After Rebirth, the Scum All Cry for Forgiveness

Chapter 8 - The male lead appeared in the background.

Zhong Xiyou is a second year high school student and did not have a weekly routine exam. He was a little absent-minded in class in the afternoon, feeling a little worried for his second older sister. He wanted school to end earlier so that he could accompany her after school. Unexpectedly, he took out his mobile phone and casually scrolled through the school forums and found a post.

Someone took a picture of a short-haired beauty from the school gate and asked who it was.

The photo was taken quite casually. One glance and you can see that it was a terrible shot but that girl was pretty and elegant, which caused the post to get bumped up very high on the forum.

Others can't recognize her, but after Zhong Xiyou looked at it again and again, he felt like this person is Zhong Youyou!

The reason why he is still uncertain is because he was very cold to Zhong Youyou in his previous life and there was almost no interaction between them. So he didn't understand Zhong Youyou very much. Not only did he not know her preferences, but he didn't even know what she looked like after she grew up!

Just as school ended, he grabbed his schoolbag and rushed over, for fear of missing Zhong Youyou. At this moment, after he stopped her, he finally confirmed that his second sister really was captured on the forum. Looking at such a close proximity, second sister is really beautiful. Those second year class flowers were nothing compared to her, she was an insurmountable wall!

For the first time in so many years, Zhong Xiyou looked at Zhong Youyou with earnesty. He kept staring, then his face turned red, "Second sister, why did you cut your hair suddenly?"

And Zhong Youyou, stared at Zhong Xiyou with a strange scrutinizing gaze for a while, and suddenly reacted. Why is he doing this.

What else could it be?! The family, who has always ignored her and emotionally abused her, suddenly fawned over her, so what sort of good thing could it be? It must be because they had something to profit off of her!


In the original text, there was a time where the Zhong family members treated Zhong Youyou well.

Why did they do it then? First of all, there are only a few immensely wealthy families in this city. One of them has the surname Qin, who were low-key and never appeared much, but they were an existence that was even more of a bug than the Zhong family and Shi family! They not only had wealth, they also had a relationship with the military. Even the Zhong family wanted to have some dealings with them.

At that time, the little young master of the Qin family, who had no relation with Zhong Youyou, seemed to have a vein wrongly connected somewhere. He madly showed favor to the original owner - this Supporting Female - and almost crippled the robber who defiled her for her. After all, behind every vicious Supporting Female in a melodramatic novel, there is always a superb man who indulges her and commits evil with the Supporting Female. The original text is no exception.

Because of Qin Yao, the little young master of the Qin family, Father Zhong and Mother Zhong were obviously more enthusiastic than usual about the original owner during that time!

It's a pity that even if the original owner was willing to turn her head, it won't lead to the final outcome. She didn't even look at Qin Yao at all. She did not change her heart. She devoted herself to Shi Zhitang with all her heart. Not only did she come to nothing with Qin Yao, she was also kicked out of the house because she interfered with Shi Zhitang and Meng Shixuan’s engagement...…

Thinking of these, Zhong Youyou kind of understands why Zhong Xiyou is acting out of character and why Mother Zhong Mu also called her...... it’s just that Qin Yao appeared later in the original text, so why has Zhong Xiyou changed her attitude towards her now…...

But in any case, their good treatment towards her was based on benefits. They will never have any real affection for her like Meng Shixuan...…

Realizing this, Zhong Youyou felt sad for the original owner. The phone was still ringing. She mockingly looked down and rejected the call without hesitation.

"I have something to do, don't follow me."

Zhong Xiyou was taken aback and the bright sunny smile on his face also stiffened.

Zhong Youyou's beautiful but cold eyes were filled with indifference and alienation. When she brushed past Zhong Xiyou, she raised her hand and took her school bag back.

Zhong Xiyou also has his own pride, but at this time pride was worthless in front of his second sister. He seemed to have been slapped in the face. But he immediately thought, for so many years before, when his second sister faced the indifference of her family, was she also this sad?

He was a little hurt, but he cheered himself up, chased after her and squeezed out a smile: "Sister, let the driver bring you?"

That "sister" was really harsh to the ears.

Zhong Youyou couldn’t remember Zhong Xiyou ever calling the original owner that in the original text. 

Zhong Xiyou was born in the Zhong family. Since childhood, he has lived a life of luxury and doesn’t know suffering. How would he know how much suffering the original owner has experienced when she lived the life of a vagrant before entering the family? At that time, if only he softened a little bit towards the original owner, she would not completely close off her heart and would not have become so desperate. Also, what was he doing when Mother Zhong drove the original owner out of the house? Didn’t he just coolly watch by the sidelines?

