Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 80 - Tracking down [OW]

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Because Sainz exerted great force on his attack and was very fast, the Alpha instinctively bent over his abdomen, grunting in pain. Sainz released the Alpha’s hand to pinch his throat with his left hand and held a syringe in his right hand against the Alpha’s neck.

"Give me the medicine," Sainz commanded in a dark tone while staring at Su Ling.

Su Ling was taken aback. Gu Liheng got up to protect him and looked at Sainz. With a calm tone, not panicking, he said, "You are a fake."

Sainz snorted.

While the Alpha, who was caught by Sainz, recovered from the pain and came to realize that his safety is threatened. He didn’t dare to struggle, and his face flushed red as he started yelling, "Bastard, let me go! Do you know who I am? How dare you do this to me?!"

Sainz harshly replied, "Prince Kǎiya, you asked for this yourself. You could just obediently stay in Planet Klai, but what are you doing running over to Planet Belle?" He slowly pinched Kǎiya’s neck harder, "It just happened to be so untimely." Almost, he almost got the medicine!

Kǎiya opened his eyes wide in disbelief, and his voice was muffled because of his throat being pinched, "You know who I am and yet you still dare to do this to me?!"

"It’s because I know who you are that I did it," Sainz said coldly, "Ain’t it because the spiritual plants are originally yours?"

As long as Kǎiya showed his evidence, Su Ling will know that he(S) is a fake and he won’t give him the medicine. That’s why after much deliberation, using Kǎiya as a hostage is currently the best way.

Nalu strode over to stand beside Su Ling. Looking at Kǎiya in surprise, he blurted, "You are Planet Klai's little prince?"

Kǎiya's face turned paler as the grip tightened, " me."

Because Su Ling was blocked by Gu Liheng, Sainz stared at Gu Liheng and said, "Give me the medicine and I will let him go."

Gu Liheng: "You can't escape."

Sainz sneered, "You don't need to bother," he urged in a deep voice, "Give me the medicine. He is the most favored son of the Klai royal family. If he dies here, all of you will be in trouble."

Hearing that, Su Ling walked to Gu Liheng's side. But Gu Liheng put his arm at his waist and took a step back.

Su Ling: "What if after I gave you the medicine, and you don't let him go?"

Sainz: "You can throw the medicine over. Since I have to catch it with my hand, naturally I will have to release him."

As Sainz said that, he exerted more strength on his grip. The veins on Kǎiya's neck were popping up from the tension, and he couldn't say a word.

Su Ling’s heart tightened and he took out the medicine (from space storage), "Let him go."

Even if he didn't know Kǎiya, he wouldn't be so indifferent to watch a person being killed in front of him, not to mention the medicine for exchange is something he doesn’t need. It is very worthwhile to exchange it for a life. Apart from that, Kǎiya has a special identity, as Sainz said, if something happens, it will be very troublesome.

Sainz loosened some strength from his hand and feverishly stared at the medicine in Su Ling's hand. His voice was hoarse with excitement, "Throw it over."

Before Su Ling could do anything, Gu Liheng reached out and took the medicine from his hand. Next, he threw it in another direction, 2 meters from Sainz's left side. At this distance, Sainz will be able to catch the medicine and at the same time had to let go of Kǎiya.

Sainz's pupils shrunk slightly, and he instantly released Kǎiya. Then he moved quickly to the left and stretched out his left hand, bending over to catch the medicine before it hits the ground.

At the moment when he let go, Kǎiya swiftly ran to Gu Liheng's group. He stopped at the back, bent over, and coughed hard on the back of a chair.

On the other hand, Gu Liheng took the opportunity to send their location to Hua Cheng. Then he stood guard beside Su Ling, watching Sainz vigilantly, in case he had other actions. Sainz's seat is by the door, so they will have to pass Sainz if they want to go out.

When Sainz caught the medicine, he checked it a bit before putting it in his space storage. He is about to straighten up when a bunch of vines rushed towards him. Sainz turned sideways to dodge, and suddenly a 20 cm cylindrical item appeared in his hand. He pushed the switch, and a beam of flames emerged. The flames were faintly blue, and the length of the jet was longer than the cylinder[1].

