Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 81 Part 1

Mo Shanghua greeted Ah Jin with a nod, "Hello."

Ah Jin also returned with a smile, "Hello."

The duo both tacitly ignored the flamboyant You Qian who was currently on the sides.

You Qian was used to it that he sent a team invitation to Ah Jin, and the three of them set off into the dungeon.

You Qian instructed Ah Jin on the way, "All you need to do is stand at the back and watch. Every once in a while, you can help. This dungeon is level 70, so you can get a lot of experience value."

"All right, if you could take me to full level, I would sell you the fang."

You Qian did not mind and waved his fan, "It is a small thing."

It was too easy to carry Ah Jin as the two were full-level gods.

Ah Jin merely needed to step in at the end to play it.

She looked at the two colorful attacks and realized that she had played the wrong way.

She should learn skills, fight against the monsters, and show off her skills and strengths.

She seemed to have started the wrong way.

All these things were vague in the original owner's memory.

Her ultimate purpose of playing was not for the game, so these things were not on her mind. She only followed behind the scum to watch the stars and the moon every day.

The dungeon came to an end, and it was time for the final boss.

You Qian instructed Ah Jin, "The Boss's skill is a group attack. Be careful not to be caught by it. We don't have a nurse. No one will help us when we fall."

These two people should be privately acquainted with each other, playing the monster with extremely tacit understanding.

The Taoist was attacking spell from afar, and the swordsman was attacking from either up close or far.

Mo Shanghua aided in pulling the monster at the back.

You Qian was the main power.

The duo went back and forth, and the boss's blood was soon reduced by half.

Ah Jin was just walking around avoiding the skill, without the intention of doing anything.

You Qian’s eyes were glowing, Miss also came with a prejudgment skill.

Prejudgment could not be learned, but this was the instinctive reaction of the body.

At the moment he was distracted, the boss came to a dash.

You Qian dodged in a jiffy, and a little blood was dropped.

Mo Shanghua: You Qian. I got my skills on cooldown. Hold it for 20 seconds."

You Qian's eyes widened: "Are you the devil?"

No matter what, this was a level 70 final boss.

The blood volume was not average as it was usually.

You Qian was grumbling about it.

He couldn't even survive 20 seconds.

He could roll off the leaderboard.

Ah Jin watched him leap up and down with his skills and sighed in her heart.

He was really rich.

Just looking at his various flashy skills, she could guess that they must not be cheap even if Ah Jin didn't know how to do it.

"Are you ready yet? How many seconds left?"

"10 seconds ..."

"8 seconds ..."

You Qian gave out, "Oh no! I was too showy earlier, and my skills are going to cool down."

"5 seconds"

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