The door of the main hall of the Clothing Bureau has been closed, no one knew what was happening inside. Yan Yunuo had been swept out of the hall by Su Rui with his inner strength. She was stunned. At this time, her heart constantly prayed for Su Wan’s safety.

It has been more than a year since she entered the palace, Yan Yunuo has long been used to being bullied, and was also used to unconsciously protecting Yan Yuqing whenever they encountered anything. In Yan Yunuo’s heart, Yan Yuqing was originally her master and was now her younger sister, so she protected her and even accepted the blame for her. It was a matter of course.

After Yan Yunuo entered the Clothing Bureau and was separated from Yan Yuqing, she met Su Wan. Ever since they got to know each other, Su Wan has been helping her out, and the two have been supporting each other.

Yan Yunuo was a few months older than Su Wan. She felt that she should treat Su Wan like she treated Yan Yuqing and protect her, but today ...


Liao Siyi, who was wearing a magnificent brocade garment, suddenly appeared standing behind Yan Yunuo. When she saw her face filled with a worried look, Liao Siyi couldn't help but pat her shoulder gently: "Yunuo, don't worry, Su Wan should be fine. "

Liao Siyi’s gaze couldn’t help but look at the closed gate. She remembered very clearly that when His Majesty first arrived at the Clothing Bureau, he killed several people without a word, and now in the palace there was not a single sound, and His Majesty also did not call anyone in, so Su Wan was at least ... alive.

It was unknown how much time had passed. After everyone else in the Clothing Bureau has been busying themselves, Yan Yunuo was still anxiously waiting in the palace compound. At this time, a low and indifferent male voice finally came out from the hall: "Wang Yi!"

Whe Wang Yi, who had been conscientiously standing guard at the entrance of the hall, heard the Emperor’s voice, he immediately pushed open the door of the hall and quickly walked in. With Wang Yi's figure disappearing through the doors, Yan Yunuo got even more worried.

"Your Majesty."

At this time, Wang Yi had quickly walked to the center of the hall, bowing and waiting for the master's instructions.

"Wang Yi, palace maid Su Wan has violated the palace rules and is banished to the Xinzheku for a month from today onwards. You will personally handle this matter."

Wang Yi, who lowered his head, quickly heard Su Rui's command, and he immediately nodded and said ‘Yes’. He subconsciously searched for the figure of that little palace maid from the corner of his eyes. Eh, she’s not here?

Wang Yi froze. He remembered that when he was leaving, that little palace maid named Su Wan was still kneeling in that position. Why was she gone?

"Steward Wang, are you looking for this slave?"

A crisp female voice suddenly sounded not far away in front of Wang Yi. He raised his head subconsciously, and the whole person immediately froze in place, his mouth slightly open, unable to close at all.

On the splendid couch in front of him, His Majesty the Emperor was comfortably reclined on it and that little palace maid with a slightly immature face was like a cat, comfortably nested in His Majesty's arms. At this time, she was lazily lifting her cool eyes, smilingly looking at Wang Yi..

Steward Wang: It must be because I used the wrong way to look up! Definitely.

Wang Yi immediately lowered his head quickly in shock. When he saw Wang Yi had the awareness he should have so quickly, Su Rui also smiled with satisfaction: "Wang Yi, Zhen trust you the most. I have handed this matter over to you. Quickly handle it. "

With that, Su Rui couldn't help but look down at Su Wan in his arms with an expression of great reluctance. Seeing that Su Rui opened his mouth to say something, Su Wan raised her finger and rubbed it gently on his lips, then turned over to sit next to Su Rui, mysteriously leaned against his ear and whispered: "Your Majesty, I will be waiting for you in the Xinzheku at night."

Hearing Su Wan’s words, His Majesty’s face was slightly overjoyed. It was still his wife who knew what he wanted! (General Su, are you sure?)

Su Wan: He he.

"Steward Wang, let's go!"

At this time, Su Wan had already come down from the splendid couch and walked to Wang Yi.


"Lady Su, please."

Wang Yi lowered his tone and spoke to Su Wan with respect.

At this time, if he didn't understand what His Majesty came to the Clothing Bureau in the morning for, then he really was an idiot.

"Steward Wang is too polite. This slave is now a sinner. How dare I walk in front of you?"

When Su Wan heard Wang Yi's words and smiled faintly, raised her hand and made a gesture to Wang Yi: "Steward Wang, please go first!"

"Oh, oh oh."

