Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.11 - Goddess of the Harem

The people of Cining Palace that came in with a majestic momentum left in a hurry with their tails tucked between their legs.

Su Rui directly drafted a decree after the people of Cining Palace had left and ordered Wang Yi to take it to the barracks of the imperial guards. From today onwards, Cining Palace will become the place where the Empress Dowager will die of old age. Well, that is if she does not court disaster herself~

Back in the bedroom, Su Wan raised the brocade curtain while resting her head on her hands. She was lying on the dragon bed, blinking and staring at Su Rui's face.

"What happened?"

Su Rui was inexplicably watched by Su Wan. He touched his face subconsciously. He did remember to shave, right?

"Your Majesty is so handsome that this slave's eyes were blinded."

Su Wan smiled at Su Rui. Who made her family’s General Su so handsome and dashing? No matter how much she looked, it will never be enough.

Su Rui: It was not easy ah~ His wife finally realised how good he was~

"Cough cough."

Su Rui coughed twice, deliberately put on a handsome and elegant posture, and walked to the bed step by step: "Come come come, I won’t charge anything, I will let you look a bit more. How about I take off the dragon robe and you can look at my six pack?"

"No way, no way!"

Su Wan shook her head desperately when she heard Su Rui's words: "Your Majesty's figure is too good, slave servant’s nose will bleed when she sees it."

General Su: …...

Su Xiaowan, your stance had changed too fast, this general is slightly unable to adapt to this ah~


Seeing a stunned Su Rui standing by the bed, Su Wan couldn’t help but laugh and threw herself over to General Su promptly pulling him onto the dragon bed: "Your Majesty, Your Majesty, you are such a feast for the eyes, it’s no wonder that the women in the harem fight each other with their lives on the line. Slave servant is so jealous!"

"Silly wife, I will love you only. If you don't like the women in this harem, I will kill them all for you. Will you be happy with that?"

Su Rui raised his hand to wrap it around Su Wan, who was lying on his body, his soft eyes staring dotingly at her.

"That’s no good, no good at all. You’ll become a tyrant if you do that and I'll be that beauty who brought disaster to the country."

Su Wan rubbed against Su Rui’s chest: "It’s enough that I know that you only have me in your heart. As for the women in this harem… if they don’t take the initiative to court death, then Your Majesty should be the adult and magnanimously leave them a way out!"

Forcefully changing《Harem Palace Scheming》 into《About the Moral Self-cultivation of a Tyrant》. General Su, you truly are talented ~

Blu: I’m not too sure but I think 《Harem Palace Scheming》 and  《About the Moral Self-cultivation of a Tyrant》are the names of books or movies or smth. Oh, knowledgeable reader, please step forward if you know what these things are!

"Alright. It will be whatever you say it is."

Su Rui turned over and held Su Wan directly underneath his body. He bowed his head and kissed her forehead: "Be good, you are tired from the day, go to bed early."

Su Rui turned around and laid beside Su Wan, gently pulling a quilt over her.

"Good night."

When Su Rui raised his arms, a strong wind blew out all the candles in the inner room. In the dark bedroom, Su Wan subconsciously leaned into Su Rui's arms. The two hugged each other tightly and soon fell asleep in peace...

While Su Wan comfortably slept in Su Rui's embrace, Yan Yunuo was still running around trying to raise money for Su Wan.

"Yuqing, can you borrow a little more?"

Outside the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Yan Yunuo stood under the palace lantern and looked at Yan Yuqing with a face full of worry. In the afternoon, Chen Ji had already conveyed Bai mama's words to Yan Yunuo. Five hundred silver coins was simply an astronomical number for Yan Yunuo who only had a monthly salary of 10 silver.

After going around the Shangfu Bureau, Yan Yunuo had only managed to borrow around forty silver. It didn’t even make up a fraction of the silver needed. Currently, she could only count on Yan Yuqing.

"Sister, I really tried my best!"

At this time, Yan Yuqing also had a helpless expression on her face: "Sister, you should also know the situation of our Cultural Affairs Bureau. His Majesty has not summoned our master for a long time. His Majesty has not bestowed a reward. The master is also in a bad mood. The days of us servants are also not so smooth sailing."

Yan Yuqing handed over a small brocade box to Yan Yunuo: "This is the hairpin that the master gave me last month. Sister, take it to the gonggong in the Imperial Household Department to resell it. It should also be worth some money!"

"This, all right!"

Yan Yunuo hesitated, and finally accepted the brocade box.

Seeing that she had accepted it, Yan Yuqing's eyes flashed: "Sister, if you have raised enough money and plan to go to the Xinzheku to see Xiaowan, could you call me? I am also worried about her."


Seeing Yan Yuqing being so concerned for Su Wan, Yan Yunuo felt very happy. Although the three of them are sisters who have no real blood relationship, in this ruthless harem, the three of them could support each other and work together to endure hardships together. This was what Yan Yunuo wanted to see the most.

