My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 8: The Megasun Hidden Realm

The head steward smiled civilly, “Liu Sheng, what happened in the past may have been a misunderstanding, and the family head has decided not to pursue the matter. If you wish, you could return as an elder of the Chen family.”

“I know you were unhappy that the First Young Master was removed from the main family, but you have misunderstood the family head. He was merely being concerned about the First Young Master and did not want him to be under pressure because of his inability to cultivate. Isn’t removing his name the same as lifting the burden from him? But the First Young Master was a bloodline of the Chen family after all, so how could he be left to fend for himself on the streets? After much consideration, the best solution was to invite the First Young Master to return as a member of the side branch.”

Of course, Old man Liu was aware of their concerns. Chen family was worried that Jing Yue was a disciple of the Hall of Fiery Pill. Seeing their close relationship with him, they were afraid of offending the sect, so they decided to take Lil Pebble back.

In the eyes of the public, Lil Pebble was a wastrel who could no longer cultivate.

But how prideful was the Chen family to imagine that Lil Pebble would just follow their orders around? And to accept his demotion from the main family to the side branch?

Instead of getting angry, Old man Liu laughed, “The First Young Master is the legitimate son from the main family. Do you think he could be abolished by a villain just like that? And to demote him into the side branch? Messing up the Chen family bloodline is an ungrateful and unfilial act. Aren’t you afraid that the Chen ancestors would haunt you in your sleep?”

“If you wish for the First Young Master to return to the Chen family, tell Chen Yong to personally invite him back to the main family. Furthermore, the entire dowry belonging to his mother should be returned to him.”

The head steward nearly suffocated. Madam Chen-Jiang was the beloved daughter of the Jiang patriarch, and her dowry not only included large areas of spiritual farmland, but also many pills and talismans. The most valuable item was a high-grade artifact, the Purple Wood Sword, a powerful weapon that could be wielded by a Foundation Establishment cultivator, so how could the family head return the dowry?

Unless they were certain that the young man came from the Hall of Fiery Pill, putting aside the Purple Wood Sword, even if the First Young Master demanded the entire Chen family, the family head would have no other choice but to offer it up.

The head steward dared not ruin the discussion, so he forced a laugh and said, “I’ll have to report this matter to the family head…”

Old man Liu huffed coldly.

It would be strange if Chen Yong ever agreed to it. He was not someone to admit defeat easily. As long as he was uncertain about Jing Yue’s identity, he would harbor the hope that he might get lucky, but at the same time, he would be uneasy with each passing day.

Old man Liu suddenly realized it might be a good idea to leave Chen Yong on tenterhooks.

The atmosphere became awkward, but everyone had completed their tasks and met everyone that they needed to meet, so they prepared to leave.

Out of the blue, Jing Yue said, “Steward of Zhao family, please hold on. I have another Purifying Pill with me, and I would like to make a deal with you.”

The Zhao family steward halted his steps and inclined with a greeting, “Please continue.”

“I’ve heard that the Megasun Hidden Realm will be appearing soon, but only cultivators of level-3 Qi Refining and below can enter the realm to try their luck. I would like to use one Purifying Pill in exchange for a spot.”

A look of surprise crossed Old man Liu’s face. He was not aware that Jing Yue had this idea.

But the Zhao family steward understood immediately. The method of opening the Megasun hidden realm lied solely in the hands of the mayor, and the mayor’s office would only allow members of the four great families to enter the realm. It was a tacit understanding between the four great families, and a means to maintain their status.

However, the young man was willing to use a Purifying Pill for a spot, and the mayor’s office did not have to give up anything in exchange. Furthermore, he might be a disciple of a major sect, so why would he refuse such a request?

Thus, he smilingly said, “It’s a deal.”

After that, Old man Liu tried to find out Jing Yue’s purpose of entering the realm.

Jing Yue, “There may be some spiritual herbs I’m looking for in there.”

There was a rumor circulating in Minisun Town, the reason for the Chu family’s rapid resurgence was due to their previous find in the Megasun hidden realm, the Golden Chestnut Flower, which was presented to the mayor in return for his support.

