Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 807: Golden boss: The film empress ex-wife’s cuteness (Part 8)

“Ah?”  Luo Qing Chen was stunned.  Her eyes trembled as her heart skipped a beat.

He did this to find her, why did she feel that the intelligent director He was unpredictable…...

After a while, He Chen looked at her seriously and said, “The reason why we gave up “Su Tang” was because Star Art has better choices.”

“Better choices?”  Currently the writer of “Su Tang” You You was quite popular, making it a hot IP.  Adding in the fact that You You herself was quite good, she had gained quite a few fans from her exposure.

Right now, when it came to love stories, other than You You, there weren’t any others…...

No, there was one!

“You……”  Luo Qing Chen’s brain quickly turned before looking at He Chen in surprise.

He Chen gave a satisfied nod as he said, “Right, it’s him.”

“Zhe Xue?”

She simply couldn’t believe it, this person was a mystery in the world of writing.  For the first part of last year, You You’s “Su Tang” was leading the top charts, but in the second half, Zhe Xue’s “Ten years, memories running against you” had directly killed it.

“How did you trick him into signing the contract!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said, “Zhe Xue is my male god, alright?”

Un, it should be considered the male god of the previous host.

“Male god?”  He Chen had a faint sparkle in his eyes as he said, “Since it’s like this, we have a prospect actress coming and you can see if they’re suitable or not.”

“Who is it?”

“Bei Chun Ni.”

“That Bei Chun Ni who became famous recently for acting in xianxia dramas?”  Luo Qing Chen asked in a thoughtful voice, “But I heard that she was like a big star?   Whether I think she’s suitable or not, director He, are you teasing me?”

He Chen looked at his watch, “She should be here already.”

Luo Qing Chen never thought that before she could determine whether Bei Chun Ni was suitable or not, she already felt her ‘rumoured big star’.

When she walked into the hall, her coworker Milly accidentally spilled coffee on her shoes.

Being a popular movie star, her queen pose soon came out.

She was wearing a fire red dress with a pair of red and white heels.  She had three layers of makeup on, making her thick eyebrows and eyes as big as glass beads.

“Are your hands crippled?  Are you blind?”  Bei Chun Ni’s voice was very loud and very high.  She crossed her arms at hre chest and had a stern look, completely different from the fairy immortal on screen.

“So…..Sorry……”  Milly almost had tears coming out as she quickly explained, “Because the coffee you wanted was rather complicated, when I came in…..”

“Is there a use to apologizing?  If there was, would we need the police?”  Bei Chun Ni said in a cold voice, “Also, could it be that you think that I drink mixed coffee like you?  Is there something wrong with you!”

Bei Chun Ni naturally looked down on people.  Normally she had seven or eight assistants on set, acting very proud!  For people with eyes on top of their heads, they naturally looked down on the working class.

She liked seeing people’s awkward appearance, it raised her up higher.

There were too many people like this in this circle…...

“Young miss Bei, I…...I’ll clean it for you.  This is real leather……”

“You’re not compensating me?”  Bei Chun Ni found a place to sit down and crossed her legs, “Then lick it clean!”

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