Lovable Package

Chapter 80: Little Cutie 17

Chi Shuyan looked repeatedly at that note. He looked at the three words “I like you” again and again, and even when Su Tang rushed him, he still couldn’t bear to put it down.

“Don’t look at it anymore. What’s so nice about it?” Su Tang blushed, and tried to snatch the note back.

“Why don’t you let me read it?” Chi Shuyan refused to hand it over to Su Tang, and even intentionally switched the note to his right hand. Su Tang was on his left, so naturally he couldn’t reach it. Su Tang then attempted to stand up to seize it, but Chi Shuyan pressed his shoulder down and said, “Be good, sit down and don’t create a fuss.”

“Who’s the one creating a fuss here?” Su Tang was furious. He could only put his hand out, open his palm and then say to Chi Shuyan, “Give it to me.”

“Alright,” Chi Shuyan smiled and handed the first post-it over to Su Tang.

“Not this one, that one.” Su Tang glared at him, but didn’t throw the note away. Instead, he placed it into his own pencil case.

Chi Shuyan raised a brow, but didn’t say anything as he gave Su Tang a profound gaze, as though he was saying, What are you doing? Are you saving my note as a keepsake?

“I’m just placing it casually. You... don’t think so much into it.” Su Tang stammered his explanation, then looked down in silence, not daring to look Chi Shuyan in his eyes.

“No no no, I didn’t think too much. You’re the one who’s overthinking things.” Chi Shuyan reminded him.

“Whatever.” Su Tang pretended that he didn’t care, but in fact, he was feeling guilty. After all, Chi Shuyan wasn’t foolish; he could tell what Su Tang was thinking. If he continued further, he would certainly make matters worse, to the point that he could only confess eventually.

Thus, he skipped the topic, and directly told Chi Shuyan, “Return me that note too.”

“Which note? Why don’t I remember it?” Chi Shuyan hid the note as he spoke, then smiled at Su Tang.

“You’re shameless.” Su Tang was infuriated, and appeared as though he wanted to pounce on the other person to bite him.

Yet Chi Shuyan wasn’t afraid at all, primarily because in his eyes, Su Tang was a timid and soft white rabbit. He was usually only concerned about nibbling on his carrot, but today he was angry, so he bared his tiny teeth to scare the other party. But to Chi Shuyan, who played the big bad wolf, he wasn’t intimidated at all.

Instead, he was struck by his cuteness.

And it was the type of cuteness that would cause his organs to tremble.

Su Tang thought that his expression was strange, so he asked cautiously, “Why aren’t you talking?”

“I’m busy looking at you.” After Chi Shuyan said this, he wanted to reach out and rub his hair, as he said, “So adorable.”

Su Tang was stupefied for a moment, then realised that his level really couldn’t compare. A single statement from Chi Shuyan had already gotten him flustered, as though when two armies were in battle, once the battle drums sounded on the other end, he had already abandoned post and escaped.

“Stop looking. Are you done with the seating plan?” He finally had to say this. After all, being stared at like this was a hundred times more unsettling than looking at the note that he wrote.

Fortunately, Chi Shuyan was smart, he knew when to stop. After all, they had just confirmed their relationship. If he teased Su Tang so much that he got scared and decided for a second time to hide in his rabbit hole, not daring to meet him, what should he do?

At this point, some students had already finished their meals and were slowly filling into the classroom. The couple acted like nothing had happened, and started doing their own things.

However, Su Tang would sometimes tilt his head slightly and sneak a peek at the seating plan, wanting to know if the other person had… if he had arranged for the two of them to sit together.

Yet, he was too embarrassed to say this. After all, it wasn’t too good to do this, so he could only sneakily take a look.

But he took so many looks that his neck was almost breaking from the strain, and still, he couldn't clearly spot his position. He wanted to lean closer, but he was worried that Chi Shuyan would find out, so he was immensely conflicted.

Chi Shuyan sat beside him and had already spotted his little antics. However, he didn’t say anything, as he secretly watched his actions from one side.

He had only seen for a while before he decided not to continue poking fun at Su Tang. Just as he wanted to speak, the other person poked his shoulder and asked, “I’m going to get some water. Do you want some too?”

“Sure, wait for me while I get my cup.” Saying so, Chi Shuyan then put down his pen and carelessly moved the paper towards Su Tang, and when he confirmed that the person could see it, then he turned around to search his bag.

Su Tang took the opportunity to take a few glances. Throughout the entire process, he was so nervous that his heart was pounding rapidly, worried that Chi Shuyan might turn around and see him skimming through the seating plan.

