Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.21 - Goddess of the Harem

With such a big incident occurring in Jinfangzhai, it was normal for Yan Yuqing to have a bad complexion, but when Lu Muxun felt Yan Yuqing’s pulse, his eyes suddenly flashed.

Yan Yunuo, who was disguised as a small servant boy, was silent at this time. She planned to wait until after Lu Muxun had finished diagnosing Yan Yuqing before asking about Su Wan. But at this time, Lu Muxun suddenly asked: "Dare to ask Beauty Yan, did your menstruation come on time this month?"


"My menstruation didn't come." Yan Yuqing subconsciously replied while absent-mindedly lying on the bed, but the moment she had said those words, she immediately thought of something. Her eyes widened and she looked at Lu Muxun in horror.

"Imperial Physician Lu, Imperial Physician Lu, is it..."

At this time, there were only three of them in the inner room, so Lu Muxun did not deliberately conceal anything: "Your pulse is as smooth as pearls, especially powerful. Beauty Yan, you…are pregnant!"

How, how could this be?

Yan Yuqing was stunned at what Lu Muxun said.

His Majesty only touched her once, and when she left that day, Steward Wang gave her a contraceptive soup as usual. Now that so much time has passed and she was suddenly pregnant. No matter how she thought about it, this seed in her stomach was not the Emperor’s!

"Imperial Physician Lu, Sister, Sister Yunuo!"

In fact, Yan Yuqing had noticed Yan Yunuo as soon as she entered, but she was just not in the mood to talk to Yan Yunuo. However, it was different now. Now, Yan Yunuo and Lu Muxun were her last hope!

"Sister, help! Imperial Physician Lu, save me!"

Yan Yuqing suddenly struggled out of bed and begged as she knelt before Lu Muxun and Yan Yunuo.

Yan Yuqing knew Yan Yunuo's character best. She knows that as long as she cries and begs, Yan Yunuo will become soft-hearted and immediately agree. And with her agreement, Lu Muxun would naturally stand by her side. As long as the child was removed discreetly, her own little life would be saved.


Lu Muxun looked at Yan Yunuo with a troubled expression. The situation was obvious at first glance. It seemed that it was Yan Yuqing who had been fooling around with the Rui Wang in Jinfangzhai and Su Wan was just her scapegoat!

"It was you."

At this moment, Yan Yunuo also had an unpleasant expression. She looked at Yan Yuqing - who was like a weeping beauty in front of her - in disbelief: "Yuqing, the one who was fooling around with Rui Wang is you, right?"

"Sister, I was confused by a ghost! I was momentarily muddled! I don't want to die! His Majesty will kill me! Please save me, save me sister!"

Yan Yuqing was afraid that Yan Yunuo would not agree to help her and her weeping became even more miserable.

Facing her sister, Yan Yunuo naturally couldn't bear to be cruel, but...

"What about Su Wan? She is innocent!"

Yan Yunuo unknowingly took a step back. She thought of Su Wan's smiling face and everything that she had done for her.

"Su Wan volunteered! She is willing! She is willing to help me, so sister, are you going to watch me die?"

Hearing Yan Yunuo mention Su Wan, Yan Yuqing immediately loudly defended herself.

Su Wan, she volunteered.

She was always so kind, a kind of kindness that would make people feel ashamed.

Yan Yunuo remembered that time when Su Wan had entered the Xinzheku instead of her and the long scar on her arm. That scar would be with her for the rest of her life.

What about this time?

After entering the Imperial Clan Court, could she still come out alive?

"No, I can not."

Yan Yunuo took another step back. Seeing that she was still so stubborn, a ruthless light flitted past Yan Yuqing's eyes. She suddenly pulled off the hairpin on her head and pressed it against her throat: "Sister, if you and Imperial Physician Lu don’t save me, I will die, but Su Wan is different. She is only a palace maid. His Majesty will just sentence her to torture. His Majesty still dotes on me. As long as my matter is not discovered by His Majesty, I can still go to His Majesty to plead for Su Wan, but... if the matter between Rui Wang and I were to be leaked... Sister, think about it. Based on that cruel nature of the Emperor, will there be any survivors within the whole Jinfangzhai? By then, Su Wan will really escape death by the skin of her teeth!"

