It was nighttime when Su Rui punctually arrived at the courtyard in the Xinzheku, and for the first time ever, Su Wan didn't wait for him. She had already fallen asleep with her clothes on. Su Wan lied curled up on the exquisite brocade quilts on the simple, crude bed, completely wrapped in a brocade quilt.


Su Rui leaned over the bed and gently called to Su Wan. The person on the bed did not react at all. Is she sleeping like she’s dead to the world because she was too tired?

Su Rui raised his hand and gently caressed Su Wan's hair, then gently leaned over her cheek and kissed it firmly: "Sleep well."

As he said those words, he turned around, opened the dilapidated window and disappeared without a trace.

After Su Rui left, Su Wan slowly opened her eyes.

She sighed and stretched her arms out of the quilt, her eyes falling on her wound. In the evening, she had specifically told Bai mama to light some sandalwood incense in the room and to deliberately not change the dressing of her wounds after dinner.

Su Rui was too sharp. Su Wan was afraid that he might find out about her injury, so she could only resort to tricks like this.

She didn't want him to worry and feel distressed. This little injury didn’t really mean much to her.

Pulling out the powder that Bai mama took from the Imperial Hospital from under the pillow, Su Wan carefully took off her robe, exposing her injured arm. By now, the wound was no longer bleeding and the bandage for the wound had been changed in the afternoon.

Su Wan gritted her teeth and used her other hand to gently unravel the white cloth covering the wound. At this moment, her wrist was suddenly grabbed.

Su Wan was taken aback and her panicked eyes met Su Rui's bottomless gaze.

"Wanted to trick me? Su Wan, you are too inexperienced."

Even if the room was full of the smell of sandalwood, it still couldn't hide the bloody smell on her body. Just before he left, as Su Rui leaned over to kiss Su Wan, Su Rui had immediately noticed the precious medicine hidden under her pillow. He pretended to leave in ignorance in order to catch her red-handed~

Seeing that she couldn’t hide it from Su Rui, Su Wan could only grin bitterly at him: "You are too sharp. I can’t fool you."

Su Rui didn't say anything. He silently took the medicine next to Su Wan and looked down at her. He skillfully and carefully helped her change her bandage: "Don’t let there be a next time."

After he finished, Su Rui raised his head and looked at Su Wan's eyes with a deep gaze: "As long as I am here, I will not allow anyone to hurt you. I can't do it, neither can you, because you don't belong to you alone, you belong to me as well!"

Before the words fell, Su Rui had already lowered his head and suddenly kissed Su Wan's lips. Su Wan stayed still and Su Rui gave her a breathtaking kiss.

Su Rui's kiss didn't last long. There were sounds of intermittent footsteps and breathing outside the door. Su Rui's eyes darkened, and he pulled the robe from the side and wrapped Su Wan in it: "Who is it? Get in here!"


The sound of things falling to the ground resounded outside the wooden door, and then with a pale, ashen face, Bai mama got, in, here!

"Long live, long live Your Majesty."

Bai mama's small body directly approached the bed. Looking at the man sitting on it, she shivered and shifted back, greeting Su Rui in a terrified voice.

When night fell, Bai mama planned to help Su Wan apply medicine, but unfortunately she was rejected by Su Wan in the end. She said that she would apply it before going to bed at night.

A person who eats a good salary takes heavy responsibilities in return. Bai mama took so much money from Su Wan and she naturally wanted to express her goodwill, so she took advantage of the cover of night to prepare things in order to come over to help change her bandages. Who knew that through the gap between the wooden door, she would see a man being intimate with Su Wan.

At that moment, Bai mama's breathing became chaotic. She suddenly remembered that Steward Wang had said that Miss Su’s identity was not ordinary, so who was the man who came to visit her late at night?

Bai mama didn't dare to think about it and was about to turn around and secretly leave, but who knew that the man on the bed would suddenly turn around right at this moment to coldly give her an order!

When she saw that man's face, Bai mama was so terrified till she almost peed, okay!

The Emperor, that was the Emperor!

As a result, the pitiful Bai mama was so scared that she could only come in obediently~

Currently, Bai mama was kneeling down on the ground with mixed feelings—

No wonder Steward Wang was so polite to this Miss Su!