Zhong Youyou completely lost her patience and knocked off Zhong Xiyou's hand that was reaching out to take her school bag, then turned and said: "Bring me? Are you telling a joke?"

When did the Zhong family’s car ever send her anywhere? In the past three years, regardless of squally wind or heavy rain, weren’t it only Zhong Xiyou and Meng Shixuan who took the car home while holding themselves aloft? Their shoes did not even get wet, while even if the original owner had a fever from getting exposed to the rain, no one would ever bother.

In the past, she used to be alone, and she will also walk alone in the future.

Zhong Youyou strode down the stairs.



Zhong Xiyou looked at her indifferent back, the leftover tingling pain on the back of his hand echoed the hurt in his heart that left him mute.

He still remembered that when the second sister first entered the house, she was timid and looked at each of them with a fawning gaze. But as soon as she came in, Mother Zhong spoke with disdain, "Did no one teach you to change your shoes? There is so much mud on the soles." Father Zhong was busy with business and threw a card down then rushed to the airport. Everyone had scrutinizing gazes, as they gossiped and laughed.

He was only fourteen years old at the time and he instinctively rejected the new member of the family. After standing on the second floor and looking down at his second sister from above condescendingly, he apathetically returned to his room. And because he was worried that Zhong Youyou would bully Meng Shixuan, he would rush out whenever there was noise that was slightly louder than normal in order to protect Meng Shixuan. He would pull her away and leave the second sister alone.

In the three years since then, he has never said a word to Zhong Youyou, completely treating her like air. Later, she became more and more rebellious for who knows what reason. She didn't come home all day and night. And several times when she came back, there was the smell of alcohol, so he hated her even more…...

He never thought at that time, why would his second sister - who had innocent eyes at the age of fifteen - become so hysterical later?

Now he wants to make it up to her, but was the damage already too deep?


Zhong Xiyou felt dejected and stood still for a long time before finally leaving.

The group of people in the corridor who saw Zhong Xiyou and Zhong Youyou talking were in absolute disbelief. What on earth just happened? These two people knew each other? Oh, their surnames are both Zhong, so is it possible that Zhong Youyou is some distant relative of Zhong Xiyou’s? She most likely freeloaded off the Zhong family and got into this school because of her relationship with them. No wonder Zhong Youyou looked like a nouveau riche, wearing clothes that were expensive but tasteless. Before spending the Zhong family's money, she probably was just a poor relative...…

These gossips didn’t pass through Zhong Youyou's ears, but they disturbed Shi Yimeng who was playing games in the back row of Class 19.

He was wearing headphones, listening to song after song with his feet up on a desk. He raised his head, suddenly feeling a little annoyed as he glanced at the group of girls who were gossiping.

It’s okay for him to call Zhong Youyou a nouveau riche, but he felt very upset when others called her that.

"You finished your duty, so why aren’t you leaving? So noisy that we can’t play games!" He took the headset off and shouted.

He was a tall burly boy and the boss of Class 19. Not only do the girls dare not to mess with him, the boys dare not to mess with him either! Several girls who gathered together to talk and laugh were inexplicably yelled at. They immediately felt embarrassed and their faces turned black and white. In the end, they pushed each other around and finally dispersed.


Zhong Xiyou was depressed, and so how could he think of waiting for Meng Shixuan? He carried his school bag and headed to the private car at the school gate.

He was reticent at school and a bit cold, but he was still quite popular. After all, he had a good family background and good looks. There were girls peeking at him along the way. Suddenly, he thought of something and stopped a second year female student.

"Hey, yes, you."

The girl blushed, turned her head and looked behind her, and then finally trotted over after she was sure it was her.

Zhong Xiyou, a little annoyed, asked: "If you give a girl a gift, what is better?"

The girl's little heart was about to jump out. What’s happening? Does Zhong Xiyou have someone he likes? Why is there no gossip about this on the school’s forum? She hurriedly said: "Girls like things that are pink and cute, or plush rabbits, etc. You can't go wrong with sending this!"

Zhong Xiyou's expression finally eased. He really didn't know what second sister liked. Usually when they ate at home, second sister would always eat whatever was in front of her. But previously, second sister did look at the princess-style dolls in Meng Shixuan's room with envious eyes..…

He suddenly came up with an idea. Second sister’s birthday was fast approaching and he had never properly celebrated her birthday before. After all, her birthday is the same day as Meng Shixuan’s, and the family only paid attention to Meng Shixuan. On her birthday last year, she even went out to play with the gangsters and never came back…

This time, I must make her happy.

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