Seeing his Master sitting on the dragon bed in a daze, Wang Yi, the inner steward, immediately instructed the eunuch behind him to lift the body of Yu Guiren, and then turned around and ordered the palace maid on the side to clean up the floor. After silently finishing all this, Wang Yi bowed and moved towards the dragon bed, he picked up the bright yellow inner garment on the side and draped it on Su Rui's body, and asked with a low voice: "Your Majesty, do you wish to take a bath and change your clothes? It is almost time to go to court!"

Go to your sister’s court ah~

Blu: Chinese insults are funny but hard to translate. It’s a lot more funnier in Chinese than English. I’ll explain at the end ~

Su Rui raised his head and looked at Wang Yi. It was one glance but it made Wang Yi’s  body break out in cold sweat.

With eyes as icy, deep and gloomy as a cold, deep pond that made people shrink back at the sight of it.

Wang Yi took a few steps back and involuntarily bowed even lower.


After a long silence, Su Rui finally murmured. On the side, Wang Yi heard the voice of his Master and immediately turned around like he received amnesty to order the palace maids in Qiankun Palace, who had already prepared things earlier, to file in. Su Rui on the dragon bed looked at the trousers at the side which belonged to Dongfang Yao and involuntarily puckered his brows. When he raised his eyes again, a group of exquisite palace maids were already in front of him.

"All of you withdraw!"

General Su is angry again. Wasn't this forcing me to make mistakes?

Seeing that his imperial countenance was in rage, the palace maids on the side immediately shivered and knelt down, and then all retreated.

Blu: Basically, his expression. They had a different word for it for the Emperor, so I left it. Because it was kinda funny. Oh, His Majesty’s imperial countenance seems mighty fine today. Ah, His Majesty’s imperial countenance seems to be on fire today. Idk why but it’s just funny to me.

A look of panic finally appeared on Wang Yi's constantly calm face. What's wrong with His Majesty today? How did that Yu Guiren provoke His Majesty? Look at His Majesty’s current mood! He found everyone unpleasant to his eyes.

"Wang Yi."

Just when Wang Yi secretly criticised in his mind, Su Rui had already sat up from the dragon bed with a golden sword. He pulled the inner garment off of his shoulder and threw it to the ground in disgust: “Everything, including this dragon bed, burn all of these for Zhen. Also, immediately call the inner servants to serve Zhen to bathe and change. Afterwards, there will be no palace maids in Qiankun Palace~”

Blu: Zhen - I (for Emperor)

Wang Yi: …...

We’re screwed, we’re screwed. Could it be that His Majesty had been stimulated by Yu Guiren to hate women?

Hearing Su Rui's instructions, Wang Yi immediately turned around and executed his orders, but he was already in tears in his heart ~

Inside the Imperial Hospital——

In the clean and tidy room, Yan Yunuo leaned weakly on the bed while Lu Muxun sat on the pearwood chair beside the bed, his hand holding a silver needle, leaving pinholes on her fair, white wrist.

It was the first time for Yan Yunuo, who is still not yet fifteen, to sit so close to a man from young till now, and she had to roll up her sleeves right in front of him, revealing her white wrists. Such intimate contact made Yan Yunuo felt like a deer in the headlights and her face was feverish.

"Aiya, Sister Yunuo’s face seems to be getting redder."

Bingyue, who had been standing aside for a while, saw Yan Yunuo's red cheeks and couldn’t help speaking up.

Su Wan: …...

Sister Bingyue, I know you have always been very friendly, but were you shouting like that truly unintentional?

Hearing Bingyue’s faux pas, Yan Yunuo immediately felt ashamed and her arms subconsciously wanted to move.

faux pas - an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation

"Do not move!"

Lu Muxun's eyes flashed lightly, and his long, clean fingers gently pressed on Yan Yunuo's arm. A warm current passed over from his fingertips, making Yan Yunuo's entire body frozen in place. She didn’t dare to move at all.

Catching a glimpse of the smile that flew by on Lu Muxun’s face, Su Wan slightly raised the corner of her lips. She seemed to have accidentally, successfully paired Imperial Physician Lu with the Female Lead daren?

En, speaking of this, there’s a lot to learn from ‘first come, first served’ ah! In the original plot, Imperial Physician Lu lost because he appeared too late ah!

After a while--

“All done."

Lu Muxun put away the silver needle, and gently and carefully helped Yan Yunuo fold down her sleeves: "I will prescribe medicine for you. After you return, eat it on time so that your cold will be completely removed.”

Seeing Lu Muxun turned to the side table to write the prescription, Yan Yunuo bit her lip and faced Lu Muxun's thin back for the first time, weakly speaking: "Imperial Physician Lu, consultation fee ... ... how much is the consultation fee? "

When asking about the consultation fee, Yan Yunuo was obviously somewhat breathless. Subconsciously, she touched the purse around her waist, which contained her monthly allowance that she just received.

"Consultation fee?"

After writing the last word of the prescription, Lu Muxun turned to look at Su Wan who had been standing silently not far away: "This little sister of yours has already paid for your consultation."

"Xiao Wan?"

Yan Yunuo's gaze immediately fell on Su Wan. She knew the situation of Su Wan's family. Currently, Father Su still owed a large sum of money and she passed her days harder compared to herself.

"It's okay, Sister Yunuo, Imperial Physician Lu is a well-known well-doer! He does not charge much when people go to him for consultation. I still have some remainders from the silvers I gave him!"

