It was night, and the moon was bright.

Su Wan was sitting in the small and simple airy room specially prepared for her by Bai mama. She looked out the tattered windows in boredom and counted the stars in the sky.

She just counted to one hundred and one when the dilapidated wooden door was suddenly blown open by a gust of wind, and then a slender figure appeared like a ghost in front of Su Wan.

Looking at Su Rui who suddenly appeared in casual clothing, Su Wan stood up and smiled at him, "You’ve come?"


Su Rui stared at Su Wan while sizing up the room: "How can anyone live in such a place?"

Blu: How does Su Rui stare at Su Wan while sizing up the room at the same time? I dunno, don’t ask me. Maybe he looked at Su Wan with one eye and looked around the room with his other eye. ┐(´ー`)┌

Teh: Now you have the image of lazy eyed Su Rui in your mind.

His brow furrowed tightly, a cold gaze flashed in his eyes.

"It's just something to keep up the facade in front of Yan Yunuo. Who said I wanted to live here?"

Su Wan raised her eyebrow at Su Rui: "Don't you want me to sleep with you? you want to invite some imperial concubine to the Qiankun Palace to attend to you?"

"Of course not. Naturally, I want to sleep with you, my wife. En, it's also not too early now, I..."

"Have you not eaten yet?"

Su Wan interrupted Su Rui's words. When Wang Yi left in the morning, Su Wan specifically told him to tell the Emperor that he should not eat dinner before coming here tonight.

Su Rui naturally followed what Su Wan said. Hearing Su Wan's words, he subconsciously rubbed his stomach: "I didn't eat. Xiao Wan, will you accompany me to eat later?"

"There is still time. Now you have to help me with something."

Su Wan picked up an old inner servant’s uniform while sitting on her narrow wooden bed: "You should change the clothes first and then help me do some work. If it's done well, I'll cook for you tonight."

To go to the length of giving him such treatment?

Hearing Su Wan’s words, Su Rui immediately put on his clothes with a beaming smile, and then looked at his wife gently: “Xiao Wan, what do you want me to do for you? Sweeping the yard or chopping wood?”

"Oh, it's nothing much. Just sweep the toilet in the nearby palace."

Su Wan blinked a pair of limpid black eyes and looked at Su Rui seriously, her tone still cool and calm as ever.

Sweep, sweep the toilet?

"Wife, are you joking?"

"Look at my eyes, I'm being serious."

Su Wan stared at Su Rui in dead earnestness: "You have to do the full set if you want to act. Now, everyone in the Xinzheku knows that I have offend Bai mama, so it is natural that I would do the most dirty and tiring work."

Although it sounds very reasonable, Su Rui felt that the gaze his wife used to look at him was a bit strange. Was she scamming him?

Eh. Isn’t it, isn't it just cleaning the toilets? It’s a lot better than shovelling poop?

There is nothing in this world that can defeat our General Su!

For the sake of his wife and for the delicacies that his wife will personally make, General Su was ready to risk his life.

Seeing that Su Rui really took out the tools and left the courtyard, Su Wan did not follow him. She knew that Su Rui would always do what he said he would. He would not deceive others and disdained doing so.

Soon, Su Rui was back with a cold face. As soon as he entered the house, he was accompanied by an unpleasant smell. Seeing him look disgusted with himself, Su Wan covered her mouth and laughed: "Don't pull such a long face. I'll help you change your clothes. Shall we go back to Qiankun Palace?"


Su Rui responded in low spirits. He must take a good bath after returning…...

The moon shone brilliantly in the middle of the dark sky, its luminous glow looked hazy bouncing off the fog around the Qiankun Palace. After Su Rui brought Su Wan back, he ordered everyone else to leave. Besides Wang Yi, no one else knew that there was one more person in the Emperor’s palace.

After soaking in the warm water and smelling the pleasant scent from fragrances that were added into the bath, Su Rui finally sighed in comfort.

"Have you finished washing up?"

At this time, Su Wan's voice suddenly came over. Su Rui looked up and saw Su Wan, who was only wearing white undergarment, carrying over a bowl of soup with a smile.

At the moment, the previous master of Su Wan’s body was less than fifteen years old. Although she had reached a marriageable age in the Dashang Dynasty, her face was still young and her figure had not fully developed. Her revealing, exquisite figure under the white coat made General Su can’t help but turn his face away. Your mother, he couldn't continue watching. If he looked any longer, he would commit a crime.

"Are you hungry?"

At this time, Su Wan was already sitting by the bath. A pair of snow-white feet splashed the water gently: "Come here, I will feed you soup. I made it myself!"


Su Rui swam to Su Wan naked. Seeing him raise his head and stare at her with such bright eyes, Su Wan couldn't help being in a good mood. She picked up a spoon to scoop a spoonful of soup and gently held it in front of Su Rui.

Seeing Su Rui drink everything, Su Wan smiled at him: "Was it delicious?"


Su Rui nodded, the soup his wife made was definitely the best soup in the world.

"Since it’s delicious, you should drink it all."

