Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 8.1 - Wu Tong vs. Wu Zhizhi (1)

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Wu Tong bought band-aids from a small pharmacy on the roadside. Only after sticking a band-aid on the corner of her mouth did she have the courage to go to the hospital. Xiao Yuan noticed it almost as soon as she entered his ward.

“Sis, what happened to your mouth?” Xiao Yuan asked with concern.

“It’s nothing. I accidentally bit it when I ate breakfast this morning,” Wu Tong responded while keeping a straight face.

“How can you be so careless?”

Wu Tong thought of a suitable excuse. “I was thinking about your surgery tomorrow while I was eating, so…”

As expected, Xiao Yuan’s attention was successfully diverted and he started to console Wu Tong. “Sis, don’t worry about it. The doctor already said that the success rate for my surgery is very high.”

“When you’re all better, you can return to school and resume your studies,” Wu Tong said with a smile.

“Oh, yeah, it probably hasn’t been long since the new semester started. I just so happened to avoid military training[1],” Xiao Yuan remarked happily.

[1] In China, students have to undergo military training – yes, actual military style training and exercise – as a compulsory subject (in most schools and colleges). ; v ;

“Laugh all you want now, but you’re going to have to make up for it next year.” Wu Tong looked at the time. “I’m going to go check up on Xiao Kai.”

Wu Tong left Xiao Yuan’s ward and walked toward the private VIP ward that her second uncle had reserved for Wu Kai. When she arrived at the door, she heard her second aunt’s voice. Wu Tong knocked on the door and waited for her second aunt to finish speaking before pushing the door and entering.

“Second aunt, Cousin[2], I came to check up on Xiao Kai,” Wu Tong said with a smile.

[2] Wu Tong is addressing Wu Zhizhi, her older cousin who was originally supposed to marry Qin Ge.

“Second Sister, you’re here! Do you want an orange?” Wu Kai pretended not to notice his mother’s glare and gave the already peeled orange to Wu Tong.

“Thank you.” Wu Tong accepted the orange but didn’t eat it. Instead, she asked, “The surgery is happening tomorrow. Are you feeling ok?”

“How can he be ok? Why don’t you try getting your blood drawn for a few hours on end and tell me how it goes?” Wu Zhizhi snapped.

“What nonsense are you talking about, Sis?” Wu Kai countered. “I finished getting my blood drawn hours ago. The doctor already told us that I needed to get my blood drawn in order to separate the blood-generating stem cells in my bone marrow. I’m not too sure about the details, but the doctor already said that it’s safe. I just need to eat pig liver to replenish my blood supply later.”

“Mommy will make sure to properly replenish your blood supply later,” Wu Tong’s second aunt said with heartache.

Wu Tong noticed that her second aunt and cousin weren't too happy to see her, so she decided to leave. “Alright then, go get some rest, I’ll be returning to Xiao Yuan’s hospital ward now.”

“Second sister, take a few oranges with you and give them to Xiao Yuan,” Wu Kai said, pointing at the basket of fruits on the table.  

“I’ll go buy him some, so you can keep those for yourself.” After saying her piece, Wu Tong turned around and headed outside. She didn’t get too far before she heard Wu Zhizhi call out to her, telling her to stop. Wu Zhizhi had followed her outside.  

Wu Tong stopped in the middle of her tracks and turned around with suspicion. “Cousin.”

Wu Zhizhi stared at the corner of Wu Tong’s mouth. “Are you planning to eat that orange even though you have a cut at the corner of your mouth?” There was something ambiguous in her tone.

“Good point.” Wu Tong glanced at the orange in her hand with pity. It was peeled so perfectly, but alas, she threw it away in a trash can that was right next to her.

“Wha…” Wu Tong’s actions seemed to have pissed off Wu Zhizhi, who indignantly asked, “The hell was that for?”

“Weren’t you the one who reminded me that I can’t eat oranges since I have a cut at the corner of my mouth?” Wu Tong innocently replied.

“What are you acting all innocent for? You clearly know that’s not what I meant,” Wu Zhizhi angrily retorted.  

“Then what did you mean?” Wu Tong asked.

“I just wanted to remind you that you’re going to be marrying the Qin family’s eldest young master soon, so stop fooling around with other men. Even if you’re in a relationship with someone, you’d better break it off with them immediately. Don’t implicate us over something like that,” Wu Zhizhi said haughtily.

Tomorrow was her brother’s surgery, so Wu Tong couldn’t afford to have an argument with her second uncle’s family. Wu Tong took in a few deep breaths. She decided to ignore Wu Zhizhi and turned around, walking away.

“You must have a guilty conscience! Let me remind you, the Qin family is very distinguished and powerful! The fact that you’re able to even marry into the family means that you’ve already gotten quite the bargain, so you better cherish this opportunity!” Wu Zhizhi exclaimed.

Wu Tong stopped in her tracks once more. Turning to the side, she said, “If you want to marry into the Qin family, I’ll immediately relinquish this ‘honor’ to you.”

“Who said I wanted to marry into the Qin family?!” There was no way Wu Zhizhi wanted to marry that mental case.

“True… Even if you wanted to, it would depend on whether the Qin family would allow you,” Wu Tong sneered.  

Wu Zhizhi flew into a rage after being humiliated in such a way. “What’s with that smug attitude? Qin Ge is just a son who has been abandoned by his family. Everyone knows that the Qin family spent money to buy their eldest son a wife.”

“Then doesn’t that make you even more pitiful? They didn’t want you even after you were delivered right to their doorstep.” After hurling back this last insult, she didn’t bother with Wu Zhizhi any longer. She turned around and quickly left the VIP wing of the hospital.

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