Seeing Yan Yunuo looking at her, Su Wan immediately whispered with a smile on her face. As she spoke, she couldn’t help but take a step forward, raise her small hand and shake it in front of Lu Muxun’s face: "Imperial Physician Lu, give change!"


Lu Muxun smiled gently, and turned his eyes to the door: "Fu Lu, find change for the patient."

The little male servant named Fu Lu heard Lu Muxun's call and immediately walked towards Su Wan with a red face and his head down: "Sister, your change."

Having said that, he reluctantly shoved all the silver that Su Wan gave him not long ago into her palm.

"It’s too much."

Su Wan bent her eyes and shoved half of the silver back into Fu Lu's hands: "You’re called Fu Lu? You should learn more from Imperial Physician Lu! If you do good things, you will be rewarded.”

Be a good person, do good things, and you’ll definitely be rewarded ~

Hearing Su Wan's words, Fu Lu immediately looked at her with sparkling eyes.

Su Wan: …...

Don't thank this sister. Please call this sister Goddess Su.

That's right, after Su Wan entered the mission, she had already thought of a super good idea for Goddess Yan--

When you encounter the weeping White Lotus, please do not carelessly be more pitiful than her.

When you run into the good Goddess who repays evil with good, then please help her boldly and reassuringly, make her feel that you are full of positive energy throughout your body.

Su Wan has always believed that negative and negative will make positive. When two Goddesses go together, it is not as simple as one plus one equals two ~

In short, for this task, Su Xiaowan decided to fight!

"Aiya! Aiya! Aiya, damn ~"

Just as Su Wan was about to help Yan Yunuo to leave, a gasping figure yelled and rushed into Lu Muxun's room. When he entered the room, the person quickly patted his little chest and raised his eyes. His gaze quickly sweeping across the room: "Yan Yunuo, Su Wan! You two, you two, really, really made zajia tired to death!"

zajia - eclectic; jack-of-all-trades// in this case, it’s how this new fella refers to himself

"Chen gonggong."

Blu: gongong - form of address for court eunuch. Can also mean ‘grandfather’.

This person was not anyone else but the steward gongong Chen Ji of the Clothing Bureau.

At this time, when Chen Ji saw Yan Yunuo and Su Wan about to salute him, he immediately waved his hand and stepped forward to grab both their hands: "You two! Quickly come back with me to the Clothing Bureau! Both of you are in trouble this time! Big trouble!”

"What happened?"

Hearing Chen Ji's words, Yan Yunuo's face changed, while Bingyue, who was behind the two, stepped back quietly, keeping a certain distance from the two.

The atmosphere in the room was a bit tense and stifling for a while. Lu Muxun kept his eyes down. It seemed that he had nothing to do with him, but in fact he also waited for Chen Ji to continue speaking.

"It’s His Majesty, His Majesty he…..."

When Chen Ji talked about His Majesty, that androgynous face immediately paled: "His Majesty is currently at the Clothing Bureau! He’s killed, killed a lot of people!"

Once he thought of that scene where blood flowed like a river, Chen Ji felt his little belly tremble! And on the way here, he saw dead corpses rolled up in mats going in and out of the palace gate of Jingyun Palace. That blood ah, was dark red, that was terrifying ah!

In short, it was unknown why His Majesty was so angry this morning. First, a sword stabbed Yu Guiren to death. Later, he made Shu Fei commit suicide by imperial order and then massacred everyone in Jingyun Palace. Now, isn’t it the Clothing Bureau’s turn?

Coincidentally, most of the people in the Clothing Bureau were there today except for Su Wan and Yan Yunuo ah!

Chen Ji didn't dare to think about it anymore. The two little girls are estimated to fall into misfortune today!

His Majesty is killing people at the Clothing Bureau?

Hearing Chen Ji's words, Yan Yunuo's legs softened: "What about Liao Siyi? Is Liao Siyi all right?"  

Blu: Siyi - Master of Ceremonies. It’s too long so I left it as ‘Siyi’.

Goddess daren is truly selfless. This made Su Wan unable to catch up ah! It seems that our fake Goddess needs to continue to work hard!


Emperor? Isn't it General Su?

Sure enough, it's the Emperor. Sure enough, really ostentatious. Hmph hmph hmph ~


Go to your sister’s court ah ~ /上你妹的朝啊 ~ / Shàng nǐ mèi de cháo a ~

Explanation: The inner steward said that Su Rui had to go to court (which is 上朝). Generally in Chinese insults, they would use family members and the structure goes like this: (1st part of word) [your family member] (2nd part of first word) {optional ‘specific term for word I don’t remember’ at the end to add character}. In this example, it’s (上)【你妹的】(朝)啊 ~ Sometimes, insults are phrased like this: [your family member] e.g. 你妈 - your mother. Su Wan uses this a lot ㅎㅎ. Don’t quote me on this. I don’t really curse much in Chinese.

Other insults (links and explanations):

肏你妈 / 操你媽 / cào nǐ mā - f*ck your mother

狗娘养的 / gǒu niáng yǎng de - son of a b*tch

Some Malaysian go-to (please don’t actually use it lmao it’s super offensive)

Cibai -

Lanjiao -

Mak kau hijau - your mother is green (idk why this is an insult)

Blu: I’m such a terrible person. I’m actually teaching my readers swear words.

Samui: such a bad person, now listen up kids. In Oz you just add f****** or bloody to every noun/verb/words/anything you can make a sound and occasionally call the person you are referring to a drongo