At the end of October, a cold autumn rain fell.

During a cold rainy morning, Su Wan leaned on the soft chaise longue in the side study of the warm room, turning over Xu Bingyue’s background information that Wang Yi gave her, which detailed Xu Bingyue’s life experience and family situation.

This girl turned out to be born from a concubine just like Yan Yuqing, but she was quite favored at home, and Xu Bingyue volunteered to enter the palace. It was clear that this girl was dissatisfied with her current situation.

Su Wan's eyes flickered. She originally planned to use Yan Yuqing to be the vicious Supporting Female, but now, it seems that classmate Xu Bingyue was more suitable.

According to the original plotline, at this time, Yan Yuqing would have been infatuated with the Emperor, and thought about stepping over Liu Guiren, but Xu Bingyue’s adaptability was more powerful!

Su Wan put away the background information and looked at Xu Bingyue's actions these past few days that Wang Yi specially found someone to record. She was now closely following Yan Yunuo, going to the Imperial Hospital every few days to show herself in front of Lu Muxun.

It seems that Yan Yunuo managed to get the five hundred silvers so quickly because Xu Bingyue instigated her to borrow from Lu Muxun. This way, she resolved Yan Yunuo’s desperate situation and gave herself access to the Imperial Hospital, giving her  many opportunities to approach Lu Muxun.

This woman's scheming was simply deeper than others, but the more a person was like this, the more Su Wan likes it.

Su Wan had inadvertently already finished looking through Xu Bingyue's daily whereabouts for the past few days. She raised her hand and was about to close the file, when she suddenly felt a comforting warmth on her back, a thick splendid cloak gently draped over her.

"Steward Wang..."

Su Wan thought that Wang Yi, who had been waiting upon her from the side, had helped her, but when she looked up, she saw Su Rui's smiling eyes. It turned out that Wang Yi had long disappeared, and at this moment, it was Su Rui who was behind her, dressed in an impressive dragon robe.

"Be careful of the cold."

Su Rui said while picking up the file by Su Wan’s hand: "Your arm has not recovered, don't carry such a heavy thing."

Su Wan: ...

General Su, can you tell me what you deem “light”? A feather?

"Xu Bingyue?"

After draping the cloak over Su Wan, Su Rui picked up the file that Su Wan was just browsing: "Who is this Xu Bingyue?"

There was no such character in the plot mission that Su Rui received.

Yes, she was originally a passerby who had nothing to do with the main story.

In the original plot, the night Su Wan and Yan Yunuo were punished by Shu Fei, Yan Yunuo supported Su Wan and pleaded before Shu Fei because Su Wan had collapsed in the middle of the night. Shu Fei acted like a “responsible adult” and excused their offense. Afterwards, Yan Yunuo returned to the Shangfu Bureau with the unconscious Su Wan and took care of Su Wan throughout the night till she regained consciousness.

In the original plot, they did not endure until dawn, nor did they encounter Xu Bingyue, who was sweeping the roads.

Now, everything changed due to Su Wan's arrival. Su Wan has changed the fate of herself and Yan Yunuo, as well as the fate of too many other people, such as Xu Bingyue, Bai Mama and so on.

Of course, all of these were trivial. Our General Su had directly sent two imperial concubines and a large group of people on their way to the Yellow Springs. Now, that was highly significant.

Blu: Yellow Springs - world of the dead; underworld; netherworld

"I think this Xu Bingyue can be used. Very useful"

Su Wan tightened the cloak draped on her and looked up at Su Rui with a smile: "What do you think?"

"As long as you like it."

Su Rui liked to watch Su Wan play. He would like it no matter how she played.

Of course, if Su Wan ran into some trouble while playing, then General Su will not hesitate to make a move. Ruthlessly destroying some women or whatnot, it was all mere trifles.

"Then, I will start the next step."

As Su Wan said that, she took out the letter from Chen Shengbei which she had carefully kept in the brocade pouch that she carried on her: "I am going to write back to Chen Shengbei, and then make a situation where him and Xu Bingyue will meet."


