Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 817: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 18)

“You will need it!”  Ji Li Sheng said with a soft laugh, “Although I don’t know how you became the female lead, the entertainment industry is not as simple as you think.”

“I never thought that it was simple.”  She said with a shrug, “But if you want something really complicated, don’t you feel that our lives are more complicated?”

Dramas came from life.  The love stories in novels were just the twist and turns in a certain person’s real love stories.

But through changing it a bit, it became a novel.

Zhe Xue, the author of “Ten Years”, must have experienced an extraordinary story to write the soulful experience of Feng Cheng and Yan Fan.

When returning to her hotel that night, Luo Qing Chen sent a text to He Chen who must have been busy recently.

(Director He, can I meet great god Zhe Xue?  ——Luo Qing Chen)

If she wanted to deeply understand the soul of Feng Cheng, it was better to meet the writer.

After a few seconds, He Chen’s response came!

(You just act based on your own ideas.  ——He Chen)

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help rolling her eyes, thinking that he just gave a perfunctory answer!

(I want to see my male god!  ——Luo Qing Chen)

“Ding, ling, ding, ling, ding, ling.”  When the text was sent, a call came in.

It seemed like the president was different, he didn’t like to text, he liked to talk!

Because their time was precious and they felt that typing was special!

She knew!


“Un.”  He Chen drove his car as he said, “Did you eat dinner yet?”

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen was confused by He Chen suddenly changing the topic.  She touched her stomach and said, “No, but I can order takeout.”

Wasn’t modern society filled with takeout?  Who would go out to eat on such a cold day!

“You live at the Roy Hotel, right?”

“How do you know?”

“I’m at the entrance to the hotel, change into an evening gown and come down.”

Luo Qing Chen knit her brows, but she still obediently changed and went downstairs to get in He Chen’s car.

An absolute luxury car, the RX-7, a myth in the sports cars industry.

“Where are you going?”  Luo Qing Chen turned to ask He Chen beside her, “Dinner?”

“Did you blacklist sister Ai’s phone number?”  He Chen looked at his watch and said, “I’m sending you to a banquet.”

“Why!”  Luo Qing Chen knit her brows, suddenly feeling a bit dissatisfied.

He Chen didn’t reply and Luo Qing Chen could tell from his face that he wasn’t too happy either!

When they came to the V Hotel, He Chen opened the car door and said, “Get out.  Sister Ai will take you to meet some people who work in the industry.”

“You’re not going?”  Luo Qing Chen suddenly thought of something as she looked at He Chen and said, “Why?”

“Miss ex-wife…..”  He Chen’s deep eyes had a faint sparkle, “Do you think that my identity suits going with you?”

Without knowing why, seeing her depending on him, he couldn’t help feeling a bit warm.

Although he knew that this was just his misconception.

She wanted to act in “Ten Years”, but it was just to take revenge on Parkway’s Ye Zuo Chuan and Bai Yi Yi.

But even so, seeing her sparkling eyes, he was a bit unwilling to let her go.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 30%.]

Ah?  Affection?  Where!

She was still a bit dissatisfied and seeing that the other side was also dissatisfied, how could it increase her affection?

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