Speaking of Su Wan, she gave Su Rui another spoonful of soup. The bead curtains that had never stopped swaying amongst the dense mist of the bath. The atmosphere of the two getting along was intimately warm, but, after a quarter of an hour --


Su Rui's voice was a little husky and the gaze he looked at Su Wan with became a little dull: "What did you put in the soup?"

"Hm, couldn’t you taste it?"

Su Wan lowered her eyes slightly and looked at Su Rui’s body in the water: "I used some common tonics, ng, some ginseng, deer pen*s, and some other things. Previously in the Jin Qinwang palace, didn't you like it? "

Blu: I googled it and deer pen*s is used in Chinese medicine to supposedly “promote s*xual functions”. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Su Wan heavily emphasised the word “like”. Su Rui's face immediately changed color when he heard Su Wan's words--

Where is the promised gentle and virtuous wife, the good-at-understanding-others wife?

Su Xiaowan, you were deliberate, you were completely doing this on purpose!


Su Rui climbed up from the bath, uncaring about draping a robe on his naked body he went and hugged Su Wan's slightly cool body: "I feel uncomfortable."

"I know you are uncomfortable."

Su Wan freed herself from Su Rui's arms then looked up at Wang Yi, who was nearby and had been trying to become one with the surroundings: "Steward Wang, bring over the Empress and concubines’ plates!"

Blu: Empress and concubines’ plates - Ladies of the harem had their names carved on a plate and the Emperor would flip the plate of the lady he wanted to spend the night with.

Wang Yi: …...

What is this inexplicable feeling of getting shot even when you’re lying down?

Blu: Getting shot while lying down - to get unjustly ridiculed/ attacked/ implicated

"Wang Yi, get out!"

Without waiting for Wang Yi to move, Su Rui had already picked up the robe on the ground and pulled Su Wan towards the dragon bed while huffing coldly.

Blu: For the Emperor, everything he uses has the word ‘dragon’ attached in front of it. Dragon bed, dragon chopsticks, dragon throne, dragon toilet, etc.

Teh: Dragon peepee

"As you command."

Wang Yi wiped the sweat on his forehead and quickly retreated.

Before the dragon bed, Su Rui threw Su Wan onto the bed: "Speak, what other tricks are there?"

"None other."

Su Wan innocently spread her hands. She would not be so ruthless towards her own husband.

Tormenting him like this today was just because......there was a little bit of vinegar in her heart.

Blu: Vinegar - jealousy

She would not allow her man to touch anyone.

"No more tricks?"

Hearing Su Wan’s answer and seeing her innocent expression while lying on the bed, Su Rui couldn’t help but take a deep breath: “Since you’re not going to torment me anymore, then……sleep.”

With that said, he lifted a corner of the brocade quilt and skillfully wrapped Su Wan with it and pushed her to the innermost side of the bed.

"I'll practice my gong fu for a while, you go to bed first."

Seeing Su Rui sitting on the bed intending to adjust his inner breath, Su Wan rolled in the quilt like a small silkworm and rolled in front of Su Rui: "Su Rui, you, will you be sleeping with me?"

Hearing his wife's pitiful invitation, Su Rui's breath deepened, and he raised his hand again and rolled Su Wan back to the innermost side of the bed: "Su Xiaowan! Go and sleep!"

"Oh, then don’t sleep too late and don’t exhaust yourself."

Seeing Su Rui so determined, Su Wan had no choice but to obediently shrink into a corner and close her eyes. Last night, the body suffered a night of punishment. Today, she could finally get a good night's sleep. Su Wan entered the land of dreams shortly afterwards.

Seeing that Su Wan had fallen asleep, Su Rui finally closed his eyes with relief and adjusted his inner breath. Soon, his body was covered with sweat --

Su Xiaowan, how much did you add to the soup?

General Su began to regret that he had just rejected Su Wan too frankly, but after opening his eyes again and seeing that peaceful and quiet sleeping face on the bed, Su Rui's gaze involuntarily softened.

Forget it, forget it. Isn't it just meditating for a night? It's not a big deal, as long as she doesn't keep fussing over the “flipping the plate” matter in the future, then it’s fine.

Thinking of this, Su Rui again closed his eyes and meditated.

In the middle of the night, the candlelight in the bedroom suddenly fizzled out. While Su Rui concentrated on his breathing exercises, it was unknown when Su Wan woke up.

A pair of limpid eyes stared at Su Rui's back. She stared and stared. Su Wan couldn’t help but bend her lips and closed her eyes again to sleep peacefully--

In this world, it's nice to have you.

Before she met Su Rui, she always felt that it didn't matter whether she was alone.

But after meeting Su Rui, Su Wan increasingly felt that she couldn’t separate from him.

She dare not imagine what a world without Su Rui would be like.

Just like how Su Wan was General Su’s reverse scale, Su Rui was similarly Su Xiaowan’s forbidden area—

Blu: Reverse scale - means bottom line. From what I know, a dragon's scales grow in one direction but there would be one scale that grew in the opposite direction. Iirc, the reverse scale is near the heart. So if you touch it, you're probably gonna piss the dragon off and get obliterated out of existence.

Her man can only be tormented by her, other people should not even dare to think about it.


Blu: Su Rui could only see but not touch ~~

Teh: Editor here