Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 794: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 45)

At this time, Situ Mei was filled with joy.  The king that hadn’t appeared yet, the future king of Nevernight City had actually saved her.

One could only blame her charm.  She was after all the number one beauty of Nevernight City, every man would be attracted to her.

And she would marry the strongest one!

The dark red figure approached, making people unconsciously hold their breaths.

And she…...actually fell to Xi Jin Ye’s side without hesitation.  She handed him the puppet doll in her hand as she said to him, “Long time no see!”

On her dark red robe, every pattern was just like the doll that she had given him.

Big eyes with red lips, long lashes that slightly curled, white skin that shined with blood, and eyes as clear as water.

“How…..How can the ghost doll be female……”  Situ Mei’s expression became a bit disappointed as she pouted her lips, “And she really does look good.”

But a woman had saved her, could it be…...

Could it be that her charm could even control women?

Thinking of this, Situ Mei couldn’t help revealing a bright smile.

“Master ghost doll!”  She said with a smile as her eyes filled with charm.

“Pa, pa.”  She just raised her hand and two heavy slaps fell onto Situ Mei’s face.  She couldn’t control herself as she was knocked to the ground with eyes filled with confusion.


“I didn’t let him kill you because I didn’t die that quickly!”  Her eyes were cold and she had a chilling smile as she said, “What?  You don’t know who I am?”

Her eyes were ice cold and her skin was even whiter under the moon.  Xi Jin Ye’s heart skipped a beat in that moment as he looked at her with joy and said, “You are…..”

“The doll that you personally created……”  She paused as she turned to Situ Mei on the ground.  Her eyes sparkled as she said, “And Luo Qing Chen who you personally sent to the underworld!”

“Pa, pa.”  As soon as her voice fell, another two slaps landed on Situ Mei’s face.

“No…..Impossible!”  Situ Mei covered her face which had turned pale as she said, “You……You were just a normal vampire, impossible……”

“Who told you I was a vampire?”  She said with a cold laugh, “Didn’t your fiance tell you that my mortal identity was a blood hunter?”

“Rong Leng Mo!”  She turned her head and looked at Rong Leng Mo under the moon with gritted teeth, “You actually…..brought a blood hunter into Nevernight City!”

Situ Mei's powerful words made Rong Leng Mo’s heart tremble unconsciously.

There were some unconscious changes that occurred in his feelings, the so-called love and hate.

The feelings buried deep in his heart, the one that he desperately refused to admit.

They all collapsed in this moment!

“So what?”  Rong Leng Mo narrowed his eyes and said with pursed lips, “Do I, Rong Leng Mo have to report everything I do to you?”

“Are you two…..fighting?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a chuckle before suddenly giving another two slaps.

Situ Mei’s face was already very swollen.  She looked at Rong Leng Mo’s with a pitiful look, “Save me…..You said that you would protect me, you told me this when we were kids!”

“If he wants to save you, he’ll go to hell with you!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a cold snort, “I wonder just how infatuated the big brother Leng Mo in your heart really is.”

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