Sinister Ex-Girlfriend

Chapter 8.1 - Goddess of the Harem

"Su Xiaowan, save me!"

Su Wan had just exited from Mission Room No. 2 and was just preparing to check the task list, when the door of Mission Room No. 2 was suddenly pushed open from the outside. Ding Jiajia rushed in and without any regard, threw herself straight into Su Wan's chest. Fortunately, Su Wan was able to dodge quickly, so Ding Jiajia did this for nothing.

"Su Xiaowan, Wanwan."

Ding Jiajia looked at Su Wan with an aggrieved face. Since the last time she saw her, she realized Su Wan could also laugh and smile, so Ding Jiajia felt that it was necessary for herself to communicate well with Comrade Su Xiaowan and promote the friendship between colleagues.

"Are you busy?"

In the face of Ding Jiajia's sudden enthusiasm, please accept Su Wan's helplessness.


Ding Jiajia looked pitifully at Su Wan with a cute face: "You have to save me, only you can help me."

As expected, if someone is fawning upon you, then they’ll definitely have something to ask for.

"What’s the matter?"

Although Su Wan and the people in the department were not very close, nevertheless,  her temperament was actually not at all cold.

"Help me with a mission."

Ding Jiajia opened her communicator and directly pulled up a task: "This baby has done this mission three times! Three times! Su Xiaowan, did you make it? This is, in my opinion, the hardest Female Lead I have ever seen! I beg you, help me destroy her, no, you help me get over her! This baby has already reached the limits of the physical methods! Stolen her husband, killed her confidant, Your Mother and unexpectedly she went as far as even being willing to get in my way with a pocketknife! I'm genuinely drunk. I'm truly afraid that if I continue to do this mission, one day she will get me."  

Your Mother - an insult
Teh: Can also usually be loosely translated as “fuck” and there are a few variants of it


Hearing Ding Jiajia's words, Su Wan's face also showed a bit of consideration.

Having the ability to make such a heroine like Ding Jiajia pressured, the Female Lead should be absolutely formidable, right? The White Lotus Halo is absolutely MAX ~

Blu: White Lotus Halo - White Lotus is used to describe very innocent-like characters and their “halo” is something that influences everything to go their way

"Su Xiaowan, Wanwan, answer me!"

Ding Jiajia looked at Su Wan in anticipation and blinked pitifully with big eyes.

"Fine, pass the task to me. Let me see. If it is the right role, I will take it."

"Yes, yes, there is definitely a role for you!"

Seeing Su Wan agree, Ding Jiajia immediately excitedly transferred the mission information to Su Wan's communicator.

Concerning Su Wan's mission requirements, Ding Jiajia was very clear: Firstly, the role must be an ex-girlfriend; Secondly, before entering the mission, the character must not have an excessively close relationship with anyone in the original world.

Such a request seems to Ding Jiajia to be strange, but fortunately in this world, there was an important plot character that fulfilled these two points.

After roughly glancing over the plot once, Su nodded.

"Okay, I'll take this task."

"Thank you, chu chu~"

Samui: kissing noises

Ding Jiajia stepped forward on her toes and tried to kiss Su Wan's face, but Su Wan  dodged again causing this to be fruitless.

Ding Jiajia: Wuwuwu, I always feel that I have been abandoned by Su Xiaowan ~ I beg for consolation ~

Samui: wuwuwu - crying noises

Seeing that Su Wan had already accepted the task and entered the mission room, Ding Jiajia was still reluctantly standing in Mission Room No.2. Alas, when would I be able to do the task here? It is said that mission room No. 2 was much more comfortable than No. 3.

As Ding Jiajia looked at the mission room with an envious look, her communicator's locator suddenly started flashing--

My god, the male god finally did the task!

Ding Jiajia immediately excitedly turned on the ‘position lock’ function of the locator, and then there was nothing more.

Looking at Su Wan's mission room again, Ding Jiajia looked at the signal on her locator with a sullen expression—

The male god entered a mission world, and that world was originally her mission, but she had just transferred it to Su Xiaowan herself ~

Ding Jiajia: Don't comfort me, let me calmly cry for a moment.

