Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.4 - Goddess of the Harem

Su Wan and Yan Yunuo followed behind Chen Ji and practically ran out of the Imperial Hospital and went straight to the Clothing Bureau. Before they even reached the door, they saw a group of inner servants carrying mats with blood dripping from them from the entrance of the Clothing Bureau.


Yan Yunuo tightly covered her mouth and looked on in horror. She leaned on Su Wan's body but her other hand did not forget to cover Su Wan's eyes as it trembled.

It has been more than a year since she entered the palace. She had long heard that deep in the palace, human lives were nothing more than trash, but it really was Yan Yunuo’s first time seeing this kind of scene.

At this time, the inner servant carrying the bloody mat just happened to walk beside the three people. The straw mat covered with blood suddenly spread out somehow, and a bloody arm suddenly dangled out lifelessly.


Yan Yunuo screamed again and her small white face was now completely pale.

"Who is making noise here?"

At this time, Wang Yi, dressed in a steward eunuch's uniform, walked out of the palace gate with a cold face and a horsetail whisk in hand. Those indifferent eyes fell directly on Su Wan and Yan Yunuo.

"Slave should die, slave should die!"

Yan Yunuo immediately pulled Su Wan down on the ground in a fluster, her teeth trembling.

"Steward Wang."

At this time, Chen Ji ran towards Wang Yi while saluting and said lowly: "Steward Wang, the two of them are Yan Yunuo and Su Wan of the Clothing Bureau! Those silly little girls are timid, please do not be angry! "


Wang Yi heard Chen Ji’s report and his gaze as he looked at the two women slightly flickered. It was obvious at a glance that the two little palace maids had not entered the palace for long and they looked like they were 14 or 15 years old and looked delicate and pretty. However ......

"Now that the person has been found, go report to His Majesty. The two of you don't kneel in a daze! Still not keeping up with Chen Ji?!"

As he spoke, Wang Yi couldn't help but whip towards Chen Ji with his horsetail whisk.

As an inner attendant, one must learn to deduce the Emperor’s intentions. Although His Majesty did not say much in the Clothing Bureau, Wang Yi has long seen that His Majesty seems to be looking specifically for these two maid servants. His Majesty was already getting more and more irritable so Wang Yi took the initiative to volunteer himself to look for the missing people. He didn't expect that he would encounter them as soon as he reached the palace gate.

On the side, Chen Ji was whipped by Wang Yi's horsetail whisk. His eyes changed and he could not help but speed up his steps. He knew that Steward Wang was reminding him that His Majesty had been waiting impatiently for a long time. If they were any slower, be careful: people's heads might roll!

Sigh, for the sake of that head on his neck, zajia also has to quickly run.

"You two ah, if you don't want to die, hurry up."

As Chen Ji ran, he did not forget to turn around and yell at Su Wan and Yan Yunuo in a low voice.

Running into such a major event, my legs were already soft, how can I run ah?

Yan Yunuo squeezed Su Wan’s small hand tightly, her lips trembling slightly: “Xiao Wan, don’t be afraid, it’s okay! His Majesty is insightful and wise, and would not indiscriminately kill innocent people!”

She was so scared that she couldn't move but Yan Yunuo didn’t forget to comfort Su Wan. Although Su Wan was pale, she didn't have a trace of fear in her eyes. Instead, a sly, profound look flashed by her eyes ......

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty!"

Chen Ji hadn’t even entered the entrance when he bowed and shouted while sprinting. His entire body slid as he prostrated right at the center of the hall.

Blu: Basically, a running dogeza (pic below). I really have no other way to explain it.

Blu: A running dogeza.

This service was skilled, this posture was perfect. He really was worthy of being called Wang Yi's carefully cultivated successor ~

"Your Majesty, your humble slave has found the missing people!"

Chen Ji has been bowing his head ever since entering the door. At this time, he was talking while secretly gesturing to Su Wan and Yan Yunuo with his left hand: "The two of you still have not come in to pay their respects to His Majesty!"

"Slaves pay respect to Your Majesty. Long live Your Majesty!"

Su Wan and Yan Yunuo neatly kneeled and bowed their heads to greet and pay respects to the current Emperor.

At this time, on the splendid couch in the center of the palace, Su Rui was wearing a imperial robe with black embroidered gold, and his deep gaze instinctively fell on Su Wan —

Your mother.

General Su wanted to cry but he had no tears. In the last world, his wife was at least a 17-year-old female high school student! But this time she was a 14-year-old little loli!

What the hell!

Fine, although the world that General Su was in was all about early marriage and early childbirth, but he had traveled through so many worlds after all, and his thoughts had changed a lot. I’m now a promising youth who obediently abides by the laws of the current era to treasure little animals and wait for the green light to cross the street, okay?

Lolicon and whatnot. En ~ Actually, Su Xiaowan’s current appearance looks very cute?

Su Rui just kept staring at Su Wan in a daze, but the air in the whole hall froze. No one dared to take a breath. Everyone lowered their heads and didn’t dare to move, for fear of disturbing His Majesty and dying without an intact corpse. In short, His Majesty was too frightening today, we all might as well pretend to be dead.

Time passed and when Su Wan's knees were numb, Su Rui on the splendid couch finally reacted, pulling up a handsome face and looked at Su Wan and Yan Yunuo in the hall: "You are palace maids of the Clothing Bureau, but you left your post without permission, you two are clearly guilty?"

