Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.25 - Goddess of the Harem

"Yan Yunuo!"

Xu Bingyue was dizzy by the sudden slapping. She covered her glowing red cheek and a cold light flashed past her eyes: "Sister Yunuo, what are you doing? What do you mean ‘on Sister Su Wan’s behalf’?"

Seeing that Xu Bingyue acting innocent, Yan Yunuo couldn't help but look up at Chen Shengbei, who was standing aside with a dark expression full of doubt: "Are you Chen Shengbei?"

Hearing Yan Yunuo’s question, Chen Shengbei nodded. Originally, when Yan Yunuo rushed to hit Xu Bingyue, Chen Shengbei had time to stop it, but when he heard her mention Su Wan’s name, Chen Shengbei instinctively paused and didn't immediately make a move.

"Xu Bingyue."

Seeing Chen Shengbei admit his identity, Yan Yunuo turned his face to look at Xu Bingyue again: "Big Brother Chen is Su Wan's fiancé. You are acting too familiar with him, aren’t you letting Su Wan down?"

"I and Brother Chen are open and aboveboard, so what am I afraid of? If Sister Yunuo feels that it’s improper, you can go and tell Sister Su Wan. She already said that she doesn't want Brother Chen anymore, so why can't I be with Brother Chen?"

Xu Bingyue's answer can be described as ambiguous, in order to confuse Yan Yunuo.

"Ha ha."

Hearing what she said, Yan Yunuo finally smiled. She just asked that on purpose, but didn’t expect that Xu Bingyue would still dare to answer.

"Who told you Su Wan didn’t want Chen Shengbei anymore?"

Yan Yunuo took out Su Wan’s letter from her arms: “Just after you went to see her, Su Wan committed suicide in the Imperial Court Clan! This is her suicide note! Xu Bingyue, do you dare tell Chen Shengbei what you told Su Wan in the Imperial Clan Court?"


Xu Bingyue was also surprised to hear that Su Wan had actually committed suicide. Chen Shengbei suddenly took a step forward and held Yan Yunuo's shoulders tightly: "Was what you said true? Su Wan… how is Xiaowan now? Was she saved?"

"So you still know to care about her?"

Yan Yunuo turned around and looked at the agitated Chen Shengbei, who was obviously kept in the dark: "Xu Bingyue told Su Wan that you and her truly love each other! Su Wan went on the road with no return because of you guys!"


Hearing Yan Yunuo's words, Chen Shengbei's gaze - that was as cold as a blade - fell on Xu Bingyue's face: "Was what she said true? What did you tell Su Wan?"

"I…… I…..."

Xu Bingyue was a little flustered for a while. She didn't know how much Yan Yunuo knew, let alone what was written in Su Wan's suicide note. In such a short period of time, she even had to think of another excuse that wouldn’t make other people suspicious. This was definitely an exceedingly difficult situation.

When Chen Shengbei saw Xu Bingyue's reaction, he already knew the answer. No wonder she kept persuading him not to confront Su Wan face to face.

No wonder she used to deliberately delay the time and chat with him every time she came to deliver a letter to him.

Chen Shengbei connected everything together and soon understood Xu Bingyue's selfish motives.

Sure enough, how could there be so many sisters with deep feelings between them deep in the inner palace?

"You are really vicious!"

Chen Shengbei looked at Xu Bingyue fiercely, in addition to hatred there was also deep disgust in his eyes. Chen Shengbei has always been a particularly upright person. He hates those who were greedy, vain and sowed discord. Now that he saw Xu Bingyue's true colours, Chen Shengbei would naturally not have any good impression towards her, let alone the slightest hint of love.

Chen Shengbei turned around and looked at Yan Yunuo who looked similarly distressed: "Miss Yan, thank you for telling me the truth. How is Su Wan?"

"Su Wan was rescued. There is no danger to her life, but she is still in a coma."

Regarding Su Wan’s current situation, Bai Pei naturally told Yan Yunuo. Bai Pei also kindly reminded Yan Yunuo that the Imperial Clan Court must report such a matter to His Majesty to make the final decision, so now the Imperial Clan Court is declining all visitors. If they want to visit Su Wan, they will have to wait till after the Emperor finishes handling the matter...

Because of Yan Yunuo’s timely appearance, Chen Shengbei managed to avoid being deceived by Xu Bingyue. Naturally, the matter ended with Chen Shengbei and Yan Yunuo leaving one after another, leaving Xu Bingyue all alone as she stared at Yan Yunuo's leaving figure with a bitter face ——

Yan Yunuo, you nosy fool!

I won't forgive you! Since you won’t let me live well, then I won’t let you live well!

Since Big Brother Chen hates me now, then how can you be a couple with Imperial Physician Lu?

Xu Bingyue has always been such a person. Once she encounters a problem, it will only ever be someone else's fault. She never thought that she was the cause. She only knew that if she was not doing well, then she would ruin it for everyone else.

Yan Yunuo, just you wait!

With a strong sense of hatred towards Yan Yunuo festering deep in her heart, Xu Bingyue slowly turned around and did not return to the Shangfu Bureau, but instead slowly walked towards another place in the back palace...

Late at night.

On a cold winter night, Lu Muxun didn't carry a lantern with him. He followed the route in his memory and walked to a vacant side hall in the back palace.

Nobody was around and the night wind wailed.

Lu Muxun tightened the cotton robe on his body and looked around. Not long after, a small figure appeared in his sight.

The figure hurriedly walked under the dark of night, only a vague outline could be seen from a distance. When the figure came close, he discovered that the person was completely covered in a thick black hooded cloak.


Lu Muxun called out in a low voice. The figure heard his voice and involuntarily sped up, following that voice directly to Lu Muxun.

"Yunuo, you..."

Lu Muxun was just about to ask Yan Yunuo why she had asked to meet him at this place, when the person in front of him suddenly lifted her hood, revealing Yan Yuqing's face under it!

"Beauty Yan?"

Lu Muxun took a step back and looked at Yan Yuqing in surprise: "How are you..."

"My sister asked to meet me here!"

Yan Yuqing also inexplicably looked at Lu Muxun at this time: "Why are you alone, Imperial Physician Lu? Where’s my sister?"


Lu Muxun's face changed abruptly when he heard Yan Yuqing's words.

Yan Yuqing also thought of something at this time, but unfortunately everything was too late. The soaring light of fire illuminated the dark sky and a large group of inner palace servants holding torches surrounded the two people under the leadership of Wang Yi. The person standing next to Wang Yi was surprisingly Xu Bingyue!

Yan Yuqing was usually a particularly cautious person, but this time she still fell into Xu Bingyue trap. It was all because Xu Bingyue knew them too well.

She imitated Yan Yunuo's handwriting to make an appointment with Lu Muxun and then left a letter to Yan Yuqing, asking her to come here to discuss Su Wan's affairs together after nightfall.

The current Yan Yuqing was still at a loss on what to do. Seeing that Yan Yunuo was finally willing to take the initiative to meet with her, she even thought that Yan Yunuo wanted to help her, so Yan Yuqing did not doubt that he was there. And so she unsuspectingly fell into Xu Bingyue's trap ——

Sometimes the one who harms you the most is not necessarily your enemy, but your friend.

The closer the person was to you, the quicker, more accurate and ruthless they were when they made a move!

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