Mission World——

Su Wan's consciousness was linked to the body of the task target. For a moment, she only felt blurrily that her whole body was cold.

"It's cold."

She murmured this unconsciously, at this moment from her side a warm body suddenly hugged her tightly: "Xiaowan, endure a bit, after this evening it will be alright."

The voice was a delicate female voice, very soft and pleasant.

Su Wan slowly opened her eyes, in front of her eyes was pitch-black, and she could only see the fuzzy outline of a person beside her through the moonlight.

This is……

"Sister Yunuo?"

Su Wan whispered softly, and heard her voice saying that Yunuo could not help lowering her eyes to see the person in her embrace: "I'm here, what happened, Xiaowan?"

"It's okay, it's still a bit cold."

Su Wan replied lowly, she just wanted to confirm whether this person holding her in the cold night was the Female Lead.

"Still cold?"

Yan Yunuo couldn't help but let go of her hand and took off the maiden clothes on her body, "Here you go."

She bundled Su Wan's entire body up with her robe and then stretched her arms to tightly hold Su Wan in her embrace.

On a cold night, on the quiet and secluded palace road, the two young little court ladies kneeled just like this on the palace road, holding each other quietly.

"It’s okay, it’s okay, like this it won't be cold."

Yan Yunuo whispered to herself, her tone was still so gentle.

It had really warmed up a bit, Su Wan softly shut her eyes and began to sort out the plot of this world——

The heroine of this world was exactly the Yan Yunuo by her side. Yan Yunuo was originally not called Yan Yunuo. She was formerly a maid of Jinzhou Yanjia, and her entrance into the family just so happened to coincide with the triennial selection of the imperial palace. There were originally two places, but Yanjia’s main wife did not want to enter the palace. Later, the master bribed the official who selected the family members, and gave the unsavory concubine’s daughter Yan Yu Qing from his house and gave a title to the Female Lead Yan Yunuo in order to also give her up to the palace.

The newly selected imperial family members were all only thirteen years old, precisely the age where they were naive. Everyone arranged in the House of Internal Affairs are managed and given guidance by the old lady in charge.

In the end, although Yan Yuqing and Yan Yunuo were not biological sisters, they still depended on each other to survive due to the new and strange environment. The relationship between the two was closer than that of their actual sisters.

One year later, Yan Yuqing and Yan Yunuo were respectively assigned to different places by the Home Affairs Office. Since Yan Yunuo had been a maid since she was a child, her needlework and embroidery was remarkable, so she was directly sent to the ShangFu Bureau, where she was usually responsible for choosing embroidery patterns. Rotation of the four seasons in the palace came with the rotation of the ranks of jobs.

Samui: Shangfu - esteemed clothing
Blu: Basically, the Clothing Bureau which I assume deals with clothing related matters in the palace

Yan Yuqing, who had not been favored by the Yan family since she was a child, was very articulate. With a very persuasive mouth, she directly advanced into the ShangGong Bureau, and then was arranged to serve a nobleman who had just entered the palace.

Samui: ShangGong - esteemed palace

At this time, the lives of the sisters began to take a turn--

Yan Yunuo was docile. Since she was a child she had been very gentle, honest and ready to help people. In the Shangfu there was fierce competition between the old and new women. In terms of obedience and hard work, Yunuo was greatly valued in the bureau by the Master of Ceremonies Liao. It brought a lot of trouble and Yan Yunuo received the help of another maid at this time. This maid was Su Wan who had entered the palace with her.

Su Wan was from the capital and her family was a family of scholars. However, because Su Wan’s father in this lifetime became addicted to gambling, this led to the family’s fortune declining. Even more so, he still owed a huge amount of silver to others and was unable to pay it back. Her father was forced to sell her into the palace.

Su Wan and Yan Yunuo were assigned to the Shangfu Bureau together. The two did not intersect at the beginning, but Su Wan could not stand by and watch while others always bullied Yunuo. As for Yunuo, she always endured in silence, so Su Wan began to help Yan Yunuo fight back. When she was bullied, she helped her fight back. Later, the two gradually became very good sisters.

