Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 818: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 19)

“Do I really need to go?”  She turned and said this in a dark tone, clearly showing that she wasn’t happy.

He Chen didn’t reply.  His face was calm, but his hands holding the steering wheel were a bit pale.

“Fine, I’ll go.”  Seeing that he didn’t reply, she opened the door and felt panicked as she got out.

Actually, she knew that it was for her good.

A new person wanted to act in a movie, even if she had Star Art helping her, she had to generate a certain amount of exposure.

He didn’t know what her dream was before, he just knew that she joined Star Arty to get internal information for Parkway.

For Ye Zuo Chuan…...

But when she told him that day that she wanted to be the female lead, he suddenly felt that she was different from what he imagined.

There were many people at the entrance to the V Hotel, who were all wearing hats and masks.

Just a single glance was enough to tell that they were reporters.

These people generally came here because they cooperated with Star Art.

“Quickly come in.”  Big sister Ai who wasn’t far away saw her and quickly came forward to grab her hand.  She pulled her along as she said, “Did you see the email I sent you?”

“No.”  She looked at the luxury car that just left and she didn’t know why she felt a bit disappointed.

Big sister Ai handed her a piece of paper and said, “The banquet will end soon and you will leave with Ji Li Sheng.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at the paper and slightly knit her brows.

There were a few simple words and a few actions on it, it was just like a script.

But seeing a script in this situation, she felt very uncomfortable.

“You want us to act as a couple?”  Luo Qing Chen revealed a helpless smile, “Just to increase exposure for our film?”

“Yes!”  Big sister Ai turned around and said in an agent manner, “To be precise, it is to increase your exposure!”

Luo Qing Chen heard this and said with a faint smile, “He Chen had you do this?”

“I am a professional agent, I naturally have my own ideas of the assignments director He gives me!”

“Fake couple.”  Luo Qing Chen remembered how calm He Chen was when she got out of the car and she couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

She then said, “It is indeed a good method!”

“Qing Chen.”  Ji Li Sheng called from not far away.

Big sister Ai behind her looked at her phone and said, “I’ll go confirm with the reporters one last time, you and Li Sheng talk.”

Luo Qing Chen gave a helpless nod and headed towards Ji Li Sheng.

She waved the piece of paper in her hand, “Before we even begin, I have to act first!”

Thinking of He Chen’s expression, he must have known!

“Un humph?”  Ji Li Sheng took a deep look at the paper and said, “It seems like you’re not willing.”

To be honest, when it came to fake couples before, Ji Li Sheng never agreed.

Although he went to night clubs and used his appearance, he had never had a couple.

The reason was that he wasn’t willing to fake it.  After all, this kind of thing would be people using his reputation, him using other people’s reputation, or they would be using each other.

He never agreed to any of these.

But when big sister Ai asked for his help, he unexpectedly agreed.

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