Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 8 Luoyang Ancient Village (NPC)

As soon as Yu Erniang said those words, the surrounding scene suddenly became festive. The black shadow disappeared and the villagers appeared in its place, with stiff smiles on their faces. Their clothes are those paper clothes burned to the dead.

Lou Fan saw several faces among the group, they are the people he saw previously rushing into Yu Erniang's room, punching and kicking her.

"Look, our task is completed!" A girl from the Level 1 team exclaimed in surprise.

The 5 members of the Level 1 team looked at their watches. Lou Fan also leaned over, and it showed - Mission: Find Yu Erniang within 10 days. (Completed)

Looking at the Level 1 team that just completed their task, the Level 6 team members are very envious. It’s a pity that their task has just started.

Before the Level 1 team can enjoy their happiness, Yu Erniang said again, "Since you have come to our village, please stay and don't leave. Let's be a company together."

Who wants to be with you?! Everyone thought this way, and get ready with weapons in their hands.

Qin Tan pulled Lou Fan back, and said, "Follow tightly behind me. Don't try to help me, and take care of yourself."

"Don't worry..." Lou Fan is interrupted by Qin Tan before he could finish speaking.

Qin Tan: "Be obedient, don't let me be distracted."

As someone who had just had a showdown with his mother that he liked men, Lou Fan’s heart suddenly felt moved when he heard this. It’s like a drop of water dropped into a pool of calm water. He glanced at Qin Tan's resolute profile, an inexplicable feeling filled his heart.

This man is so gerddam handsome!

"Okay." Lou Fan promised and stood behind Qin Tan obediently, feeling extremely safe.

Since the level 1 team's task has been completed, 2 of them don't want to stay here anymore and planned to go back to the resting site. The other 3 (including Qin Tan) expressed their willingness to stay back to help the Level 6 team, sharing the pressure of the mobs. As for Boss Yu Erniang, the Level 1 team members expressed that they could do nothing. He Yong didn't expect that they would still be willing to stay and help with the mobs, so naturally he is grateful.

The other 2 Level 1 members head back together. Unexpectedly, there are too many villagers and their fighting power is amazing. Those two had no time to handle the mob. One of them got swarmed by the villagers and beaten all over while the other tried his best to return to He Yong’s group. He was terribly wounded when he got back. As for the one who got swarmed, there is only a smear of blood in the place where the man fell in the distance. Everyone didn't care about them, and could only brace themselves to deal with the villagers who rushed up to them.

The Level 6 team walked forward very slowly, and the rest of the people helped them share the pressure behind. The villagers expressionlessly rushed forward, repeating the slashing and beating movements mechanically, tirelessly. In the beginning, everyone except Qin Tan is still a little bit unable to attack the human-looking villagers. But in the end, they use all their might to attack them.

Chen Shuyang placed his book in his backpack. Holding a stick he had picked it up somewhere, he started swinging it around to beat the villagers. Not sure if he is lucky or what, Chen Shuyang is not injured at all so far. That person from Level 1 who wanted to leave just now is already injured, so it didn't take long for him to suddenly cry out miserably. After a while, there isn’t any sound coming from him. Everyone can't even protect themselves so no one can care about the person. Those who seek death should suffer the consequences themselves.

The stiff villagers fell down one after another, then disappeared. Next, they turned into black shadows and attacked the group again.

Chen Shuyang: "Frick, it's not fair. They have 2 lives."

Lou Fan: "..." It is indeed a bit unfair.

At this moment, the Level 6 team’s distance is about 20 meters away from Yu Erniang, right at the gate of the small farmhouse while Lou Fan and the others are about 10 meters behind them. The moment Level 6 members stepped over the threshold, Yu Erniang's clothes turned to ashes. She turned into a scorched skeleton with pitch-black eyes looking straight at them. She let out a bitter scream, and a raging fire suddenly broke out in the farmyard. Both the teams (Level 6) in the house and outside (Level 1 + newcomers) could really feel the burning sensation of the fire. This is real fire!

Qin Tan yelled, "Don't get burned by the fire."

Before his voice fell completely, a Level 6 team member unconsciously tilted his body and his arm got injured by the tongue of fire. Instantly, like lighting a fuse, the tongue of fire swiftly swallowed the person. Everyone only heard the horrifying screams, and then there is no sound. There is only a scorched black figure left on the ground.

Under the glow of the flames, the group of people turned pale. But it is too late to be afraid now, a step slower and they might be the next one. Hence, the Level 6 members speeded up their movements one after another. Unfortunately, across the flames, the Level 6 members couldn't hurt Yu Erniang. The man with darts in the team threw darts at Yu Erniang, but unfortunately, the distance of the darts is limited, and it can't hurt Yu Erniang at all. The surrounding flames burned more vigorously as Yu Erniang screamed. While avoiding the flames, the Level 6 team had to deal with the dark shadows, so they inevitably got bloody scratches here and there. If this continues, they will not be able to kill the boss, and also get trapped by fire.

He Yong is anxious. This is bad, he is afraid that he has to die here today! He couldn’t handle it!

Lou Fan stood behind Qin Tan and didn't have to worry about being injured. The main battlefield had taken away most of the mob’s hatred points (focus). He only needed to help Chen Shuyang occasionally to kill the mob. Lou Fan has good eyesight. He looked at the violent Yu Erniang and suddenly noticed that she had a pair of new and delicate little shoes in her arms. It was the pair she held in her arms before she died. Those shoes are very important to her!