After Su Wan created a good relationship with Yan Yunuo, she told Yan Yunuo her entire life story and thoughts. It turned out that before the Su family declined, Su Wan's father had set up a marriage for Su Wan. After the family’s finances declined, the marriage was no longer mentioned. Who knew that after Su Wan entered the palace, she would meet her fiance, Chen Shengbei, by mistake.

The Chen family was a rising star in Beijing. Chen Shengbei had just turned sixteen and had entered the palace as a royal guard, as he had come of age. His future was boundless.

The two had been childhood sweethearts. Although they had not seen each other for many years, while on a visit to the Imperial City, Chen Shengbei had run across a person working for the Shangfu Bureau by chance. He recognized Su Wan in the middle of the crowd from the jade pendant she had. Afterwards, he entrusted Su Wan with a letter.

Su Wan, who received the letter, was naturally very happy. She also wrote a reply to Chen Shengbei, but in the palace, she could not find a person who could help her send the letter. At this time, Yan Yunuo remembered Yan Yuqing.

Yan Yuqing was assigned to Liu Guiren's palace as a servant. Liu Guiren was favored at this time. Yuqing was highly appreciated by Liu Guiren because of her wit and quick words. The so-called: when one attains ascension, his pets also rise to heaven. With Liu Guiren's favor, Yuqing was placed in a higher position. The palace people also followed in style.

Guiren - high-ranking imperial concubine
Samui: I hate this proverb. Basically when a politician gets money they share it with all their ‘friends’ in businesses. #aussiepoliticswhosthenextPMwehatethemall
Blu: Lmao

Yan Yunuo introduced Su Wan to Yan Yuqing, and the three immediately became sworn sisters. According to the age, Yunuo was the elder sister, Yan Yuqing was the second eldest, and Su Wan was the youngest sister.

For her younger sister, Yan Yuqing was naturally very attentive. Therefore Su Wan began sending letters to Chen Shengbei. Originally, the two were already engaged. After three years passed in the palace, Su Wan could leave, so during his days in the palace, Chen Shengbei would spend money to find someone to use to buy her freedom from the palace so that he could marry her.

However, in the second year of Su Wan's entry to the palace, Yan Yuqing was visited by the Emperor and was later conferred the title of Beauty.

Yan Yuqing, whose foundation was unstable in the palace, naturally wanted to find a loyal and reliable candidate for her own use. She originally liked Yan Yunuo but she was too honest and sincere in her work. Yan Yuqing, who had learnt while at Liu guiren’s side that surviving in the palace was a difficult path, chose Su Wan in the end.

After Su Wan followed Yan Yuqing, she saw that Yan Yuqing gradually received more favor and went from Beauty to Imperial Concubine. She had her fill of favor and also received very rich rewards at the same time.

Those famous and precious snow satin, ginseng and emerald pearl, which of them were not worth a thousand gold pieces?

Samui: sarcasm peps, sarcasm translated

Slowly, Su Wan's heart also began to change. She has seen His Majesty in Yan Yuqing’s palace. The young and handsome Emperor, who could see him and not be struck motionless in their heart?

Because of this change of heart, she thought carefully and began to alienate Chen Shengbei. She went to the extent of never reading or responding to Chen Shengbei’s letters. She only wrote a cruel letter and asked for Yan Yunuo to help her deliver it to Chen Shengbei.

At this time, Yan Yunuo had already established her foothold in Shangfu Bureau. She had also crossed paths with Chen Shengbei a few times. She knew that he was a good man who was infatuated with Su Wan. Fearing that Chen Shengbei would be heartbroken, Yan Yunuo kept Su Wan’s cruel letter. The letter remained with her and she imitated Su Wan's writing and continued to communicate with Chen Shengbei for more than a year.

By the third year after entering the palace, Chen Shengbei had already been promoted to serve as head of the imperial guard. He finally had the opportunity again to go on a night patrol around the palace. That is, at that time he met Su Wan and was rejected by Su Wan in person. Only then did Chen Shengbei know that the person who had been in communication with him for more than a year was unexpectedly Yan Yunuo.