Hearing Su Wan mention Chen Shengbei, Su Rui's eyes flashed slightly: "I've already allowed Chen Shengbei’s promotion, but he has been too proud of his success these days. But the current Chen Shengbei - to put it nicely - is only a senior imperial guard. I don’t think Xu Bingyue would look at him."


Su Wan shook her head, the smile on her face widened: "The reason why the Male Lead of a world is called the Male Lead is naturally because he has his strengths. Although I have not seen Chen Shengbei, according to the original plot, he is a handsome young man with extraordinary charm. Compared with Lu Muxun’s gentleness and elegance, such a man is more likely to attract women."

Handsome, extraordinary charm?

Hearing Su Wan praise Chen Shengbei, General Su couldn't help but lower his eyes: "So what about being the Male Lead? Isn’t he still at our mercy? If we want him to live, then he shall live. But if we want him to die, then he will die!”

"Yes, of course, it’s still His Majesty who is the most powerful. Your Majesty, you are so powerful that you can break through the sky."

Su Wan looked at Su Rui with a smile on her face. She did not feel an ounce of guilt saying these words - That’s right, my husband should be this awesome ~ very very awesome.

Hearing Su Wan’s praise, Su Rui couldn’t restrain himself from smirking: “Xiao Wan, your arm is injured, so it must be troublesome to write so many words. I’ll help you write a response to Chen Shengbei, en, I’ll do it!”

Without waiting for Su Wan’s reply, Su Rui had already walked to the desk and rolled out a piece of writing paper: "Wang Yi, come and grind ink for zhen!"


Wang Yi's voice came from afar and he had quickly walked to the desk. He was very skilled at helping Su Rui grind the ink.

Other people’s Emperors had a beauty accompanying them, but there was only an old uncle by our Emperor’s side, Steward Wang ~

Early the next morning-

As usual, Xu Bingyue will go to the Shanggong Bureau every morning in accordance with Liao Siyi's instructions to see if they had newly dyed silks and satins there.

Blu: Shanggong Bureau - I’m too tired to think. Google it yourselves. Here’s the raw text: 尚功局

The Shanggong Bureau was not far from the Shangfu Bureau. You can see their compound after walking through a secluded path. Xu Bingyue has long memorised this road by heart. Usually, no one will pass by at this time. However, today Xu Bingyue collided with a hurrying eunuch while going through the road. When she saw the other party wearing the clothing of the Imperial Household Department, Xu Bingyue did not dare to argue with the other party. That little eunuch also seemed to be in a hurry and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Really unlucky."

Xu Bingyue rubbed her sore shoulder that was bumped against, but when she looked down, she saw a crisp, new letter on the ground. This is...

She hesitated to pick up the letter. There was a line of words written on it - Chen Shengbei, Imperial Guard Barracks.

Chen Shengbei?

The name sounded beautiful and the writing on the letter was also very beautiful.

Who wrote this letter? Looking at the direction the little eunuch of the Imperial Household Department came from, this letter should come from the harem, but all the palace maids and imperial guards are forbidden to come and go.

If it’s not a maid...

Xu Bingyue's hands shook. She composed herself and walked into a nook nearby the path. She looked around and saw that the eunuch of the Internal Household Affairs had not returned. Xu Bingyue took a deep breath and carefully opened the letter ......

This was how life is. It was very possible for the future to completely change if we run into certain people at certain times and make certain decisions —

Xu Bingyue acted just like Su Wan expected her to. Because of her wild ambition and scheming mind, she opened the letter.

And if the person who picked up the letter was replaced with Yan Yunuo, Yan Yunuo would have foolishly stood in the same place and waited for the owner of the lost item to find it. If she could not wait for the person, she would spare no effort to find the owner.

Of course, if Su Wan encountered such a thing, she would likely turn a blind eye to such a letter.

This was the difference in nature between people.

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