For people nowadays, the Golden Chestnut Flower was the main ingredient to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill.

But for Jing Yue, it was unnecessary to use the valuable Golden Chestnut Flower just to refine a Foundation Establishment Pill. In fact, it was the main ingredient for the Perennial Pill, for cultivators of all levels, if they consumed a Perennial Pill, it could increase their lifespan by at least a thousand years.

In the past, whenever a Perennial Pill emerged, even Return to Void elites would participate in the battle for it. Since he had obtained the news of the Golden Chestnut Flower by accident, of course he had to try his luck.

Old man Liu wisely did not continue to pursue the matter, but said, “I’ve been to this hidden realm before. There are only low-level ferocious beasts, and would not pose any problems for you. The true danger comes from the people entering the realm with you.”

“Since they have a suspicion that you’re a disciple of the Hall of Fiery Pill, they won’t harm you in the city. But, once you enter the hidden realm, they’ll no longer have such concerns, and those with ulterior motives may come at you. After all, the hidden realm is enormous with countless ferocious beasts. Even if anything happens to you, they can claim ignorance or blame your death on the ferocious beasts.”

Jing Yue nodded solemnly, “Don’t worry. I have my preparations.”

He was not someone who threw caution to the wind. Even if he was merely facing an army of ants, he would plan everything out carefully, down to the last detail. After all, it was better to be safe than sorry.

At the same time, in a secret chamber of the Chu family, family head Chu Yun asked, “Is it really the Purifying Pill? Is it from the Hall of Fiery Pill?”

A pill refiner clad in Daoist robes replied, “It’s indeed the Purifying Pill, and judging from the pill refining method, it was made from using the Mountain Aurora Plum technique from the Hall of Fiery Pill.”

Chu Yun looked uncertain, and was silent for a moment before he asked again, “My lord, are you sure you’ve never seen the boy named Jing Yue before?”

Pill refiner, “No. I came to Megasun City thirty years ago, and I don’t recognize most of the juniors from the sect. I can't help you to identify him. However, I heard that there are indeed talented disciples traveling down the mountain recently.”

Chu Yun sighed, “If so, we’ll have to wait for the envoy to come then. The truth can’t be denied, if he was a fake…”

The lights in the chamber flickered, illuminating the cold, sinister smile on Chu Yun’s lips.

After that day, Jing Yue and Old man Liu stopped going to the market. They practiced cultivation with Lil Pebble in the inn every day, and the pill frenzy in Minisun Town finally calmed down.

They received the news, however, that many outsiders came into town, inquiring after the Purifying Pill they heard rumors about. Unfortunately, none could be found anymore.

A few days later, Jing Yue advanced into level 2 Qi Refining, and the Megasun hidden realm finally opened.

The hidden realm was a world of its own.

Mists hung above the forest, the lush greenery shrouded in a light haze, like clouds of emerald.

Amidst the wildflowers and weeds, an occasional spiritual plant could be found, and where spiritual plants are found, it would be accompanied by a guarding beast.

At this very moment, sisters Zhao Shuang and Zhao Yu were being pursued by a Green Rock Spider, because they tried to retrieve the Green Rock Vine guarded by the spider.

The duo had exhausted their stock of pills and talismans, and the only item left was an ordinary long saber in Zhao Shuang’s hands. Faced with the venomous chelicerae of the green rock spider, the two were pale with shock.

As the spider prepared to pounce, Zhao Yu cried out in fear, “Big Sister, run!”

Zhao Shuang was unwilling to abandon her sister, however, grabbing the long saber tightly in her hands, she slashed forward with all her might.


The long saber broke into pieces. The jaws of the spider opened wide, and its foul-smelling mucus dripped on Zhao Shuang’s face. She closed her eyes in despair.

Suddenly, a teen ran out of nowhere, throwing something in his hand at Zhao Shuang. The huge body of the spider paused for a brief moment, before it turned around and crawled away quickly as if escaping for its life, a long line of trees crushed under its massive weight. Even its favorite green rock vine was abandoned in its haste.

