Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 798: Side story: Nevernight deep dream (Part 2)

The thing that I regret the most in my life is giving the Soul Locking Mirror to Situ Mei.  I had calculated everything and I also knew how Situ Mei would treat Luo Qing Chen, but I still gave it to her.

Because I wanted to know that I didn’t care, didn’t care about my thoughts, didn’t care about…..her!

But every single one of my actions at Blood Moon Street had betrayed me.

I cared about her and I cared very much.

There weren’t many scenes in my mind, but my heart would be happy as long as I thought about them…..even feeling blessed.

I had to become the king of Nevernight City, I had to replace Xi Jin Ye.

Then I could rightfully have her, at least I could try walking by her side.

After all, I could even treat someone like Situ Mei well!

I didn’t have time, I gathered all the people of the Rong Clan without even thinking to tell them that Xi Jin Ye was weakening.

He would only weaken and I would only get stronger.

But when I saw him summon the blood crows, I knew that he was not the same Xi Jin Ye.

At that moment, I felt my heart skip a beat and my breathing became heavy.

I knew that his revival meant something, it meant that Luo Qing Chen…...was already dead!

But I still had a bit of hope in Situ Mei.  When I asked her, I could feel my heart tremble.

She must have used all her torture skills to kill her……

Although I didn’t know how she left the secret room, I knew that my life was about to end.

Waves after waves of blood crows attacked my barrier, but my heart was calm.

I had Situ Mei leave, but every single one of her words were harmful.

I was suddenly filled with regret, how could I like this kind of person!  She looked so good on the outside, but she was ugly deep down that made people feel disgusted.

People at least had to treat their people well.

Situ Mei always let me down and I…..let down Luo Qing Chen.

The sky lit up and the ghost doll descended.  I was filled with excitement in that moment.  I didn’t know where this excitement came from, but I was excited.

When I saw the figure descending from the sky, it was a face I didn’t know, but the clearness of her eyes were similar to one person.

She stood by Xi Jin Ye’s side as she decisively cut Situ Mei.  She said…..

She was Luo Qing Chen!

No one in the world would know just how much my heart was throbbing in that moment.

I watched her torture Situ Mei, but there was no pain in my heart.  I knew that she loved Xi Jin Ye, I knew that she already could not belong to me.

It was that impossible, but I used all my strength to hug her once.

Even if it was once…..it was fine!

My heart thought this and my body did this.

This should be the most decisive and crazy thing that I ever did.  I blocked her sword and firmly let her sword pierce my heart.

I went forward with a smile.  So painful…..so painful…..but my heart was filled with excitement.

Because right after that, I firmly held her in my embrace.

I knew that this was the first time and the last time!  I didn’t regret it, I even felt it was a bit worth it.

A life for a hug and one word left behind.

Actually I didn’t want to say sorry…..but I couldn’t say the other three words.

Because I was the one who had hurt her, I didn’t have the right to say those three words.

But I knew that someone else would say those three words to her for me.

And she would be very happy!

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