The vines can't avoid the flames and its front leaves were rolled up. The emerald green fades, leaving the edges gray in color. Su Ling felt a strong feeling of panic and irritability flashing in his mind, and he exclaimed, "Uncle Lóng!"

Lóng Mo Téng’s vines hurriedly climbed to the wall and hid in a safe place, waiting for an opportunity.

Sainz took out another cylinder from his space storage, posing with both hands on guard. He turned to look at Su Ling, slowly showing a cruel smile, "Ah Min didn't tell you that Grade S spiritual plants also have weaknesses?"

Hearing that, Su Ling's expression changed slightly. A wild guess suddenly flashed in his heart, and he asked, "You are Giant Bear?"

Sainz laughed lowly, "As expected of my grandson," he stepped back to the door, a brutal expression flashed in his eyes, "we will meet again, dear boy."

Giant Bear? Gu Liheng's expression turned cold. This is the Giant Bear who killed his father. He took out a silver gun from his space storage and said in a deep voice, "Stop right there."

Standing by the door, Sainz narrowed his eyes. The corners of his mouth curled up as he stared at the gun, "Do you think you can kill me?"

When his words fell, the cylinder in his left hand disappeared and is replaced by a black ball. He raised his hand and smashed the ball onto the table. The room immediately enveloped by black mist.

Gu Liheng fired a shot at the door, before turning around and hugged Su Ling tightly.

When the black mist cleared, Sainz has disappeared, and Lóng Mo Téng as well. Su Ling yelled for Uncle Lóng several times, then looked around in the private room again, but he did not find Uncle Lóng. Uncle Lóng was hanging on the wall at the time, so Giant Bear can't possibly grab Uncle Lóng before escaping. That leaves one possibility, which is Uncle Lóng went after Giant Bear. Su Ling knew that Uncle Lóng had a super ability to disguise itself, but still he couldn't help but worry. Giant Bear is fully aware of its weakness and even prepared weapons for this. In case Uncle Lóng is discovered by him...

Gu Liheng hugged Su Ling’s shoulders, "He can't escape. There is surveillance everywhere in this area and Hua Cheng has contacted the Ministry of Transportation."

"Hello, someone called the police and reported that they heard gunshots here." Two policemen opened the door and came in. After showing their credentials, they asked seriously, "What happened?"

Kǎiya jumped up and said, "I was seized just now. You must send someone to arrest him. You must catch him! Cough cough cough..." Because his throat was injured, his shouting makes him cough again.

After learning about the situation, the police immediately check the surveillance camera of the cafe and got a copy of Sainz's photo. They went to issue a wanted order and returned to check the private room again.

"Normal civilians are forbidden to carry this kind of item, this is homemade."

A policeman looked serious as he said, "The remnants of the dark web, it would be very dangerous if he managed to escape."

The two reported the case to their superiors and received an order to send Kǎiya to the hospital for treatment.

Kǎiya: "Wait, I’ll go later," he turned to look at Su Ling and said, "Return the 3 spiritual plants to me."

Su Ling: "It's yours?"

Giant Bear said that the spiritual plants belong to Kǎiya's family, but Kǎiya's age is really incompatible (to be the one who gifted it to his mother).

Kǎiya gritted his teeth, "My father's things are mine too."

Su Ling: "Your father asked you to come?"

Kǎiya's face changed slightly, "Why are you asking so much? Anyway, it belongs to my family."

"What do you want the spiritual plants for?" Su Ling continued to ask.

"Of course to destroy them!" Kǎiya glared at Su Ling and said angrily, "Why do I want to leave around the things my father gave to other people and make my mother sad?"

Su Ling frowned, "Spiritual plants also have IQ. Although they are different from human beings, they are also a living body," he said solemnly, "I won't give them to you."

"You liar, you said you would return the plants to the original owner...cough cough cough." Kǎiya accused in agitation.

Su Ling: "Just now, in order to save you, I gave away the medicine for treating dark matter injury to Giant Bear. That counts as an exchange for the 3 spiritual plants."

"I don't agree, I can give you money!"

Su Ling: "I don't want money, or you can ask your father to ask me for it personally, the emperor of Klai, isn't it? He’s the one who gifted them at the beginning, not my mother who stolen it, right?"

