Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.12 - Goddess of the Harem

On the third day of entering the Xinzheku, Su Wan was still enjoying great treatment in the Xinzheku during the day, and at night, there was an Emperor serving her. Living such a luxurious life, even Wang Yi got envious ——

Miss Su, you are really the most influential slave in the world. Even the Empress Dowagers of the past dynasties are too inferior in comparison!

Meanwhile, Yan Yunuo really was pitiful. She felt so anxious thinking about "saving" Su Wan that she couldn't sleep well, couldn't eat any food, and even lost a lot of hair.

Su Wan reckoned that with Yan Yunuo’s nature, it would be very difficult to raise five hundred silvers, so she was prepared to wait a few more days for her in the Xinzheku, but Su Wan did not expect that on the afternoon of the 3rd day, Chen Ji hurried over with the five hundred silver.

After receiving the money, Bai mama naturally promised to take good care of Su Wan, and Chen Ji had also hinted that someone will come to visit Su Wan in two days.

This was ‘using people's money to eliminate disasters’ ah!

Bai mama naturally promised Chen Ji and sent him away. Bai momo looked at the banknotes in her hand that were worth five hundred silvers. It was a painful but happy moment. This money was a good thing, but she didn't dare to pocket the money herself.

"Miss Su?"

When Bai mama arrived at Su Wan's room, Su Wan had already eaten her fill and was taking a nap.

Now she still was living in the most dilapidated small room, but on the bed was a jade pillow and a brocade blanket, not much worse than the bed of an imperial concubine.

"Bai mama, is something the matter?"

Su Wan looked at Bai mama sleepily, and Bai mama smiled and handed the silver banknotes to Su Wan: "Miss Su, this was sent by Chen Gonggong, keep it well!"

Chen Ji sent it? Gazing at the brand new 500 silvers worth of banknotes, Su Wan's eyes flashed --

How did Yan Yunuo raise so much money so quickly? Who did she borrow from? Who taught her?

Su Wan didn't believe that Goddess Yan would be able to borrow money so quickly and without difficulty especially with her nature, someone must have helped her out on the side.

Who was it? Yan Yuqing?

"Miss Su."

Seeing that there was an unreadable and complex look in Su Wan's eyes and that she was not saying a word, Bai mama hesitated but still continued on: “Someone was sneaking around outside our Xinzheku at noon today. This old slave had asked the slaves who came in and out about that person and they seemed to be inquiring about your affairs. This old slave has already explained to my subordinates. Absolutely nothing about you can be disclosed!"


Hearing Bai mama's words, Su Wan smiled. The sneaky person was obviously Wan Xin. She didn’t expect her to actually come back. However, Su Wan wasn't in a leisurely mood to play with her.

"Mama, I'm absolutely relieved that you are the one handling affairs."

Su Wan raised her hand and lightly put the five hundred silvers worth of banknotes lightly into Bai momo’s hands: "Mama has worked hard these days. This silver is the reward for your hard work. As long as mama does her best, I will not treat mama badly."

"Thank, thank you Miss Su!"

Bai mama's voice was a little excited. Oh my, ​​five hundred silvers! Even the beauties and nobles in the palace can't reward so much money at once!

This Miss Su really is not your average person. This old slave was really lucky this time.

Bai momo joyfully walked out of Su Wan's room in an extremely good mood. She truly didn't expect that she would be so fortunate as to make this much money today! Upon returning to the door of her room, Bai momo saw a little eunuch of the Imperial Household Department standing in front of her door with a smile.

"Bai mama, right? This slave is Xiao Shunzi of the Imperial Household Department."

With a smile, Xiao Shunzi handed a purse to Bai mama: "Mama, this slave is here to distribute this month's supplies to the Xinzheku, and also this."

Xiao Shunzi pulled out an envelope from his arms, and along with the envelope, he pulled out a silver ticket. It turned out to be one hundred silvers!

"This is……"

Bai mama's expression changed slightly, in fact, she already had a guess in her heart.

"Mama, did someone new came to the Xinzheku recently?"

Xiao Shunzi stuffed the letter and the silver ticket into Bai mama's palm: "There is an official who wants to give it to the girl. Sorry for the bother, Bai mama."

There was no name on the envelope, nor did he say who it was for, but based on Xiao Shunzi's words, Bai mama knew naturally that the letter was for Su Wan.

"Gonggong, rest assured. This old slave knows what to do."

Bai mama and Xiao Shunzi politely exchanged a few words and he sent himself out of the Xinzheku. Bai mama sighed then returned to Su Wan's room.

At this time, Su Wan was surprised to see Bai mama return: "Mama, is something else the matter?"

"Miss Su, this letter and this silver banknote are for you."

Bai mama handed the envelope and the silver ticket to Su Wan, but Su Wan just pulled out the letter with some uncertainty, and did not take the silver banknote from her hand.

Bai mama didn't move, but her eyes and the tip of her brows were full of joy.

