang even as he said this.

“Don’t joke around.” Su Tang said stiffly, and even used his little toes to kick Chi Shuyan’s leg. Even though it wasn’t painful, it was full of warning.

Chi Shuyan grunted in a low voice, but still didn’t let him go. He even said in a serious tone, “I’m not playing around.”

As if. Su Tang mumbled inside, but he wasn’t very angry. He even liked it a little.

But he would never admit it.

As to why he wouldn’t admit it, Su Tang naturally couldn’t really explain it well. Perhaps it might be because he was shy, but it wasn’t really the case too. After all, given Chi Shuyan’s character, if he were to obediently let the latter hug him today, he would certainly push his luck when taking advantage of him in future.

So, he kicked Chi Shuyan twice again. However, he was kicking him from behind, so the effect wasn’t ideal.

Normally, it’s best if you kicked someone in the front. However, it was dangerous from the front, because if he dropped his guard, he might be pressed down instead. As for Su Tang, he was one who would most definitely be pressed down. If there was any chance he wasn’t pressed down in retaliation, it was probably because Chi Shuyan wanted a change in positions.

It might be too early to talk about all these, but at least for now, Su Tang’s method of kicking was definitely more disadvantageous. After all, kicking back with his calf meant that he certainly couldn’t use much strength. However, if someone who was trained did this, the effect would be different.

Unfortunately, Su Tang was a pampered young master who had been well cared for from young. Moreover, he was handsome, moe-looking and obedient, so no one could bear to fight with him. This also caused him to lose a chance to learn skills such as taekwondo, karate, or judo.

As such, his kicks were actually pleasurable to Chi Shuyan.

After all, with his strength, all Chi Shuyan felt were tickles. That’s right, it wasn’t even anywhere close to the level of a massage. But no matter what, he felt rather comfortable. Especially when the other party’s soft foot grazed him, he even felt an unimaginable rush.

Hence, he didn’t really dare to move. He continued to hug Su Tang tightly, then tried to adjust his emotions, calming that urge.

At the start, Su Tang didn’t notice this, but after some time, he noticed that Chi Shuyan’s reaction was strange. He had kicked Chi Shuyan for so long, but the latter hadn’t moved at all.

It wasn’t that the other party should have kicked him back, but he should have at least said something. As Su Tang thought of this, a bad premonition struck him, causing him to panic.

However, it could also be the case that he was overthinking things. After all, school life in the third year of high school was so tiring. He might have accidentally fallen asleep. Su Tang consoled himself this way, but he still stopped his movements, wanting to find out what happened.

Hence, he lightly turned his body over. He did it very slowly, very slowly, even slower than a round bear, but when he finally flipped over, all he saw was Chi Shuyan staring at him with a fixated gaze.

“You… Are awake?” Su Tang just spoke when he saw Chi Shuyan shaking his head. “I wasn’t sleeping at all.”

“Oh…” Su Tang thought that his mind was becoming sluggish. He thought about it for some time, then nodded dumbly, thinking that he should turn around again and pretend to be dead.

But how could Chi Shuyan let him go? This was dessert sent to him on a platter. He clearly had to taste it once, otherwise he would be losing out. Hence, he gripped Su Tang’s hand, hooked his leg, and directly held him down in place.

Their gazes met. Even though the room was dark, they could still see each other’s eyes with some light that shone in through the corridor. And in their eyes, they only saw the other person.

This was probably just a fleeting moment, even less than a second, but both of their hearts started pounding wildly, their breaths quickened, and a fire seemed to be burning in their hearts. The flames were leaping up high, as though it was going to melt their hearts.

“You…” Su Tang’s face and ears were crimson. He only said a single word, and couldn’t really continue. He felt that his voice was going off-key severely, sounding so soft with a light sigh that wasn’t easily noticeable, as though he was protesting coquettishly.

Su Tang held his tongue, but Chi Shuyan still heard it. His gaze was flickering, Su Tang could see that there was a fire in them.

And in that moment, he knew that the other party was feeling the same as he did.

After all, it was the first time that they were hugging this intimately. Their skins were stuck tightly together, and they could feel each others’ temperature. The anticipation for the first time was like being swept off their feet, they were unable to withstand it at all.

However, they simply continued to just hug and look at each other. The air was gradually warming. Su Tang felt something hard poking at his waist, and he immediately realised what it was.

Initially, his face was just flushed, but later on, when he saw that Chi Shuyan didn’t seem to care about it, he then slowly calmed down. However, he still couldn’t resist asking, I didn’t think that you, uhh, would be like this too?”

“What can’t I be like this” Chi Shuyan was tickled, then he looked down at Su Tang, “Do you think that you are the only one who’s like this?”

“No no no”, Su Tang hastily shook his head, then explained awkwardly, “I’m just surprised. Uhh, I heard them say that you usually are somewhat lacking in sexual desire…”

“Who did you hear this from?” Chi Shuyan asked him.

“The… just them, our classmates, so many people…” Su Tang mumbled, not daring to betray the others. However, Chi Shuyan was clever. He didn’t let Su Tang tell him who they were, but instead, asked why these people would say this.

“Must I say it?” Su Tang was rather hesitant.

“Sure, you can choose not to say. Actually, I think that you are making all these up yourself.” Chi Shuyan raised a brow, and at once, Su Tang confessed.

“I wasn’t the one who said it. I didn’t even know you in the past.” After that, Su Tang said in an embarrassed tone, “I overheard it when I was taking the exams. They said that you didn’t like to participate in the dorm… uhh… group activity.”

Su Tang said it tactfully, but Chi Shuyan still understood what he meant. He replied, “I’m the Class President. It’s good enough that I didn’t catch them, and they still expect me to watch it with them?’

“That’s true.” Su Tang nodded, but another thought struck his mind, as he asked, “Then if you were alone?’

“I don’t really like to watch them too. I don’t find them interesting.” Chi Shuyan said in a bored tone, then realised that what those people said made sense too. He was someone with a dull personality. Be it male or female, he didn’t like them, nor did he hate them. However, he changed the topic and said, “It’s more interesting looking at you.”

Su Tang was stunned, then cried out a few times that Chi Shuyan was a hooligan. However, the latter simply grinned, and then said, “There’s something that I didn’t tell you. The first time I saw you, I felt as though we had met before.”

“That’s not possible, right?” Su Tang couldn’t be certain. After all, he had transmigrated here, so his understanding of this world was only limited to the plot and the memories that the system gave to him. He pondered over it, then replied, “Perhaps we might have met when we were young?”

Only one’s childhood memories would be patchy. After all, it had been so long ago, and it was at the age where they wouldn’t remember things, so it’s really possible for such things to happen.

However, Chi Shuyan shook his head. “It wasn’t when we were young. It was in my dreams.”

“What dreams?” Su Tang asked curiously.

“……” Chi Shuyan looked at him, but suddenly didn’t say anything.

Anyway, they were dreams that couldn’t be conveniently spoken about.

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