"Sister! I'll go back first. The master will be upset if I’m out for too long."

Seeing that her goal had also been reached, Yan Yuqing patted Yan Yunuo's shoulder then immediately turned around and hastily entered the entrance of the Cultural Affairs Bureau.

Yan Yunuo watched as Yan Yuqing's figure disappeared into the building, she then slowly turned around and walked towards the quarters of the Shangfu Bureau.

A lonely figure could be seen walking on the cold pathway. Yan Yunuo has been constantly thinking about Su Wan. As Yan Yunuo imagined Su Wan living a tiring and difficult life everyday in the Xinzheku, she subconsciously tightened her grasp on the brocade box.

"Sister Yunuo?"

A clear voice interrupted Yan Yunuo's thoughts. Yan Yunuo realized that she had unconsciously returned to the residence of Shangfu Bureau, and the person who called out to her just now was Xu Bingyue, who had been just recently recruited into the Shangfu Bureau this afternoon.

"Bingyue, you haven't slept yet?"

"I'm a little too happy, so I couldn’t fall asleep."

Xu Bingyue smiled at Yan Yunuo: "It is all thanks to you that I can come to the Shangfu Bureau, Sister Yunuo. In the future, Sister Yunuo is my sister!"

While speaking, Xu Bingyue held Yan Yunuo's arm in an overly-familiar way.

There were many people in the Shangfu Bureau, but the person Liao Siyi thought the highest of was Yan Yunuo, especially after Su Rui killed the four people who often went against Su Wan and Yan Yunuo. In the Shangfu Bureau, Yan Yunuo's status had been rising.

Although Xu Bingyue had just come in, the little servant girl's ability to observe and watch was extraordinary. Now that she has set her mind on a plan, she must first hold tightly onto Yan Yunuo's thigh.

Blu: To hold onto someone’s thigh - generally, it means to get that person’s support

"I didn’t do much, but if you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can naturally tell me."

Yan Yunuo gave a forced smile to Xu Bingyue, but her tone was as sincere as ever.

En? Xu Bingyue soon realized that Yan Yunuo was distracted by something. She contemplated for a bit and thought of a reason: "Sister, are you worried about Sister Su Wan?"


Yan Yunuo sighed and subconsciously tightened her grip on the brocade box: "I want to help Su Wan, but I am still lacking a lot of silver, I..."

"Sister, this is all my family’s property."

Without waiting for Yan Yunuo to finish, Xu Bingyue did not hesitate to contribute her purse.

"Bingyue, this..."

Yan Yu Nuo looked at Xu Bingyue with astonishment and was pleasantly surprised.

"Sister, you are a good person. Sister Su Wan is also a good person. I also want to help her. I don't have much silver, but I also want to do my best to help her."

Xu Bingyue spoke with such earnesty that Yan Yunuo felt that Xu Bingyue, who said these words, looked especially pure and virtuous under the moonlight.

Female Lead daren, you really think too much. In fact, it is because your goddess halo was shining so brightly that it led you to feel that the world is full of love and positive energy everywhere.

In fact, the truth of the matter was that this harem was full of malicious people~ Including Yan Yuqing, Xu Bingyue, and even Su Wan...

After accepting Xu Bingyue's silver, Yan Yunuo immediately started treating Xu Bingyue as a sister and couldn't help but explain everything in full detail to Xu Bingyue.

After hearing the large amount of five hundred silvers, even Xu Bingyue couldn't help but be secretly flabbergasted.

But...though palace maids do not have this much silver, it does not mean that others do not, right?

"Sister Yunuo, I know someone who will definitely be able to take out this amount of silvers, but I don't know if he will lend it to you."


Seeing Xu Bingyue speak so mysteriously, Yan Yunuo couldn't help leaning forwards while nervously waiting for her answer.

"Lu Muxun, Imperial Physician Lu."

Xu Bingyue said Lu Muxun's name in a low voice. Upon hearing her words, Yan Yunuo couldn't help but think of Lu Muxun's gentle and handsome face. He...

I had only one encounter with him and although everyone in the palace said that Imperial Physician Lu is a very good person, is he willing to lend her so much silver?

"Sister Yunuo, I think Imperial Physician Lu is very good, and he treats you... en, I mean he had treated you when you were sick and already has an impression of you. Maybe he will help you? How about we find an opportunity to look for him in the Imperial Hospital tomorrow?"

When Xu Bingyue saw that Yan Yunuo was slightly shaken, she couldn't help but seize the chance to persuade her. Actually, ever since seeing Lu Muxun in the Imperial Hospital that one time, Xu Bingyue was also a little moved.

What palace maid would not yearn for love while being in perpetual loneliness deep in the palace? Xu Bingyue had never seen the Emperor, but Imperial Physician Lu was so handsome and has excellent medical skills, not to mention he also has a high status. If she could marry him, she could not only get away from this cold harem, she will never have to worry about anything throughout her whole life.

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