Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.16 - Goddess of the Harem

Imperial City Imperial Guards, North Guard Barracks.

In everyone’s eyes, Chen Shengbei - who had just been promoted to the captain of the imperial guards - was flushed with success these past few days. He had been praised by his superiors and His Majesty at such a young age. His future was simply limitless!

Surrounded by everyone's envy and jealousy, Chen Shengbei maintained his indifference, but in reality, his heart was actually very anxious.

After entrusting the letter and money to Xiao Shunzi from the Imperial Household Department to help him deliver them to Su Wan that day, there had been no news from the Xinzheku, and Chen Shengbei had been out of it all day.

In his memory, Su Wan was just like how she was many years ago, that small, fair little girl who liked chasing after his back, calling out to ‘Brother Shengbei, Brother Shengbei’.

At that time, he knew that Su Wan would be his future wife. Although he was only two years older than her, Chen Shengbei at that time had the heart of a man and knew that he had to protect her for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, when he was nine years old, the Su family moved away because their family declined. Since then, there had been no news and the two people lost contact.

In all these years, Chen Shengbei had never forgotten the bright-eyed little girl in his memory. Occasionally, he would go back to those times when he dreamt at night and he would always hear a tender and pleasant voice calling "Big Brother Shengbei".

After Chen Shengbei was 16 years old and was recommended by his father to enter the palace, many people in the Capital came to his door intending to act as matchmakers, but they were all rejected by Chen Shengbei. Although he knew that there was very little chance of meeting Su Wan again in the vast sea of people, Chen Shengbei still refused to give up. If one thought of the Capital as big, then it would feel big, but if one thought it was small, then it would feel small. He always looked forward to reuniting with the girl on the street one day. This was the scene that Chen Shengbei had imagined countless times. As a result, when he was patrolling around the palace not too long ago, he actually saw Su Wan again—

She was following beside a group of palace maids, dressed in the Shangfu Bureau’s blue attire and on her waist hung the jade pendant that she had never taken off of her since she was a child. The jade pendant was originally part of a pair and was the token of their betrothal.

Although it was only a glance, Chen Shengbei immediately recognized that it was his little Sister Su Wan. She still had that pair of clear and beautiful eyes. He would never mistake her for anyone else.

At that time, Chen Shengbei was particularly happy, but because of their identities, he couldn't immediately step forward and acknowledge their old relationship.

But in the vast crowd, he had finally found Su Wan. Was this what people called ‘fate’?

Chen Shengbei thought that their reunion would happen soon, but news of the incident that occurred at the Shangfu Bureau came......


Chen Shengbei once again sighed in his heart. At this time, a familiar figure quickly walked in: "Captain Chen!"

Seeing Chen Shengbei, the man smiled till his eyes were slits: "Captain Chen, someone is looking for you!"


Chen Shengbei was stunned. He instinctively thought that it was Xiao Shunzi from the Imperial Household Department. His expression slightly changed and he immediately stood up. Seeing him so anxious, the person who came to inform him could not help but tug his arm. He ambiguously said: "Captain Chen, although this is the guard barracks in the front palace, it is also the inner courtyard of the imperial city. You should be careful of who you have relationships with and not let people catch your little mistakes."


Hearing the other party's words, Chen Shengbei was confused. When he quickly walked out of the guard barracks’ lounge, he was completely stunned when he saw the woman in the courtyard, who had a fair face and wore an inner servant’s uniform.

"Miss, you are…… looking for me?"

Although the other party was disguised as a man, it was clear that it was a woman at a glance.

Of course, in the imperial city, sometimes everyone pretended not to see it even when they saw it, and pretended to not guess it even when they had already guessed it.

Who let this be the imperial city be this way?

The midday sunshine was blinding and the bright sunlight fell on Chen Shengbei's handsome face. He wore a blue imperial guard uniform, carried a sword, and a jade crown bound his hair, looking very heroic.

Especially the tone of his speech at the moment, the charming voice made people feel particularly comfortable.

Before seeing Chen Shengbei, Xu Bingyue had always felt that a man like Imperial Physician Lu was already handsome, but when she saw such a heroic looking man like Chen Shengbei, Xu Bingyue's heart immediately sped up.

