Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.2 - Goddess of the Harem

In the late autumn morning, the sky was overcast and a thin layer of white snow had condensed on the red brick road.

"Big sister, wake up!"

The stiff body was suddenly shoved a few times and Su Wan's consciousness gradually became clearer. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a young palace maid in a cyan palace dress. This was a little palace maid who got up early to sweep the road. Such a maid is not ranked and her status is only just above the forced labor maids in the Clothes Washing Bureau and the Xinzheku.

Blu: Clothes Washing Bureau and the Xinzheku - places where criminals and thieves (basically, people who went against the law) are drafted into these departments to do the heavy, menial, tiresome work. Also, I would’ve tried coming up for a name for Xinzheku, but there really isn’t an english equivalent for it. I’m open to suggestions if there’s any.

Upon seeing Su Wan waking up, the little palace maid immediately became meek: “Big sister, it is dawn. Are you from the Sixth Bureau? The big sister next to you seems to have a fever. I called her for so long but she still didn’t respond.”

Su Wan was moving her stiff limbs at this time and only remembered Yan Yunuo when she heard the words of the little palace maid. Yan Yunuo's robe was still on her body and now she was only wearing thin inner clothing. Her entire body was frozen stiff and her face was strangely red.


Su Wan immediately struggled to stand up. At this moment, she already recalled which part of the plot she was experiencing. It was right when she and Yan Yunuo were set up by those old palace maids in the Clothing Bureau in the original plot. The two had sent some patterns to Shu Fei niangniang for her to pick from yesterday, but those patterns were secretly cut and ruined, so Shu Fei niangniang punished the two people to kneel outside her Jingyun Palace overnight.

Blu: Shu - Virtuous // Fei - imperial concubine // niangniang - address for Queen, Empress, Imperial Concubine, mother, aunt // Note: Imperial Concubines would be bestowed titles like XX Imperial Concubine // Jingyun - Still Cloud

After kneeling all night, Su Wan couldn't summon any strength after standing up, and her hands and feet were stiff. She tried to help support Yan Yunuo, but she failed each try. She helplessly looked up at the little palace maid next to her: "What's your name?"

"Replying to big sister, this slave is called Bingyue."

Bingyue looked like she was 13 or 14 years old, and the little girl also looked smart.

Su Wan's eyes flashed: "Bingyue, do you know of Imperial Physician Lu in the Imperial Hospital?"

Imperial Physician Lu? Bingyue's eyes turned: "Sister is talking about Imperial Physician Lu, Lu Muxun?"

Lu Muxun was young, handsome and skilled in medicine. Because he often goes to and from the Imperial Harem to diagnose the Empress Dowager and the various concubines, most maids in the Imperial Harem could recognize him.

"It is Physician Lu, Lu Muxun. I'm out of strength now. Bingyue, help me bring her to Imperial Physician Lu. We and Physician Lu…... are very familiar."

Su Wan also didn't know if Su Rui had already entered the mission at this time, and whether his identity was Lu Muxun or Dongfang Yao?

Now that Yan Yunuo was burning like this, Su Wan had no time to think further and could only find someone to heal her as soon as possible. If the Female Lead daren’s brain is burned until it melted, then her mission was meaningless ah!

When hearing Su Wan's words, Bingyue hesitated. As the lowest class palace maid, she was naturally willing to make good friends with the high-ranking palace maid of the Clothing Bureau, but the Imperial Hospital was not a place where anyone could enter. If by any chance ......

"Bingyue, don’t tell me you want to sweep the road all the time?"

Seeing Bingyue hesitant, Su Wan couldn't help whispering: "As long as you help me with this, I won't treat you badly."

After hearing Su Wan's promise, Bingyue nibbled her lips and hesitated. Finally, she suddenly looked up at Su Wan's face: "Okay! Big sister, I’ll help you."

She quickly stepped forward and held the confused Yan Yunuo from the other side.

The two walked all the way towards the Imperial Hospital. At this hour, the sky was not yet bright. Except for those who cleaned the palace roads early in the morning, almost no extra figures were visible in the palace grounds.

Actually, Lu Muxun was not always in the Imperial Hospital. Sometimes he would directly stay in the Imperial Hospital if he had a night consultation, and sometimes if there was nothing in the harem, he would leave the palace and go back and stay at his house.

Su Wan was thinking about the possibility of Su Rui being Lu Muxun throughout the way. When she and Bingyue reached the entrance of the Imperial Hospital, the two were directly stopped by the gatekeeper of the hospital.

"The Imperial Hospital is an important place, you must not arbitrarily enter. Two sisters, do either of you have the jade plate to enter and exit the palace?" After the man stopped the two, he asked respectfully. He had also been guarding the Imperial Hospital for several months. He practically knew every imperial palace maid who served by the palace niangniangs and female officials in charge of the palaces. He found the people in front of him unfamiliar, so he naturally asked as usual.

"We're looking for Imperial Physician Lu. Is Imperial Physician Lu here?"

Su Wan glanced at the doorkeeper and lightly asked.

"Imperial Physician Lu is not up yet."