Chen Shengbei lost his hope with Su Wan's cruel feelings. At the same time, because of Yan Yunuo’s kind-heartedness and gentleness, she became a close friend, even to the extent that he slowly fell in love with Yan Yunuo.

At this time, Su Wan was scheming to deliberately approach the Emperor, but what kind of person was Yan Yuqing? When she was the housemaid of Liu Guiren, she climbed up the Emperor’s bed by stepping over the shoulders of her Master. Now, she naturally won't let herself repeat the mistakes of Liu Guiren. As a result, Su Wan becoming an imperial concubine naturally became a failed dream. Su Wan was even framed by another female official in her palace and was dragged to Xin Zheku to do the dirtiest and most tiring work.

Samui: Xin Zheku is annoying to translate but it basically means the punishment hall

Once she woke up, Su Wan started to regret it. She thought that she would be trapped in the injust Xin Zheku her whole life. Who knew that at this time, Yan Yunuo would stand up for her. Yan Yunuo used all of her pay and even asked Chen Shengbei to help them. Two people finally saved Su Wan from Xin Zheku with silver and arranged for her to enter Shangqin Ju.

Samui: uh… the esteemed bedroom bureau. I’m sure you can all see why I left it ahaha

The work in Shangqin Ju was very relaxed. Su Wan was only responsible for holding the lights and waiting on His Majesty’s concubines while changing clothes. This was another good opportunity for Su Wan to be close to His Majesty. However, at this time, Su Wan had no more ideas on the high-risk occupation of “concubine”. She had heard from Yan Yunuo that Chen Shengbei worked hard to save her. Moved, Su Wan recalled his good actions and decided to go out of the palace in the future and live harmoniously with Chen Shengbei.

Su Wan, who already regarded Yan Yunuo as her best sister, told her what she had thought. While Yan Yunuo was happy for Su Wan, she felt some sadness.

In fact, in the last few days she and Chen Shengbei had fallen in love with each other. But thinking of Su Wan’s suffering and her marriage contract with Chen Shengbei, Yan Yunuo felt that she ought to sacrifice herself to help them.

Therefore, Yan Yunuo began to intentionally act indifferent and alienate Chen Shengbei, even at the expense of destroying the image she had in front of him, making him feel like she was a vicious and selfish woman.

Unfortunately, at this time, Chen Shengbei already had deep love for her. How could he be tricked by Yan Yunuo's poor performance?

Chen Shengbei decided to go to find Su Wan and have a confrontation, but Yan Yunuo absolutely refused to agree. While the two people threw words back and forth, he saw Su Wan appearing behind them, already looking indifferent.

Su Wan, feeling that she had been deceived by her most trusted sister and her lover, could not bear the blow at the moment and accidentally knocked over the oil lamp while holding it at night, almost causing a fire.

Having made such a big mistake, Su Wan was supposed to be taken to the tribute room where she was punished, but she was taken directly to the Xiu Ning Palace, where the Noble Concubine was living.

Concubine Liang Fei had entered the palace early and she was born a noble, but she has never been favored. Seeing that the young talented concubines and the young and tender women are all touched by rain and dew, Liang Fei was lamenting that she had secretly passed these years while for the sake of her family status, she began to find excellent candidates in the palace and wanted to train them into chess pieces as a present for Her Majesty.

Samui: rain and dew - grace and beauty

Su Wan was the one chosen by Liang Fei.

At this time, Su Wan was feeling great hatred for Yan Yunuo, Shen Shengbei and even Yan Yuqing. She wanted to make a comeback and retaliate strongly. Under Liang Fei’s training, Su Wan succeeded in attracting the attention of His Majesty Dongfang Yao, and furthermore was conferred a title, getting her wish fulfilled.

With Liang Fei as a backing, Su Wan began an open dispute and veiled struggle with Yan Yuqing. At the same time, she continued to send people to the Shangfu Bureau to try to trouble Yan Yunuo. As for Yunuo, she was a good White Lotus of the dynasty. No matter how difficult, she refused to bow her head when she was faced with any trouble. She would grit her teeth and persevere through any unfair treatment, and never resisted.