After a few seconds, Su Tang finally found his name on a seat in the middle row, closer to the back of the classroom. He took a deep breath, then looked at the position behind his name. Thank god, there was an unfinished “Chi”.

Su Tang was finally at ease, but his heart continued to beat rapidly, or even faster than before, as though his heart was going to burst out from excitement.

“Have you found your cup?” Su Tang’s voice was shaking, but he sounded pleased.

“Just found it.” Chi Shuyan heard his question, then took his cup out from his bag and handed it to Su Tang, thanking him, but the smile on his face was extremely obvious.

“Why are you so happy?” Su Tang couldn’t help but observe him curiously, though he didn’t think too much into it. He simply bounced up with the cups and went to refill the cups for Chi Shuyan and himself.

It was 5.40PM. Most students had already returned to the classroom, and after a simple cleaning up, all of them sat in their new seats.

However, after the form teacher made some slight arrangements to the seating plan, Li Cheng was now behind Chi Shuyan, while another active student was placed in front of him.

Just like that, the two people isolated Chi Shuyan during self-study. He was perfectly cut off from speaking or passing messages.

During the first period of the night self-study, everyone was busy comparing their scripts to the answer key. The second period, they were busy amending their mistakes and taking the chance to daydream. Once the time was up, they would rush out of class to a public phone, so that they could report their good or bad news to their parents.

Su Tang and Chi Shuyan weren’t one of those who liked to call home. One might not have anyone picking up the phone even if he called, and the other didn’t need to call to know that he was top of the class. Hence, both of them returned to their dorm as usual, but after they washed up, none of them was sleepy.

Chi Shuyan had just showered and was preparing to quickly blow his hair dry when he saw Su Tang’s back facing him as he laid his bed out. Immediately, naughty thoughts started racing in his mind.

He suddenly asked, “Shall we study a little tonight?”

“Oh… Alright.” Su Tang turned around, looking slightly nervous and shy, but he gave a small smile which caused Chi Shuyan to feel as though there were stars in the other person’s eyes.

Chi Shuyan paused for a moment, probably reminiscing the other person’s smile, then quickly put down his towel and set up the study table.

He sat down, but quickly stood up again. Su Tang thought that he forgot something, but when he turned back to look, he saw Chi Shuyan closing the door to their dorm, then locking it from the inside.

Su Tang held his breath, and his mind was suffocated too. In the end, he didn’t care whether he had placed his pillow and blanket properly and simply sat down beside Chi Shuyan. He opened his book and took a few looks, then quietly moved his chair closer to Chi Shuyan.

At this point, both their hearts started beating faster. It wasn’t clear whose was faster, as they appeared to be beating at the same frequency. And this frequency was probably the frequency of love.

Both of them weren't in the mood to study. Or rather, they had never thought about using this time to study. As to what they wanted to do, that was a mystery.

“Pak -” A pencil dropped onto the floor. Both of them immediately went to pick it up. They moved at the same time, touching it at the same moment, and finally, one hand covered the other. Their fingers took the opportunity to intertwine, and the pencil was forgotten on the floor.

“I…” Su Tang could feel the heat from Chi Shuyan’s palm, causing him to feel hot all over too. But he couldn’t bear to leave, nor did he dare to look at the other party. Hence, he could only look down at their tightly interlocked hands.

“Your hand is so small.” Chi Shuyan wrapped the other party’s hands into his palm and stroked it lightly, then spread his fingers open, revealing the other person’s fair and soft fist.

Su Tang let his hand go, the back of his palm facing up. His skin was delicate like jade, his five fingers slender and graceful. Chi Shuyan couldn’t resist playing with it delicately; he even wanted to place it on his lips and to savour that sweet taste.

Su Tang was quite shy from all the staring, so he hooked his finger, wanting to relax a little. However, his finger brushed against the other person’s palm, tickling his hand and causing ripples in his heart.

“That tickles.” Chi Shuyan told him.

“Pfft, how itchy is it?” Su Tang didn’t expect someone as old as Chi Shuyan to feel ticklish. He couldn’t resist laughing, and even wanted to continue tickling him.

“Don’t move.” Chi Shuyan grabbed his hand, but Su Tang giggled, “No way.” He wanted to continue playing, but Chi Shuyan held his wrist, then placed it by his mouth and lightly bit it.

He only took a nibble, but that feeling was especially distinct. It was like the brushing of a feather, warm, numbing, and somewhat ticklish. It was unfamiliar, yet incredible.

Su Tang couldn’t fathom what had just happened. Or rather, he didn’t dare to believe what had happened. He could only stare at the other party in a daze. And at this point, Chi Shuyan raised his hand and lightly kissed the knuckle near his ring finger.

“Does that tickle?” He teased.

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