Lou Fan's eyes lit up and he shouted, "Qin Tan, hold the situation and don't let the dark shadow touch me."

Next, Lou Fan yelled at He Yong who is in the middle of the fire, "Team Leader He, I have an idea. Please help me distract her first."

He Yong already ran out of choices at this moment. Hearing Lou Fan’s shout, he immediately seized the glimmer of hope and ordered the team members to attract Yu Erniang's attention, and open opportunities for Lou Fan.

Lou Fan held his bow steadily. The string is stretched taut and his face looked calm. Everything around him seemed to have faded into nothing. Taking aim, Lou Fan shot without any hesitation. The glowing arrow flew out surprisingly fast and rushed into Yu Erniang's arms with a burst of wind. The arrow hit the pair of shoes without error, and immediately afterward, Yu Erniang's hollow eyes were rounded. She let out an inhuman scream. The scream shook people's heads and everyone couldn't help but cover their ears.

The surrounding scenery disappears like fading colors. After the scream disappeared, the group found themselves standing on the slopes of the back mountain. Weeds grow all around the area. A lone grave almost submerged by weeds looked very lonely by itself.

Everyone looked at each other and couldn't believe that Boss Yu Erniang is resolved. The Level 6 team members almost burst into tears of joy. All 4 of them thought they are going to die here with Yu Erniang. With tears in his eyes, Li Xin raised her wrist and took a look. Then she said in surprise, "It's done, our task is completed! That’s great!" She survived again in the mission world.

He Yong also took a look, then lay on the ground as if he is relieved. The next moment, he jumped up and walked towards Lou Fan.

Since Yu Erniang died, the shadows around them have disappeared. Lou Fan thought to himself, the unborn child is her obsession. So, if he shot the shoe, her obsession will disappear.

"Lou Fan, it’s all thanks to you this time. If it weren't for you, we would probably..." He Yong choked, almost speechless. Even though he had survived 5 times, it still frightened him every time.

The other team members also came up to Lou Fan. Although they are tired, they still smiled and thanked Lou Fan. Lou Fan waved his hand, "Everyone is in this together, so it’s fine to help each other. You guys also told me a lot of experience. Besides, I get to accumulate actual combat experience too."

Lou Fan is strong, humble, and not proud at all. Everyone likes him very much.

After a short break to recover their strength, everyone did not want to continue staying in this ghostly place. The lightly injured people helped the wounded Level 6 team members to walk back. Qin Tan's arm is also scratched several times and left bloody stains. Lou Fan took out the bandage from his backpack and borrowed He Yong's medicine. After applying the medicine, he wrapped the bandage around, almost wrapping Qin Tan's arm into a mummy. Qin Tan doesn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

When the group returned to the resting site, none of the newcomers slept. They sat shivering in front of the fire. Lou Fan and the rest shouted at them from outside for a long time before someone came to open the door, and they are overjoyed to see them.

Lou Fan asked strangely, "What's wrong with you?"

The newcomer replied, "Not long after you guys have left, there are horrible whistling noises everywhere..."

Then the newcomer saw a large group of wounded in the back. Unable to say anything more, he silently stepped aside. Seeing the Level 6 team hurt so badly, the newcomer covered his mouth and is shocked.

He Yong didn't have the energy to speak. The others also laid down like dead dogs. They had wounds on their bodies and fought all night. At this moment, the sky is faintly pale, and it is about to dawn. Lou Fan is also tired. After talking to Qin Tan, he drank some water. Then he lay down and closed his eyes. He fell asleep almost instantly.

By the time Lou Fan woke up again, it is already 1.00 pm on the 8th day. Everyone's tasks have been completed, the Level 6 team is seriously injured so they are all resting with their eyes closed. They had medicine in their hands, but the injuries they suffered are not minor, so they had to recuperate while waiting to get on the train. The Level 1 team is also injured but they don’t have medicine. The Level 6 team couldn't keep taking care of them either, so they could only continue to rest in place. The newcomers still looked at them with horror, and also looked despair when they thought of the fact that they will need to complete the task in the next world like this.

In this mission world, there are only 7 members left on the newcomer team, 3 members on the Level 1 team, and 4 members on the Level 6 team. The return journey is on the afternoon of the 10th day, which means they will have to stay here for 2 more days.

Seeing Lou Fan wake up, Qin Tan handed him a baked potato. Lou Fan is really hungry too. He rubbed his hair, took 2 sips of water, and rinsed his mouth before biting a big mouthful of potatoes. Eating the potatoes, he suddenly disdained himself, "I will look for washing tools later, and collect some more food along the way. I feel like I am almost a savage, ah, I really want to take a bath!"

Chen Shuyang also woke up just now and nodded in agreement, "I have never felt so dirty."

Qin Tan smiled, "You can wash when you go back. I'll go out later to find out what is usable around here."

Lou Fan finished the potatoes in 2-3 bites. Since Chen Shuyang performed well, Qin Tan also gave him some potatoes. The big boy with glasses smiled contentedly.

"Let's go out and stroll around." Lou Fan clapped his hands. He picked up his bow, then turned around and asked, "Do anyone want to go out with us to find some supplies?"

Since Yu Erniang has been resolved, there is nothing terrible outside, but the newcomers are still reluctant to go out. No one else wanted to go him and Lou Fan turned his head back indifferently, following behind Qin Tan with Chen Shuyang. Lou Fan is not a holy mother, since those people are unwilling to accept the reality, no one will force them. But the result is what they need to bear by themselves.

After walking around the village, Lou Fan stared into space, a little depressed.

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