Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 80 Part 2

World Channel: Congratulations to "Come and K*ll Me.” After successfully killing the Green Snake on Tianshan Mountain, you obtained the Green Snake's fangs and experience value of x 3  ....... You gained the title of the First Person to Kill the Green Snake and opened the Tianshan Mountain Dungeon. All warriors are welcome to come and explore.

"What happened!!!"

"Miss opened it. How many of level 20 to open the Green Snake?"

"Come on, I am a level 60 who did not go over."

"Report! Report!"

"Don't be sour on it. If you can't do it yourself, it doesn't mean that others can not do it."

"This is my goddess! My goddess is mighty and domineering."

"The goddess is not only beautiful, but she also has a strong power! Begging to hug her thigh!"

System: After intensive analysis, the player "Come and K*ll Me" does not have any external connections, and the result is valid.

Once this was said, the crowd of spectators called and shouted 6666 in the heat of the moment.

Wikipedia says it "comes from Chinese gaming slang, where gamers would put '666' in the chat after seeing another showing an impressive skill."

Ah Jin was also again received many private messages, which she deleted with a single click.

Elder Brother is so Wealthy: Miss, are the fangs for sale? I have money!

Come and K*ll Me: Not for sale.

Elder Brother is so Wealthy: One will do, one will do!

Come and K*ll Me: I'm not short of money.

Elder Brother is so Wealthy: Then, what do you lack? I have it all!

Come and K*ll Me: Experience.

Elder Brother is so Wealthy: That's good. You can come to my place. I’ll find someone who will team up to help you upgrade.

A multiplayer dungeon had more experience value than single-player dungeons, and Ah Jin had been on her own.

She couldn’t get into the multiplayer dungeon.

Come and K*ll Me: Coordinates.

The other side very quickly sent a coordinate.

Ah Jin was teleported there when she clicked on the coordinate.


Ah Jin sized up the person in front of her who she spoke to.

She knew who it was by looking at the outfit of a tycoon.

"Elder Brother is so Wealthy" saw Ah Jin came, and his eyes lit up.

"Miss is beautiful. The fame is worthy of the name! I'll introduce you. This is the most popular person in the World, Mo Shanghua."

Ah Jin looked at Mo Shanghua again.

Even if Ah Jin was accustomed to seeing her own face, she had to praise the expert's good looks.

A Taoist priest's outfit with an immortal vibe, dressed in black with black hair, elegant eyebrows, and a sharp nose.

A simple jade clasp was used to tidy up the long hair on the forehead, which naturally flowed down behind him.

His aura around him was pure and clean.

Visually, his height was one cut higher than Ah Jin.

He should have been 1.9 meters.

In reality, the boy was around 1.78 meters.

It was adjusted to 1.9 meters.

In comparison, the "Elder Brother is so Wealthy" was much more high-profile. There were no ugly people in the game world.

You Qian naturally was not ugly.

He had a purple warrior outfit with sword eyebrows and held a fan in his hands. His hairpin and the jade pendant on his waist were a set, and it was exquisite.

"Elder Brother is so Wealthy" was also sizing up Ah Jin.

She was wearing a black warrior robe with a dark gold pattern.

She was tall, with delicate features, a dark domineering makeup, sharp eyes, and a smirk at the corner of her mouth.

The high and cold imperial sister model.

She indeed deserved the admiration in the World Channel.

"Miss is really rich. This robe is costly."

Ah Jin smiled, "Not as rich as you."

The fan was opened with a swish and shook.

A gorgeous light from the fan cut through the air as he swung.

"Of course, I am the richest."

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