It has to be said that Yan Yuqing's persuasion skills have been maxed to the limit. After her spiel, Yan Yunuo's heart began to sway again.

"I... I don't know..."

She felt confused and vigorously shook her head: "I want to see Su Wan! Let's talk about it after I meet her!"

With that said, Yan Yunuo suddenly turned around and fled.

It was the first time that Yan Yunuo had encountered such a dilemma. At this time, she wished she could replace Su Wan! Then she wouldn’t be so hard-pressed....

Seeing that Yan Yunuo fled, Yan Yuqing immediately turned her gaze to Lu Muxun: "Imperial Physician Lu, you are a sensible person. You have to persuade my sister and not to let her do stupid things! She and I are biological sisters, and with me in the harem, she is more or less protected. If I get involved in an accident, then it won't end well for her."

Yan Yunuo was indeed a biological sister of Yan Yuqing’s. Of course, when the fake Yan Yunuo entered the palace, the two of them always called themselves sisters in order to conceal her identity as an impostor. After a long time, Yan Yunuo really regarded Yan Yuqing as her own blood-related sister.

Therefore, Lu Muxun currently didn’t know that Yan Yunuo and Yan Yuqing weren’t related by blood at all...

"Beauty Yan, I will prescribe some medicine for you. Take care of yourself first. As for the remaining matter, we will slowly resolve it."

Lu Muxun calmed Yan Yuqing's emotions and prescribed her a few more additional medicines before he unhurriedly left Jinfangzhai.

After Lu Muxun left, Yan Yuqing wiped away the tears on her face and subconsciously stroked her still flat belly with her hands.

Although she really liked Dongfang Li, she can't keep this child! She absolutely cannot keep him. If Lu Muxun and Yan Yunuo refuse to help her, then she would have no choice but to take the risk and ask another Imperial Physician for help...

It was already winter and the nights in the Imperial City became even colder.

After Yan Yunuo came out of Jinfangzhai, she absent-mindedly wandered around in the harem. She was in a state of confusion now. She didn't want anything to happen to Yan Yuqing, but what would happen to Su Wan if Yan Yuqing was saved?

Unknowingly, Yan Yunuo went to the gate of the Imperial Hospital. Looking up at the familiar plaque, she couldn't help sighing. She really was useless, she couldn't do anything.

Lu Muxun was still treating Yan Yuqing in Jinfangzhai at this time. What use was it for her to go to the Imperial Hospital?

"Sister Yunuo?"

At this time, a familiar figure suddenly jumped into Yan Yunuo’s sight. It was Fu Lu, the young male servant next to Lu Muxun. Originally, Fu Lu and Lu Muxun were supposed to make the house call today, but in order to bring Yan Yunuo to Jinfangzhai, Lu Muxun lent Fu Lu's clothes to Yan Yunuo.

"Why did Sister Yunuo come back alone?"

Looking at the distracted Yan Yunuo, Fu Lu asked with some concern.

Yan Yunuo didn’t speak, but shook her head inattentively. Seeing her in such a bad state, Fu Lu's expression also changed: "Are you looking for a way to save Sister Su Wan? What can we do? "

Little Fu Lu couldn't help but start pacing around: "Sister Su Wan is such a good person, so she must definitely be innocent. She also told me to do good deeds. Good people will be rewarded!"

As he finished speaking, Fu Lu’s eyes reddened a little. He was actually not bad at heart,  just a little greedy, but the most taboo thing in the Imperial Hospital was greed. Once you make mistakes because of greed, you might implicate all your close relatives!

And since being "educated" by Su Wan last time, Fu Lu has really slowly gotten rid of his greed. It was because of this that he was finally recognized by Lu Muxun and now he was studying pharmacopoeia under Lu Muxun.

So until now, Fu Lu has a deep memory of Su Wan's saying - "Do more good and you will be rewarded".

Good people will be rewarded?

Yan Yunuo's expression was a little dazed --

Su Wan was punished in her place and took the blame for Yan Yuqing.

She has done so many good things, so will she be rewarded? Will she really be okay?

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