Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 8.2 - Wu Tong vs. Wu Zhizhi (2)

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*At the Qin family’s residence*

When Qin Ge returned, he happened to see that his mother and father had brought Feifei to the garden.

Mr. and Mrs. Qin sat under the shade of a tree drinking afternoon tea while Feifei was off to the side, leaning over a jigsaw puzzle.

Mrs. Qin saw Qin Ge walking toward them and hastily asked, “How did things go with Wu Tong?”

“It went well.” Qin Ge sat next to Feifei and watched him piece together the jigsaw puzzle.

“What do you mean by ‘went well’?” Mrs. Qin asked, unconvinced.

She approved of my suggestion. We’re not going to hold a wedding ceremony, but we are going on a honeymoon,” Qin Ge answered. “Find someone to pick an auspicious wedding date.[1] We’ll just get our marriage certificates and leave it at that.”

[1] According to Wikipedia, "auspicious wedding dates refer to auspicious, or lucky, times to get married, and is a common belief among many cultures." We can safely assume that Qin Ge is asking his mom to find an expert to help them determine an auspicious wedding date that is in accordance with Chinese superstition.

Mrs. Qin glanced at her husband with an incredulous look in her eye.

Qin Ge noticed that Feifei was close to finishing his jigsaw puzzle and surmised that he must’ve sat there for a long time already, so he decided that Feifei needed to move around a bit. “Feifei, why don’t we go over there and fly a kite?”

Feifei promptly put down the puzzle piece in his hand and lifted his head to look at Qin Ge.

Qin Ge immediately understood that Feifei wanted to fly a kite, so he lifted him out of his chair and set him on the ground. The two of them held hands as they walked over to a distant area of the lawn to fly a kite.

“What did he just say? Is he really not going to hold a wedding ceremony?” Mrs. Qin still couldn’t believe her ears. “Wu Tong actually agreed? This won’t do, I’ll go give her a call and ask her myself.”

“Why don’t you stay out of it? Don’t make things worse by butting in,” Mr. Qin said.

“What did you just say, Qin Dongming?” Mrs. Qin was quite unhappy as she called out Mr. Qin’s full name.

“Qin Ge never wanted to hold a wedding ceremony and Wu Tong has already agreed not to hold one. Why are you being so insistent?” asked Mr. Qin.

“Why else? Did you not hear what everyone is saying about our son? They’re saying that our son is insane and that he’s a ‘wife beater.’ They’re also saying that we spent all our efforts grooming Qin Huai while kicking Qin Ge to the curb. If we don’t hold a wedding ceremony to show everyone that none of these rumors are true, wouldn’t that be the same as tacitly corroborating the rumors?” The more Mrs. Qin thought about those rumors, the more indignant she felt.  

“Are the rumors more important than whether our son and daughter-in-law are living a good life?” asked Mr. Qin. “You already know how much Qin Ge wants to move out. It was hard enough getting him to agree to marry. He has someone to take care of him now, so stop meddling.”

“But I’m still worried about him,” Mrs. Qin said. “How about I secretly have a chat with Wu Tong?”

“Why are you so obstinate?” Mr. Qin asked. “Wu Tong may be entering our family through a marriage of convenience, but she's already part of the family. As long as we treat her like family, she’ll get along well with our son. Qin Ge has always been pretty bad-tempered, so if you butt in and try to meddle in their personal affairs, what will Wu Tong think?”

Mrs. Qin still felt ill at ease. “But… Will she treat Qin Ge with sincerity?”

“Stop fretting already,” Mr. Qin said. “We can’t tell them how to live their life.”

Although Mr. Qin’s words had persuaded Mrs. Qin to stop worrying so much, she couldn’t help but glance at Qin Ge and Feifei with worry etched all over her face. Qin Ge’s illness had aftereffects and up until now, Feifei hadn’t spoken a single word. Would they truly be able to live happily after moving out?

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