Life inside the imperial palace did not stop and another year passed in a blink of an eye. Su Wan and Yan Yuqing were pregnant. The two fought against each other to have a male child. At this time, the two people who were fighting like a raging fire, lost their child by the evil schemes of another concubine. Because of this, Su Wan was extremely ill, as she had previously she had fallen sick in Xinzhe Ku and her health wasn’t good. She almost died of blood loss after the mishap. Fortunately, the new imperial physician Lu Muxun had superb medical skills and pulled her from the line of life and death.

At this time, Yan Yuqing also mistakenly thought that Su Wan was the hidden Master behind the scenes. She began to collect evidence and filed a complaint before the Emperor and the Dowager Empress. Because of the "conclusive evidence", Su Wan's crime of murdering the Imperial sons led Su Wan directly to the cold palace. Confined to a sickbed in the cold palace, she was helpless with no one to turn to. At this time, Yan Yunuo appeared again. She also brought Physician Lu to help Su Wan be treated.

This time, Su Wan, who didn’t have long left in the world, really saw through the smoke of wealth, and on her sickbed she finally reconciled with Yan Yunuo.

Yan Yunuo VS Su Wan, Our White Lotus successfully subdued and conquered the evil woman~

Of course, this is just the first vicious Supporting Female that the White Lotus "saved" on the road to the harem.

After Su Wan was banished into the Cold Palace, the harem became the battlefield of Yan Yuqing and Zhen Fei. It turned out that Liu Guiren had once again entered the eyes of Dongfang Yao because of a "Huainan Dream", and was quickly promoted to be a Treasured Imperial Concubine.

Samui: Huainan Dream - story about a man who dreamt he was in the palace and somehow the coincidences aligned and he actually came to be there > chinese fable

At this time, Yan Yuqing also learned from the cold palace that Su Wan was really wrongly accused. The person behind their lost sons turned out to unexpectedly be the former Liu Guiren, now the treasured concubine, Zhen Fei!

The two were rivals, and the enemies were furious when they met.

Zhen Fei learned that Yan Yuqing and Yan Yunuo were "intimate sisters", so she asked someone to the bureau to frame Yan Yunuo. As a result, Yan Yuqing would do whatever it took, and in the presence of the Emperor, pretend to be injured and show that her love for Yan Yunuo was deep and true. This allowed Yan Yuqing to get the Emperor's love and trust smoothly, but also to make the Emperor know of Yan Yunuo.

Yan Yunuo's kindness and sincere character made the Emperor DongFang Yao, who grew up in the imperial city accustomed to deceit, feel as though this was valuable, so he transferred Yan Yunuo to his side and admired her.

Ever since Yan Yunuo was promoted, her status in the harem had risen and she had gained infinite maliciousness from various concubines.

Fortunately, Yunuo had always been based on the principles of being worthy of heart, contentment, and good deeds. In times of danger, she managed to save herself from danger and even rescued two concubines that had fallen out of favour.

At this time, Yan Yunuo was already a favourite of the emperor, to the extent that Dongfang Yao has slowly fallen in love with the palace maid who is beside him. Unfortunately, he knew that Yan Yunuo liked Chen Shengbei long ago. As an Emperor, he also didn't want the woman he loved to be trapped in the bloodless battlefield of the harem all her life. Dongfang Yu had set his mind to sacrifice himself for Yunuo. Who knew that at this time, Yuqing was very envious and abruptly stepped back from her.

In order to prevent Yan Yunuo from stealing the Emperor from her, Yan Yuqing arranged a play to indicate a relationship between Yan Yunuo and Lu Muxun.

Lu Muxun has long been fascinated by Yan Yunuo. The two often meet in the inner palace, () they have always been close.

After being trapped by Yan Yuqing, the two got strong Chun medicine and were locked in a vacant palace. For the innocence of his beloved one, Lu Muxun did not hesitate to self-harm. In the end, although the two were found in time by His Majesty, Lu Muxun was unconscious at that time because of excessive blood loss and Yan Yunuo, who had the same medicinal power, was immediately taken into the arms of Dongfang Yao to the Taiyuan Hospital for treatment.

