Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 8

After Ah Jin returned to school, it was quiet for a while.

Though no friends had still been made, she wasn't completely ignored.

Her classmates treated her quite a bit like a porcelain doll, only daring to hide and spoil her, fearing that she'd come out with another demon.

It seemed that the previous events had left too much of a psychological shadow on them.

When the summer came, she went to cram school.

The original character wanted to get into a good university, and Ah Jin couldn't throw her studies away.

In her spare time, Ah Jin tracked down the plot where Li Xue was spreading rumors online.

The computer technology traced the virtual account that Li Xue used to wildly diss her classmates online.

San Qi was dumbfounded, "How did you know this? Why isn't it in my profile."

"It's nothing, I went to school, and I learned from others. Do you need to go on file for something that doesn't matter?"

San Qi thought about it, and yes, the information wouldn't even be written for a trivial matter.

It still felt a bit strange, but there was no other explanation.

Maybe the internet was virtual, and Lixue's true nature was exposed.

The vicious curses made Ah Jin think that this was a Keyboard Hero.

Using the internet, Ah Jin also learned about Li Xue's family background.

Li Xue didn't want to lose face to her classmates, so she was all about family harmony in front of them.

The students didn't even know among themselves that she was from a remarried family.

But she was not as lucky as the original character. Li Xue's father took her and remarried and had another son.

Li Xue's stepmother did not treat her well, and her father doted on the younger son and did not care about the older daughter.

Li Xue thought about going back to her mother, but her mother also rejected her.

Li Xue vented her pain to netizens.

When she saw the original character's family, though, it was just like her, but her mother loved her very much.

Although she was very busy with work and didn't care about the original character, she didn't remarry.

Li Xue was very jealous, "We are all in the same situation. Why do you live better than me? Why do you have more love than me? You don't study as well as I do, and your looks are just passable."

Li Xue felt it was unfair, so she wanted to give Yu Jin a taste of hard times.

Being ignored and abandoned, she wanted to make Yu Jin feel it all.

So she secretly urged Xie Nan to bully Yu Jin, but Yu Jin was a coward anyway, and Xie Nan was an idiot who wouldn't even think twice about it.

Li Xue found a better way to vent her pain than to talk to the netizens, and that was to watch Yu Jin being bullied.

The more pain Yu Jin suffered, the happier she would be.

But Ah Jin's arrival ruined Li Xue's plans and made her lose face in front of her male god.

She hated Yu Jin even more.

She found the post where Yu Jin committed suicide and madly dissed her in the article.

"Why does everyone else bully her? It must be because she's not a good person."

"This kind of person deserves to die. Why even save her? It’s a waste of society's resources."

Li Xue's post was unanimously attacked by netizens.

Instead, Li Xue became more energetic, and she was not yet using another method to gain attention.

Ah Jin saved screenshots of this evidence to be used later on.

Summer vacation passed quickly, and a new semester arrived, the third year of high school.

Moving up meant splitting classes, and Jin found new classes, third and fifth classes.

The room quieted down as she walked in, and everyone looked at her, who was a celebrity in the school and known by everyone.

Treated the same way as the male god, of course, no one dared to confess.

Ah Jin scanned the classroom and was satisfied to see Li Xue's familiar face.

'Oh my, the campus stud is here too. That makes it even more interesting.'

Ah Jin listened to the whispers below and greeted everyone without fear, "Hello, I'm Yu Jin. Take care of me."

As soon as the sentence ended, an energetic male voice came from the classroom's back, and a sunny-looking boy stood up.

He waved at Ah Jin, "Yu Jin, come and sit next to me."

Ah Jin was unsure, but it was good to have someone being nice.

She went and sat down next to him.


The boy's eyes were glowing as he looked at Ah Jin, "My name is Zhang Yuchen. I admire you so much. You’re so awesome. Can you tell me what it feels like ah?"

She looked at the boy in front of her and knew he had no bad intentions.

If the original character was here, she would probably feel inferior and humiliated.

"Can't speak. If you want to know, go try it yourself."

He wasn't angry.

Zhang Yuchen knew that he had said something wrong and apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. I was just too curious."

The people around him were also listening, with their ears perked up.

Seeing how curious he was, Ah Jin felt the need to share the experience with him.

"You really want to know? Then let me tell you, that felt awesome."

"Really!" Zhang Yuchen's heart tickled even more at hearing it.

"The moment I cut myself, my scalp went numb, and my pores tightened all over my body, but it was quickly replaced by the feeling of blood loss. Then the body became soft and dreamy scenes began to appear in front of my eyes, and I felt like I was going to heaven."

San Qi couldn't hear anymore, "Don't you just want to say it's excruciating, you've lost a lot of blood, your limbs were weak, and your eyes were bleary!"

Ah Jin despised him in her heart, "What do you know, it's called art."

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