This was the feeling of a heart beating.

Your heart will beat like a running deer when you fall in love at first sight..

"Are you...Chen Shengbei, Big brother Chen?"

Xu Bingyue restrained the light in her eyes and looked at Chen Shengbei with a shy and bashful expression, her voice soft and mild.

"I'm Chen Shengbei, may I ask who you are..."

"I am Xu Bingyue, a good sister of Su Wan. Brother Chen, just call me Bingyue."

Xu Bingyue smiled brilliantly at Chen Shengbei——

When she opened the letter in the morning, she found that the letter was written by Su Wan. Xu Bingyue only thought it was simply too coincidental, but after reading the contents of the letter, she learned that Su Wan’s fiance was actually the Chief Guard in the Imperial City’s Guard Barracks. And looking at the tone of communication between Su Wan and him, this person appeared to have a very good family background and even had room for promotion.

At that time, Xu Bingyue couldn’t help but to start scheming. If she helped Su Wan deliver this letter, then helped the two people pass letters between each other, maybe Su Wan would launch a counterattack when she got out of the Xinzheku one day or maybe this man would get promoted. Then, she could get some benefits from them. That's right, Xu Bingyue only appeared here with this thought in mind.

According to conventions, palace maids cannot communicate too closely with the guards and the people of the Shangfu Bureau have neither the time nor the courage to directly come here. In the original plot, Su Wan and Yan Yunuo sent the letter through the very courageous Yan Yuqing. But now Xu Bingyue dared to directly come to the imperial guard barracks after simply changing into an inner servant’s uniform. This woman's boldness can be seen at a glance.

"So you are Xiao Wan's little sister. Did she ask you to come and look for me?"

When Chen Shengbei heard Xu Bingyue's words, his tone was very excited: "Is she okay? Did she write back to me?"

"The letter is here."

Xu Bingyue reluctantly took the letter out of her arms and handed it to Chen Shengbei with a smile: "Brother Chen, you can look over it slowly. I will have time to come back in two days. If you have anything to tell Sister Xiao Wan, write it down and I will pass it to her for you."

"Really, thank you so much!"

Hearing Xu Bingyue's words, Chen Shengbei couldn't help but give her a grateful smile. The smile was gentle and charming, which dazzled Xu Bingyue’s mind.

Such a perfect man. It was simply too regrettable for him to be with Su Wan.

Although she was already tempted by Chen Shengbei in her heart, Xu Bingyue did not express it too obviously on the surface: "Big Brother Chen, I have taken a big risk in coming here. I….. I will go back now. See you again in two days."


Hearing Xu Bingyue's words, Chen Shengbei's eyes flickered. He also thought that Xu Bingyue's trip was indeed not a small risk. He pondered for a while and Chen Shengbei finally handed a token he carried with him to Xu Bingyue: "This is the north barracks’ token of entry. It would be easier to come here next time if you have something like this again, at least….. no one in the camp will make things difficult for you!"

"Brother Chen, is this for me?"

Xu Bingyue's eyes sparkled as she received the token Chen Shengbei passed to her. She immediately retracted her hand when her fingertips touched his lean warm hand, as if she had been shocked: "What Brother Chen gave me, I will naturally keep it well. Then, I… I will leave first?"

Xu Bingyue looked at Chen Shengbei reluctantly. But what she saw was the man in front of her staring at the writing on the letter, his head in a daze, as if he was enchanted by it.

Xu Bingyue secretly gritted her teeth, and then unhappily turned away...

Chen Shengbei didn't notice Xu Bingyue leaving. He just stared blankly at the words that floated like clouds, the natural and flowing handwriting, and felt joy bubbling up from the bottom of his heart——

This was what Xiao Wan wrote for him. Xiao Wan's handwriting really was too beautiful. The words were like the person, Chen Shengbei could not help softening his gaze.....


The ‘words that floated like clouds’ seems to have been written by His Majesty the Emperor?

So, Male Lead daren, you falling in love with people's words at first sight and whatnot. Have you ever thought about the feelings of His Majesty the Emperor?

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