Kǎiya was stunned speechlessly.

Nalu: "He came by himself. He didn’t bring even a bodyguard with him."

Su Ling raised his eyebrows, "So it's just your own idea to retrieve the spiritual plants? Your father doesn't know?"

"I..." Kǎiya glared at Su Ling, "Don't make excuses if you don't want to give it back."

Su Ling understood, it was Kǎiya’s idea. Too lazy to continue the bicker, he pulled Gu Liheng to leave, "Let's go home." Nalu followed them.

Kǎiya wanted to keep up, but was stopped by the police, "Prince Kǎiya, we will take you to the hospital." After all, Kǎiya has a special status, and it is difficult to explain to Planet Klai if he has an accident in Planet Belle.

Stepping out of the cafe, Nalu reminded them, "Giant Bear is not caught yet, so be careful."

Su Ling nodded, Nalu got into his car and left.

Su Ling and Gu Liheng returned to the villa. Su Ling thought for a while but did not take out Xian Mo Yu. He is afraid that Papa Xian would be worried upon knowing that Uncle Lóng has gone missing, and then made crazy moves. Maybe they will find Uncle Lóng soon. He and Gu Liheng are sitting on the sofa reading the information that Hua Cheng shared. In the middle of the holographic screen is a map, the route is very complicated, not like the planning of a bustling city at all.

Hua Cheng: "Giant Bear went to the slum area after escaping from the cafe. The trail is gone in the crowd. There are many underground passages under the slum area. We are investigating it, and the police have arrived also."

Su Ling pulled down Gu Liheng's sleeves, "Let them pay attention to the plants. Uncle Lóng must have followed him. Uncle Lóng can move underground and it is not easy to be spotted, but if Giant Bear is not on the floors above ground, Uncle Lóng should show up." He said and added, "Uncle Lóng is very good at disguising, its appearance is not fixed."

Gu Liheng nodded and conveyed Su Ling's words to Hua Cheng.

Inside a building of the slum area, at the B2 (basement level 2) floor, there is a large secret partition. From the outside, it is just a mottled wall, one cannot see that there is a room inside at all. Giant Bear is lying on the bed with his upper body half na.ked, carefully dripping the medicine on the wound. The sharp pain is accompanied by a sizzling sound, which is the sound of the dark matter infested skin and the dark matter being destroyed together. Veins were popping on his forehead and it is all sweaty, but his eyes are very bright. The temporary communicator in his trouser pocket sounded, so he stopped a while to check the message: “The preparation for gene surgery is ready and can start at any time.”

He replied: "Wait for me to go back."

Setting the communicator aside, Giant Bear continued to drip the medicine, with a cheerful twisted smile on his mouth. He didn't notice, a gray-colored leaf the same color as the wall behind his head moved and then disappeared from the wall. A thin gray vine crawled along the top edge of the wall, even if someone looked at it, they would only think it’s the wall line.

Hua Cheng and a team member have just finished asking questions from a pair of mother and son from a dilapidated house. Upon coming out of the house, Hua Cheng felt a cold sensation at his wrists all of a sudden. He shook his hand violently and looked down to see a vine entangled at his wrist, while the other half of the vine is hanging from the door frame wall.

"Boss, what's the matter?" The team member was taken aback by his movements.

Just as the team member asked the question, the gray vines had returned to emerald green, and just that the top is still gray in color.

"Lóng Mo Téng?" Hua Cheng's eyes shone brightly. He walked to a blind spot, raised his hand, and asked in a low voice.

One end of Lóng Mo Téng moved up and down, and it returned to climb on the wall. Except for a little emerald green spot at the other end, the rest of the vine became the same color as the wall. At first glance, only one green dot can be seen, which is easily overlooked. The end of the vine tilted up to simulate a beckoning motion, and hooked inward, indicating to follow it.

"Wow!" the team member exclaimed, then lowered his voice to ask, "This is President Gu's Madam’s Grade S spiritual plant?"

Hua Cheng: "En, gather up the team. We need to keep up with it."

In his mind, Hua Cheng tried to suppress his excitement and pondered as he walked. How can he get Lóng Mo Téng into his mercenary group?

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[1] Imagine a short lightsaber or a lighter that shoots blue fire

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