The male servant spoke. He looked at Su Wan, and then looked at Yan Yunuo, who was supported by Su Wan and Bingyue: "This sister seems to have a very serious fever. If you do not have your Master’s jade plate, then you should go to the Imperial Household Department. "

The Imperial Household Department in the Imperial City is in charge of meals, monthly salary and daily necessities of all the people in the inner palace. If the palace maids or inner servants were sick or injured, they could also go to the Imperial Household Department to pay for medical treatment.

"This big brother, we are Imperial Physician Lu’s fellow-townsmen."

When Su Wan heard the gatekeeper’s words, she immediately raised her wrist, pulled out her purse from her sleeve, smiled and handed it over: "Please go in and inform Imperial Physician Lu, I’ve troubled you."


Looking at the purse handed up by Su Wan, the gatekeeper hesitated. When he thought of Imperial Physician Lu’s famous temper, he narrowed his eyes and quickly took Su Wan's purse: “So it seems that sister is Imperial Physician Lu’s fellow-townsman ah! You should’ve said it earlier! This little one will go in and report.”

Having said that, that gatekeeper quickly turned and entered the gate of the Imperial Hospital. After a while, he hurried out again: "Sisters, Imperial Physician Lu has just got up, please come inside!"

Su Wan and Bingyue glanced at each other and then immediately helped Yan Yunuo through the gate of the Imperial Hospital.

"Ng ~" (Groan)

At this time, Yan Yunuo also regained some consciousness. She murmured and slowly opened her eyes. Seeing the unfamiliar scenery in front of her eyes, Yan Yunuo wrinkled her eyebrows and absent-mindedly starred. Only after seeing Su Wan's face did her eyes brighten: "Xiao Wan, this is ... where are we? "

"Elder sister Yunuo, you have a fever. I brought you to see Imperial Physician Lu!"

Su Wan saw that Yan Yunuo was awake and could not help whispering softly in her ear.

Imperial Physician Lu?

Wasn’t he the most famous one in the harem …...

"No, no need, I'm okay. It happens that it’s my holiday today. I'll be fine after sleeping for a bit. Xiao Wan ... seeing the Imperial Physician requires……it requires a lot of silvers!"

Yan Yunuo had just entered the palace this year and had never visited the Imperial Hospital but had heard a lot about it. This place was the place for the masters to consult a doctor. She was just a palace maid. How could she afford it?

Just as Yan Yunuo was struggling to leave, Su Wan and Bingyue had already entered the door, and a clear and pleasant male voice resounded in the room.

"You are my fellow-townsmen?"

The man's tone rose, but his tone was mild and did not seem particularly cold.

Hearing that voice, Su Wan abruptly looked up, and finally faced a pure and handsome young face.

It wasn’t Su Rui.

Su Wan's face immediately sank. So, Su Rui's identity in this world was …… the present dynasty’s Emperor, Dongfang Yao?


Centre palace, Qiankun Palace——

Blu: The Emperor’s palace lies in the middle of the Imperial City. I think.// Qiankun - Heaven and Earth

Su Rui opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was a bed pillar carved with golden dragons and phoenixes.  

The luxurious and spacious palace is filled with the familiar fragrance of Dragon incense, and a body so soft that it was practically boneless was wrapped around him like a snake.

Feeling that there was a person on the bed, and it was even a naked woman, Su Rui's face changed drastically. He kicked the woman next to him down the bed the moment his consciousness returned —


When the imperial concubine who was still hazy from sleepiness was kicked to the ground, she instantly woke up.

Upon hearing the noise in the inner room, the inner steward who had been standing guard outside immediately rushed over.

"Your Majesty?"

"Your Majesty?"

The hair of the woman on the ground was in a tangled mess and looked at the beautiful and handsome face on the dragon bed with a coquettish glance, while the inner steward on the side bent down, slightly raised his eyelids, and looked at the man on the dragon bed with hesitation.


Su Rui shouted coldly.

The woman on the ground turned pale, staring at him with bright eyes: "Your Majesty, chenqie, chenqie ..."

chenqie - I, your servant (used by a lower-rank female)

This chenqie or whatever isn’t even wearing anything ah ~

Hearing that woman's voice, Su Rui's eyes darkened again: "You don't want to scram? Then …... stay here."

"Your Majesty~"

Upon hearing Su Rui's words, that imperial concubine's beautiful eyes flashed, and she was about to charmingly smile at His Majesty. As a result, she saw the man on the dragon bed raise his hand and lifted the Tianzi sword that had been hanging on the left side of the dragon bed. The exceptionally sharp sword drew a cold gleam in the air and penetrated her youthful and seductive body in an instant.

Tianzi - Son of Heaven, a.k.a. The Emperor

One arrow penetrates the heart, no unnecessary blood spilling out!

It is said that being close to the Emperor is like being close to a tiger, and the inner steward on the side proved himself to be a high-ranking talent that could walk in the harem uninhibited. He was not only indifferent to the killing beside him, but also calmly bent his body and slowly walked to that concubine and raised his hand to check her breathing: "Replying back to Your Majesty, Yu Guiren has offended the Emperor and has been executed."

Guiren - high-ranking imperial concubine // Yu - jade

What use is there if one dies?

General Su felt very distressed. He swears to God that he has never touched that woman even if they slept in the same bed. Last night, the one who copulated with her was the original Dongfang Yao. His body and heart were pure~

However, the question is, how would he explain to his wife? Ng?


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