When Wang Yi heard Su Wan's words, his eyes turned and immediately walked ahead while Su Wan lowered her head and followed behind him. Before going out, she felt that familiar and gentle gaze that kept watching her back. Su Wan couldn't help but turned to smile at Su Rui …

His eyes turned = Swirly eyes ^

The gate of the palace opened once again. When she saw the figures of Wang Yi and Su Wan, Yan Yu Nuo, who had been anxiously waiting, immediately rushed over: "Xiao Wan, are you ... all right?"


Seeing Yan Yunuo rush up to grab Su Wan's hand, Wang Yi's face immediately looked cold and brandished his horsetail whisk, and then swept Yan Yunuo aside.

How can you touch Lady Su’s hand? That belongs to His Majesty ~

"Steward Wang!"

Chen Ji, who had been waiting in the courtyard this whole time, immediately trotted over. He first rolled his eyes at Yan Yunuo and then beamed at Wang Yi and lowered his stature: "Steward Wang, this little maid was scared silly. Do not lower yourself to her level ah. This Su Wan, she ... Your Majesty means to ...... "

"Banished to the Xinzheku for a month."

Hearing Chen Ji's words, Wang Yi coldly whispered.


Chen Ji's face changed slightly and Yan Yunuo had long gone deathly pale --- what kind of place was the Xinzheku? That's a place that's more degrading than the cold palace in the harem. That was not a place for a person to stay!

"Steward Wang!"

Yan Yunuo suddenly knelt down on the ground, tenaciously holding onto Wang Yi's official boots with both hands: "Steward Wang, this slave wants to see His Majesty! This slave is willing to be punished instead of Su Wan! One month, no, two months is fine! Begging Steward Wang to help! "

Wang Yi: ...

Do you think Lady Su is going there to be punished? She’s going there as a great aunt, okay?

Blu: Meaning, she’s going there for a midnight rendezvous with Su Rui ~ Jokes aside, it means that she’s not going there as a mere palace maid but as someone important

"Steward Wang."

Chen Ji on the side also found it unbearable: "This Su Wan is usually conscientious in the Clothing Bureau. Steward Wang, can you beg His Majesty ......"

"I do not have to plead for her. Otherwise, be careful not to lose your head!"

Wang Yi stared at them with a fierce look: "Someone come and pull down this little palace maid for me!"

Two inner attendants quickly stepped forward and pulled Yan Yunuo, who had been pulling Wang Yi’s palace boots, to the side.

"Let’s go!"

Wang Yi straightened up and strode forward, and Su Wan followed behind and looked at Yan Yunuo, who was pulled aside, and couldn't help but give her a comforting smile with a pale face: "Sister Yunuo, don't worry, I can bear it."

With that said, she quickly turned her head and followed after Wang Yi.

After they walked far away, Yan Yunuo was finally slowly released.

"Xiao Wan, Xiao Wan!"

Yan Yunuo's face was full of tears since long ago. When she saw Chen Ji still in the courtyard, Yan Yunuo immediately seemed as if she had found her last hope. She firmly grabbed Chen Ji ’s sleeve: "Chen Gonggong, please help! Please help ah! "

Seeing Yan Yunuo was really crying so pitifully, Chen Ji rolled his eyes: "Okay, okay. Zajia’s clothing is all going to be dirtied by you."

The pitiful Chen Xiaoji, who loved his appearance, had changed into new clothes in the morning ~

"Zajia will go to Xinzheku to bribe them, en, this silver, but you will have to come up with the silver!"

Chen Ji couldn't help but hold his small pouch tightly. He is so soft-hearted. He can't stand seeing these girls crying and wailing in front of him. However, to be a person you must have principles. For example, Chen Xiaoji’s principle was --

You can mess up my hair, I will tolerate you, but you must never touch my wallet, I will desperately fight you ~

Chen Gonggong's stinginess is also famous in the Clothing Bureau. In fact, in his official position, his monthly salary was a lot, and every now and again, the inner servants below him and palace maids would pay tribute to him. Normally, he was also a local tyrant but he was also the biggest cheapskate in the Clothing Bureau. No matter what happens, he would be unwilling to give up even a hair even if you beat him to death.

At this time, hearing that Chen Ji was willing to go to Xinzheku to bribe, Yan Yunuo immediately wiped her tears and handed her purse to Chen Ji.

Although he was stingy, he was not greedy, so Yan Yunuo is not afraid of Chen Ji lying to her.

Chen Yan's brow furrowed when he weighed the purse Yan Yunuo gave him and said, "These are your savings?"

"Is that not enough?"

Yan Yunuo's face also changed, and then she suddenly thought of something: "Chen Gonggong, I can raise money."

At this time, Yan Yunuo naturally thought of Yan Yuqian, who was working in Liu Guiren's palace.

"Chen Gonggong, you must wait for me, I will immediately go raise money."

Yan Yunuo lifted up her skirt and quickly ran out.


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