Afterwards, DongFang Yao immediately sent someone to thoroughly investigate the matter. Yan Yuqing saw that her own affairs had come to light and she could not help but run with dishevelled clothes and hair to Yan Yunuo's bed, and threw herself at Yan Yunuo, begging for mercy. The always kind Yan Yunuo believed in Yan Yuqing's words. She dragged her sickly body to the Emperor and begged for her younger sister, and then she was relieved from the punishment.

After this incident, Yan Yuqing fell from Duanfei to Duanyu. Although she was not banished to the cold palace, she had completely lost the favor of Dongfang Yao since then.

Samui - Duanyu - lowly concubine

Since childhood, she was never willing to bow to her destiny. At this time, she still refused to admit defeat. Without Her Majesty's favor, she unexpectedly won the favor of Rui Wang Dongfang Li.

Dongfang Li is the son of the previous Emperor’s elder brother, and his cousin was His Majesty. His appearance seems to be refined and tasteful, but he is very ambitious. Dongfang Li, who was trying to take the throne, approached her while she was falling out of favour. By means of emotions, he slowly attacked Yan Yuqing's heart and after she fell for him, he began to instruct Yan Yuqing to serve the Emperor food and drink with things inside.

At this time, Yan Yuqing was not favoured, and naturally there were no eyes around her, which became her best opportunity.

A few days later, Dongfang Yao was poisoned into a coma. All the evidence points to Yan Yunuo as the murderer who poisoned her Master!

Yan Yunuo, who was framed and jailed, was waiting in the prison to be beheaded. At this time, Yan Yuqing finally couldn't help going to the jail to make a show of her strength. At the same time, Dongfang Li planned to launch a coup while Dongfang Yao was poisoned. At a critical juncture, Lu Muxun tried the poison on himself and successfully cured Dongfang Yao. Chen Shengbei also came to the rescue with a group of elite guards at this time. Dongfang Li failed and was thrown into prison.

Yan Yunuo was wronged and was released from prison. After she was released from the prison, Dongfang Yao awarded merit and personally married Chen Shengbei and Yan Yunuo, and at this time she heard Yan Yuqing's remorse in the prison. Seeing her fall into an extremely hard situation again, Yan Yunuo, whose heart moved again, pleaded for Yan Yuqing in front of Dongfang Yao again (White Lotus, you have done enough already!). Considering the face of Yan Yunuo, Dongfang Yao once again pardoned Yu Yuqing's death, but only changed her death into staying at the temple for life practice.

On the day Yan Yuqing was released from prison, Yan Yunuo personally sent her out of the Capital. She thought it was the sister's reluctance to say goodbye. No one could’ve known that she had lost her mind and fell into madness. Yan Yuqing suddenly pulled a dagger from her cuff and aimed it towards Yan Yunuo's chest. Just when she was about to strike, Chen Shengbei turned Yan Yunuo into his arms and blocked that fatal strike.

After the incident, Yan Yuqing committed suicide, and although Chen Shengbei, who was seriously injured, was rescued by Lu Muxun, he could no longer practice martial arts or lead troops.

The plot ends here - Chen Shengbei resigned and returned to his hometown Jinzhou with Yan Yunuo, and the two lived a happy life of men ploughing and women weaving ~

Samui: agricultural ideal of peace in old age

This is the happy ending, though? Happy reunion, your brother-in-law~

Not to mention how many innocent maids and housemaids were cannon fodder in the promotion record of the White Lotus Harem, and also two men, Shen Shengbei and Lu Muxun, one self-harmed and tested poison for her. The promising future doctor eventually turned into a chronic invalid and another general who should have commanded the army to serve the country, could not fulfill it because he became disabled.

Female Lead, you have the world, you have compassion, you are all sentient beings, you don’t dig pits for others, you dig pits for your own man!

After Su Wan lit a candle for the Male Lead and the Supporting Male in their heart, she couldn't help whispering. In this world, the role of Supporting Male Lead should belong to Lu Muxun and Dongfang Yao.

If Su Rui enters this mission world, what will his identity be?

If it is Lu Muxun, it’s fine. But if it’s an Emperor with a harem of three thousand beauties …….. hmph.

General Su, do you feel the evil intentions from the bottom of your wife’s heart?


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