Although the voice was still so cold, Su Rui's tone was obviously much softer.

"Your Majesty!"

Seeing that the Emperor was going to punish them, Yan Yunuo immediately raised her head anxiously. She couldn't let Su Wan be punished with her. After all, Su Wan left her post to bring her to a doctor.

Even if they were to be decapitated, Yan Yunuo did not want to involve other innocent people.

Thinking of this, her eyes gradually became firm, and her heart seemed to no longer be as scared: "Your Majesty, everything is ..."

"It's this slave's fault."

Su Wan suddenly rushed in front of Yan Yunuo: "Your Majesty, everything is this slave’s idea. Begging Your Majesty for punishment!"

"It's you?"

Su Rui's eyes flashed, and he looked at Su Wan slightly profoundly.

"N-no! Your Majesty, it is actually ..."

"Shut up!"

Seeing Yan Yunuo wanted to take it upon herself again, Su Rui couldn't help but interrupt her. Wasn't he trying to find an opportunity to spend time with his wife alone?

Female Lead daren, what are you disturbing us for? Can’t you let others happily be in love?

Feeling Su Rui's anger, all the people in the room were terrified and knelt down on the ground: "Your Majesty, please calm your anger!"

Once the Emperor was furious, millions of people would become corpses. This was absolutely not a joke!

"Everyone, withdraw. Su Wan, you stay!"

Su Rui on the couch took the opportunity to wave his sleeves. When they heard His Majesty speak, the rest of the Clothing Bureau were relieved in their hearts. Everyone hated that they couldn’t grow another pair of legs so that they could run out faster.

All the others quickly retreated, only Yan Yunuo was still kneeling on the spot, and her face looked as though she wasn’t afraid of death, wanting to die with Su Xiaowan, no, to live together and die together.

Seeing that the Female Lead daren was so devoted and righteous, General Su's face got even more gloomy.

"Get lost!"

The word "lost" hadn’t even fallen when Yan Yunuo felt a strong wind hit her chest. Her frail body immediately flew out of the hall like a broken kite, and the palace door also closed by itself--  

Hello, Goddess Yan! Goodbye, Goddess Yan!

The whole world was finally quiet.

Su Rui smiled with satisfaction, and at the next second, the smile on his face froze in the corner of his lips.

Su Wan, who was kneeling on the ground, stood up at this time and rubbed her numb knees. Su Wan walked to the splendid couch step by step with a smile: "Emperor, Your Majesty? You’re really very mighty ah ~"

Su Rui: …...

"Your Majesty's dragon robe is also very beautiful."

Seeing that Su Rui didn't speak, Su Wan continued to smile, and her slender white tender little fingers swept gently on Su Rui's dragon robe, and then her gaze fell again on Su Rui's nine-dragon jade belt: The belt’s threadwork is also top-notch. Aiya, I heard that Yun Fei niangniang, who was the best in needlework, embroidered it with gold thread herself."

What the hell was Yun Fei?

Su Rui stiffened his face, and pulled his slender and powerful arm tightly, and pulled his thin and petite Su Xiaowan into his arms: "Wife, don't smile, it’s making me nervous, you listen to me explain …... "


Su Wan, who was sitting in Su Rui's arms, suddenly wrinkled her nose and sniffed hard on him: "Good fragrance, this fragrance smells like ......"

"My wife, I was wrong."

General Su was about to cry. Before going to court, His Majesty the Emperor had already taken several baths, okay?

And after court, our Emperor who loved his wife, first killed his way to Jingyun Palace, and then killed all the way to the Clothing Bureau, killing all the people who had harmed his wife and caused her to suffer. Where did the fragrance from his body come from? Obviously, his whole body smelled like blood!

Hearing Su Rui's initiative to admit his mistakes, Su Wan's lowered eyes flashed with a smile, but the expression on her face still seemed smiling yet not smiling: "Your Majesty, you hold life and death in your hands. You produce clouds with one turn of your hand and rain with the other. How can you be wrong?"

Blu: produce clouds with one turn of your hand and rain with the other - to wield one’s power capriciously

Su Rui: ...

Just when Su Rui helplessly felt that even if he jumped into the Yellow River, he wouldn’t be able to wash himself clean, Su Wan in his arms suddenly turned around, a pair of arms wrapped around Su Rui's body, and her soft lips landed a kiss on his.

Samui: yellow river washing sentence has another meaning, that of him not being able to wash off his sins even if he jumped in a river// Blu: It’s not another meaning. It is the implied meaning.

Happiness came too suddenly. By the time Su Rui reacted, Su Wan in his arms was already laughing like a trembling flower.

"Fine, you want to play with me?"

After a certain Emperor finally realised what happened, the big stone in his heart was finally put down and his handsome face also had a more relaxed smile on his face: "Wife, you really aren’t angry? Really scared me."

That is to say, henpecked males, wife’s slaves and whatnot, were all a group of very simple creatures.

Did you think you successfully passed?

General Su, you are truly too naive! An extremely bleak future is waiting for you. Ganbatte~ Don’t be carelessly bullied by your wife.

Blu: Ganbatte~ - Japanese for ‘good luck’ like how jiayou is in Chinese.


Blu: Lights a candle for Su Rui.


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