Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 799: Side story: The gentle times

Human and ghosts can’t be together, I met the tribulation by accident, I wasn’t willing to pass it.  ——Xi Jin Ye

I didn’t know when I fell in love with her, perhaps it was the golden light that mesmerized my eyes and messed up my life.

Un, I should have said it more domineeringly.  I liked her, I liked her with all my heart!

The seven months in the mortal world were the greatest seven months in my life.

The first time I liked someone, the first time I had a goal worth striving for, the first time I wanted to stay with someone for the rest of my life.

I felt that it was a blessing for me to meet her, but I never thought that her meeting me would be her misfortune!

A person who lost their memories had a blank life, yet he pretended to be that original person to live a peaceful life.

It was like having a giant secret deep down and your heart panicked, but you had no one to talk to.

The first time we met, she very decisively saw through me.

That feeling really was…..indescribable.

After asking around, I learned that she was engaged, which had just been broken!

Since god was willing to give me this chance to be the hero, why wouldn’t I take it!

Appearing at the Drunken Immortal House and standing at her side.  I suddenly felt that my vanity was greatly satisfied, like I could still live a good life even if I didn’t have any memories!

Later she became my wife and for some reason, she looked forward to the dusk and dawn.

There were many things to do every day.  Listening to the opera, going to the Drunken Immortal House for tea and ordering a few dishes that she liked.

Occasionally we would go to the market and she would but a few things she liked.

But I never thought that these days would only last seven months.

That day, lightning filled the sky.  I stood in that array and I could vaguely guess that my identity wasn’t normal.

But at that moment, I really wanted to go back to our manor and I wanted to hug her while we fell asleep.

I asked her if we could go home, but she told me to resist the heavenly tribulation…..

What an unfamiliar name, but the power gathering in me told me this was my tribulation.

But I wasn’t willing…...

I watched as she fell down in front of me covered in wounds, I personally dug out half my heart for her.

I told you, if she can’t live, I have no reason to live.

But when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t remember a thing

It really was a joke.  When she appeared in front of me again, I actually couldn’t recognize her.

How sad she was and how cruel I was.


That hoarse voice, those clear eyes, and the tears falling as she dug out her heart and turned to ashes.

At that moment, it felt like my world had completely frozen.

I didn’t know what to say or do.  I just felt pain wash over my heart, it hurt as I looked at that half a heart and hesitated on whether to put it in myself.

The war was imminent, but my mind didn’t think of victory, just destruction.

I wanted to destroy this world, I wanted everyone in this world to be buried with her!

The happy thing was that she came back.

Just like a phoenix being reborn from the flames, I knew that she was no one else.

She was the doll that I made…...

In Nevernight City, she was my doll and in the mortal world, she was my wife.

I suddenly began believing in fate.  I suddenly missed the mortal world, I missed the passing time.

People were fleeting and the vampires lived a long life.  If you’re willing to be with me, I’m willing to turn to bones with you.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 15/100]

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