Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 814: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 15)

Luo Qing Chen just gave a slight nod and said nothing.

When the director at the audition saw her, his eyes filled with satisfaction.

After all, beautiful things were worth appreciating.

She couldn’t guarantee that she was a perfect Feng Cheng, but she guaranteed that she could act as a rich young miss.

“Director, this wouldn’t be director He’s relative, right!  It’s a pity that she didn’t enter showbiz before with this appearance!”  The assistant director looked in her direction again and revealed a look of satisfaction.

“Ke, ke.”  The director cleared his throat and said, “She’s someone without any fame no matter how good she looks.  Compared to Bei Chun Ni, there’s still a risk.”

“Of course, so I generally recommend we don’t use this kind of obscure person.”

“You can’t say this.”  The director crossed out Jiang Yan Cai’s name as he said, “Is there a lack of first rate actors playing in bad movies?  They still have fame and resources.”

“Yes, yes, yes.”  The assistant director quickly said, “Then does the director think this girl is suitable?”

“It’s not important if I think she’s suitable or not!”  The director rolled his eyes at him, “Director has decided, so she will be the female lead!”

As soon as his voice fell, he yelled into the loudspeaker, “Next, Ji Li Sheng.”

Ji Li Sheng was wearing the clothes the young Yan Fan wore, showing a trace of melancholy in his actions, but his lips had a trace of a black bellied curve.

This overall feel was correct for Yan Fan and it could be displayed so easily!

“Un, not bad.”  The director nodded as he circled Ji Li Sheng’s name before continuing, “Next, An Ming.”

No one appeared.

The director slightly knit his brows as he said again, “Next, An Ming.”

“That, director, An Ming is answering a very important call, you might need to wait for a bit.  How about the director call the next one first!”  An Ming’s agent swaggered over, looking very casual, not attaching any importance to this audition.

The reason for not caring was because An Ming had already been chosen as the male lead of Parkway’s “Su Tang”.

The other side’s male lead was Bai Yi Yi, although her fame wasn’t big, compared to “Ten Years”, it was much bigger!

“You are the last one!”  The director pushed up his glasses, not wanting to miss An Ming.

After all, An Ming’s veteran status in the industry was very good, it was more than a bit better than Ji Li Sheng.

“Coming, coming!”  An Ming casually picked up a coat from the pile of male lead costumes and gave a few poses.

To be honest, just a few casual poses gave quite a good feel.

“Can you button it properly to let us take a few photos?”  The director looked at the pictures and said, “Yan Fan was very strict when he was twenty years old, he wouldn’t wear such sloppy clothes.”

“Aiyo, director, this is only an audition.  I will naturally button it up when we’re filming.”  An Ming’s expressions as a bit impatient.  This person’s image was completely different from what he showed the world!

An Ming was a married man with a pair of twins.  His wife was a foreigner and wasn’t very beautiful, but he frequently showed his affection on Weibo.  The image of a good man was deeply imprinted in the hearts of his fans.

But Luo Qing Chen didn’t feel this way since the previous host was considered half an insider, it wasn’t like she didn’t have any understanding of An Ming.

“Since you don’t want to try, what will you be filming?”  Luo Qing Chen slightly knit her brows and walked over to the audition stage with her hands in her pockets.

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