This letter is...

Su Wan quickly opened the envelope, and there was only one letter in it, but the writing on it was very strong and vigorous.

Chen Shengbei.

Su Wan saw that the place where the sender’s name should be was actually Chen Shengbei's name seal. After a while, it suddenly occurred to her. How could she forget about the Male Lead daren?

It seems that news about the incident in the Shangfu Bureau had spread, and this period of time should have been the time when Chen Shengbei officially recognized his relationship with Su Wan and expressed their feelings for each other, but without waiting for Chen Shengbei’s letter, an incident had occurred in the Shangfu Bureau. Whilst in the imperial guard barracks, he must have heard about it. Chen Shengbei anxiously asked around for two days before finally finding out that Su Wan had been sent to the Xinzheku. Fortunately, the Chen family was still well-off and Chen Shengbei immediately took one hundred silvers and wrote a letter. He passed these to a staff member from the Imperial Household Department to deliver the letter and the silvers to the Xinzheku.

Being able to take out a hundred silvers at once, this person still has a heart...

Chen Shengbei's letter was very short. In the letter, he gave a brief account of his current situation, and then said that he would find a way to save Su Wan, but she had to endure a few more days.

After putting away the letter, Su Wan leaned on the bed and squinted—

The Male and Female Leads are in place, the Supporting Female is burning with ambition, and the Supporting Male is ready to rise to the stage at a moment’s notice. Now then, ladies and gentlemen. Let’s start the show!

Who will step over who? Will she fail and withdraw, or make the Goddess daren cast aside the light and step into the darkness? Everyone, let’s excitedly await the conclusion!

"Bai mama."

Su Wan's eyes fell onto Bai mama again.

Upon hearing Su Wan's voice, Bai mama smiled and stepped forward: "Miss Su, do you have any instructions?"

It is said that money makes the mare go. Now that Bai mama has completely been bought off by Su Wan, she will follow Su Wan.

Blu: money makes the mare go - with money, you can do anything you like

"Think of a way to inform Chen Ji and tell him that the day after tomorrow is a good opportunity to allow him to bring other people to come visit me."

Su Wan needs to make some preparations. She had to make herself look as miserable and wretched as possible. She must give a blow to Goddess Yan’s heart, so that she will never forget the bitterness and hardships that her good sister took in place of her for the rest of her life. Only this way, could Su Wan perform even better in the coming drama...

"This old slave understands."

Upon hearing Su Wan's instructions, Bai momo nodded her head vigorously. This matter was easy. She will definitely complete this task properly.

Shangfu Bureau.

When Chen Ji received the news from the person Bai mama sent, he had just returned to the Shangfu Bureau. After he entered through the door, he saw Yan Yunuo and Xu Bingyue about to go out together.

Chen Ji squinted his phoenix eyes and gave Xu Bingyue another glance. One glance and you could see that this little girl was not satisfied with her position. En, he doesn’t like her.

"Chen gonggong!"

Yan Yunuo and Xu Bingyue were planning to go out, so they were carrying some brocade with them when they ran into Chen Ji at the door. The two of them immediately stepped forward and saluted respectfully.

"Yunuo, come here for a bit. Zajia has something to speak to you about!"

Chen Ji waved his hand at Yan Yunuo, and Yan Yunuo immediately anxiously ran over: "Chen gonggong, has anything changed on Xiao Wan’s side?"

At this time, Yan Yunuo couldn't help but think of Su Wan. Just this noon, she sent over the silver. The other party shouldn’t have gone back on their word this quickly, right?

"It is about Su Wan, but I have good news."

Seeing Yan Yunuo's sporting such an anxious appearance, Chen Ji didn't beat around the bush and directly conveyed Bai mama's words to her: "At noon the day after tomorrow, get ready and I will take you there."


When Yan Yunuo heard what Chen Ji said, her eyes immediately shined: “I’m truly thankful to you Chen gonggong, also…. can, can I bring two more people along?”


Hearing Yan Yunuo's words, Chen Ji hesitated for a moment. Bai mama had not specifically said anything about the number of people and the Xinzheku was so dirty and slovenly. Only those with brain problems would be willing to go there. Ah, pei pei pei! Chen Ji internally scolded himself for having stupid thoughts. Hadn’t he himself been going there these past few days?

Blu: pei pei pei - spitting

His Majesty the Emperor, who always went there, was also shot while lying down.

Wang Yi: One more had been shot...

"Alright, alright!"

When Chen Ji saw Yan Yunuo looking so wary, he couldn't help but wave his hand. Alas, he was too soft-hearted.

Countless people who were stabbed in the back by Chen Ji: You have a soft heart? Your sister ah ~

In fact, this may be the influence of the Female Lead daren’s halo. Liao Siyi, who has always treated people harshly, takes extra care of Yan Yunuo, and Chen Ji, who always had a sweet mouth but a sinister heart, always granted whatever Yan Yunuo asked.

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