The hidden lover turned out to be the Emperor!

Fortunately, she has been conscientious throughout this period of time and had not neglected this Madam.

But she seemed to have seen what she shouldn't have. Were they going to silence her by dismemberment with five horses?

Blu: dismemberment with five horses - ancient capital punishment where each limb is tied to a horse. The horses then run in different directions, pulling the limbs along. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what happens next.

Seeing Bai mama on the ground scared pale by the Emperor, Su Wan couldn't help but pull Su Rui’s sleeve: "Your Majesty, this is Bai mama of the Xinzheku. For the past few days, the slave maid had been under her care."

"Oh? Really?"

Su Rui raised his eyebrows. When he heard Su Wan mentioning Bai mama's identity, the coldness in the depths of his eyes immediately dissipated: "It is so late. What are you doing here?"

"Replying, replying to Your Majesty, this old slave came to look at Miss Su’s...... injury."

Bai mama's voice was still full of fear. Seeing that she was still holding the white cloth to cover the wound, Su Rui finally believed her words: "Mama, you really do have a heart, but Zhen has already personally helped change Xiao Wan’s bandages. You may retire, and also, from today onwards, everyone in the Xinzheku is not allowed to approach this place without permission after nightfall. Mama, did you clearly hear this?"

"Yes yes! This old slave will sincerely obey His Majesty's will. Please rest assured, Your Majesty! This old slave knows what to do! This old slave will withdraw!"

While speaking, Bai mama had already tremblingly turned around and frantically fled.

Seeing Bai mama run away, Su Rui turned around and looked at Su Wan seriously: "You are injured, how can you properly rest here? I will take you to the Central Palace. Usually, no one dares to come close. Go there for a few days to rest and take care of the injury. I will tell Wang Yi to keep an eye on the Xinzheku. It will not delay your plan."

Su Wan thought for a while and simply nodded her head. As it happens, she needed Wang Yi to help her check the exact details of Xu Bingyue’s background——

That Xu Bingyue was not a simple girl.

"Let’s go!"

Seeing Su Wan nod, Su Rui immediately smiled faintly, he wrapped Su Wan with a brocade quilt that he grabbed off the bed: "I will carry you back. You have to rest well for my sake!"

"As you wish, Your Majesty!"

Su Wan was held in Su Rui's arms, tightly wrapped in a brocade quilt. When she raised her head, she could only see Su Rui's sharp, elegant chin.

In the cover of night, Su Rui's figure stealthily moved around like a ghost. The guards of the entire imperial city were virtually useless against him.

Because she was wrapped in a quilt, Su Wan couldn't feel the coldness of the autumn night and leaned against Su Rui's chest. Thinking on how he ordered her to take a good rest, Su Wan finally closed her eyes at ease...

The central palace, Qiankun Palace.

Ever since Su Rui came to this world, there were no palace maids in the central palace. All the everyday affairs in the central palace were directly arranged by Wang Yi's capable inner servants.

After putting Su Wan on the dragon bed and watching her fall asleep, Su Rui summoned Wang Yi to come over and asked him to withdraw the inner servants from the warm room and the sleeping chambers for the next few days. Only Wang Yi alone was allowed to serve in these two rooms.

Blu: warm room - partitioned-off section of a large room with a heating stove

Although the inner attendants of the palace are all 100% reliable and belonged to their side, Su Rui did not want others to intrude upon the world that only had him and Su Wan. The reason why he left behind Wang Yi was just because only one person was needed to pass on messages.

Hearing Su Rui's instructions, Wang Yi nodded and had acted on them: "Your Majesty, for the next few days, Miss Su......"

Wang Yi originally wanted to ask if he had to find someone to take care of Su Wan for the next few days, but he was suddenly interrupted by Su Rui: “Oh yes. Wang Yi, you will go to the Imperial Hospital tomorrow morning and help Zhen bring the best wound medicine. You have to do it carefully and don’t be suspected by others.”

"This slave understands."

Wang Yi nodded vigorously. In the harem, it was unknown how many eyes had their gaze fixed onto the Qiankun Palace. Most likely, there will be informants within the Imperial Hospital as well. Once a person with ambition knew that the Emperor had been “injured”, who knew what wicked tricks those women would pull off?