Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 8.3 - Wu Tong vs. Wu Zhizhi (3)

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Qin Ge sat down next to Feifei, who was tugging at the kite string. “Feifei, Daddy is going to marry soon.”

“You’re going to have a Mommy soon, does that make you happy?” Qin Ge knew that he wouldn’t get a response from Feifei, but he also knew that Feifei could hear what he was saying. “You already met her about half a month ago at the Imperial Hotel. Back then, you were so shy that you hid behind me when you saw her, so… you probably don’t dislike her, right?

Feifei continued to calmly look up at the kite without uttering a word.

“Daddy met up with her a few times afterward. Hmm… As for what kind of person she is, Daddy is still unsure, but just like you, Daddy doesn’t dislike her.”

“Since neither of us dislikes her, then let’s give her a chance.” Qin Ge turned his head and gazed at the side of Feifei’s face, saying, “We’ll all live together in the future, so let’s try our best to accept her.”

Qin Ge’s gaze seemed to linger on Feifei’s face for a very long time before Feifei finally turned his head. He glanced at his father before turning around and continuing to stare at the kite.

“Looks like you’re in agreement.” Qin Ge smiled happily. “Feifei, you’re already aware that Daddy’s temper isn’t very good, so if Daddy is ever mean to your Mommy in the future, remember to protect her.”

“If you don’t protect her, it’ll be quite troublesome if Daddy scares her away.”

Feifei turned around again and glanced at his father. The look in his eyes carried a rare glint of puzzlement, as if he was trying to ask, “Why would Daddy be mean to Mommy?”

“Daddy has an illness. It makes Daddy very impulsive and short-tempered,” Qin Ge explained. “But Daddy would never be mean on purpose.”

After listening to Qin Ge’s explanation, Feifei turned back to the kite and continued staring at it.

“We’ll wait for your grandma to pick an auspicious wedding date for me and your Mommy. When we return from our honeymoon, we’ll move out and have our own little family,” Qin Ge said. “Doctor Li said that there’s still hope for the both of us. She said that when we get used to our new family life, you’ll slowly become willing to speak and I won’t be so irritable anymore… Do you think this will all come to pass?”

“Um… To be honest, I think it’s also quite possible that she’ll end up becoming just like us.” Qin Ge blinked. He thought that his situation[1] couldn’t be any better.

[1] In the raws, the word 画面 ("scene") is used. This is in reference to his marriage, honeymoon, and starting a family of his own.

Wu Tong went to the hospital early on Sunday morning since it was the day of Xiao Yuan’s surgery. She awaited this day expectantly for a long time and was unable to sleep a wink the night prior.

The hospital made arrangements to harvest Wu Kai’s hematopoietic stem cells[2] in the morning, so that they could operate on Xiao Yuan as soon as possible.

[2] Hematopoietic stem cells are the blood-generating stem cells in the bone marrow.

Even though the doctor repeatedly assured her that the operative risk wasn’t high, Wu Tong was still restless as she waited outside the operating room all afternoon. Only after Xiao Yuan came out of the operating room and the head physician gave her a nod, confirming that the surgery was a success, did she weep tears of joy.

At that moment, Wu Tong grasped her brother’s pale hand. She reaffirmed her belief that no matter what price she had to pay, it was all worth it for this very moment.

Wu Tong’s second uncle had been standing outside of Xiao Yuan’s hospital ward the entire time, waiting for Wu Tong to come out before he walked toward her and called out to her. “Wu Tong.”

“Thank you, second uncle. How’s Xiao Kai doing?” Wu Tong asked.

Xiao Kai is doing fine. He’s just feeling a bit weak. The doctor said that he’ll be fine after resting for a bit.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ll go visit him.” Since the only thing on her mind all day was Xiao Yuan’s surgery, she didn’t have any time to visit Wu Kai.

Wu Tong’s second uncle stopped her. “No need. He’s already fast asleep. Your second aunt is watching over him.”

“Oh…” Wu Tong finally understood what was going on. Since her second uncle didn’t stay behind to accompany Xiao Kai, but instead, came over to see her, he must’ve had something to say to her. “Second uncle, do you need anything from me?”

*Cough* “Uh… about that… Is Xiao Yuan ok?” Wu Tong’s second uncle asked a little unnaturally.

“He’s fine. The doctor said that his bloodwork came back normal. However, he still needs to be closely monitored for a period of time,” Wu Tong responded.
“That’s good… That’s good…” Wu Tong’s second uncle said haltingly.

Wu Tong noticed that her second uncle looked like he had something on his mind, so she couldn’t help but tell him: “Second uncle, if you have something to say, just say it.”

“Um… Just now, Mrs. Qin gave your second aunt a call and set a date for your wedding.”

Wu Tong’s expression didn’t change one bit. She calmly waited for her second uncle to finish speaking.

“Mrs. Qin said that you are going on a honeymoon with Qin Ge, so they’re not going to hold a wedding ceremony. She wanted you to go with him next Wednesday to obtain your marriage certificates,” Wu Tong’s second uncle said. “She said that next Wednesday is an auspicious day, appropriate for marriage.”

Wu Tong’s reacted very calmly. “Alright, I understand.”

If you’re unable to choose how to live your life, at the very least, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be driven into an even tighter corner.

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