The two sisters who barely escaped death fell in exhaustion. Just as they were about to thank their savior, they noticed his young appearance and innocent look, but with a pair of steadfast eyes, like the surface of a serene lake.

They startled at the stark contrast, and taking advantage of that brief moment, the teen took the green rock vine, smiled at them, and ran away.

“Fellow Daoist, please wait up!” Zhao Shuang shouted at his vanishing back. She was afraid that the spider would return and hoped to stay with the teen, but she did not have the strength to get up.

The teen’s voice came from afar, “Bring along the Flame Flower I threw at you, and the spider will not come near you again…”

Zhao Shuang lowered her head and saw a red flower in full bloom lying quietly in the folds of her skirt.

The teen was none other than Jing Yue. After entering the hidden realm, he did not partner up with anyone as he planned to look for the Golden Chestnut Flower alone. However, his divine consciousness warned him that someone was following him, and it also proved that Old man Liu was not overthinking matters.

Jing Yue got rid of the tail in just a few minutes. After tweaking his fingers, he divined great fortune in the north, so he walked in this direction the whole time. During his journey, he came across two young girls pursued by a green rock spider and extended a helping hand.

Of course, he did not forget the spoils.

Not too far away, the blue phoenix, who kept its distance for fear of the spider, swooped down on Jing Yue’s shoulder. “You…you… you’ve missed the golden opportunity to build your harem! They are twin sisters! A must in a harem! A must for all men! And you stole their spiritual herb! Won’t your conscience hurt?!”

“Mm, mm…” Jing Yue totally ignored it, his tone condescending.

But the blue phoenix dismissed his attitude and continued its mental attack, “In the novels, the male lead will present them with the spiritual herb, and capture their hearts with tenderness and dominance. Wait a minute, this plot is a bit familiar, let me think about it.”

Jing Yue took the phoenix’s words with a pinch of salt, but the very next moment, he froze.

“Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew, and heavy rain poured. Fairy Zhenzhen and Fairy Ai-ai were instantly drenched to their skin. They had just consumed the pill given by Daoist-Master Jing Yuan, their bodies became hot and feverish, and they could not help but remove their clothes. Looking at the enchanting sight, even the debauched Daoist-Master Jing Yuan could hardly control himself, and very soon, moans filled his ears, sweet nectar filled his mouth…”

“Shut up!” Jing Yue shouted in fury as he finally came back to his senses. A hint of red appeared on his virginal face. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

Blue phoenix had never seen Jing Yue this angry. Its feathers fluffed up in fright as it spoke quaveringly, “That is… from the book, Jing Yuan’s S*x Escapades.”

Jing Yue grabbed the blue phoenix from his shoulder and said coldly, “I don’t care what you’ve read, but if you ever mentioned such filthy things to me again, I’ll pluck every single feather from your body! And throw you into the Dragon Palace to feed the dragons!”

“Don’t wanna! Don’t wanna! I hate dragons! Dragons are stinky!”

The blue phoenix cried piteously, huge teardrops fell wetly on the fluffy chest feathers. Using its wings to wipe the tears, it rasped, “I won’t do it again, please don’t harm me.”

At this moment, the blue phoenix felt wronged in many ways. Until many years later, at Jing Yue’s marriage ceremony, it finally realized the mistake.

Because, Jing Yue’s Dao partner was a man.

It turned out that Jing-jing was not the male lead of a harem novel, but rather, the gay protagonist of a BL novel…

Author’s Notes

The alchemist stands up proudly: Only the Hall of Fiery Pill has pill recipes.

Jing Yue: Shameless! The Hall of Aurora Pill is not convinced!

Blue phoenix: Enticing moans and sweet nectar 2333

Jing Yue: Ahahahhha! I’m still a virgin!

Blue phoenix sending sympathy: A ten thousand year old virgin. In the eyes of our stallion readers = eunuch

(TN: 2333 = LOL or LMAO)
(TN: Stallion novels = mainly focus on harem and/or papapa)

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