Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 793: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 44)

In an instant, the sky was bright red and shining just like the day.

This was Nevernight City’s first time being this bright, being this red.

“Ghost doll, the ghost doll is descending…..”  Rong Leng Mo muttered to himself.  There was a faint sparkle in his eyes as he said, “Perhaps only the ghost doll can prevent the destruction of Nevernight City!”

“Ghost doll?”  Situ Mei who had just taken two steps turned around.  She looked at Rong Leng Mo with a look of joy, “The ghost doll you’re talking about is the puppet doll recorded in the Half Step Glass Mirror?”

“Un.”  Rong Leng Mo said with a frown when he saw that she still wasn’t leaving, “You’re not leaving?”

“Why would I leave!”  Situ Mei said with a cold snort, “You’re right, Nevernight City will soon change masters, but that master will not be you.  It will be master ghost doll!”

Xi Jin Ye had already gone mad and Rong Leng Mo couldn’t beat Xi Jin Ye, so there was no need to mention beating master ghost doll!

She had changed her goal, becoming the girl in the hearts of these two men no longer had any meaning!

“Situ Mei, you’re really not leaving?”  Rong Leng Mo took a deep breath as a trace of blood came out of his month.

Xi Jin Ye’s powerful abilities had already forced him to use all his strength to resist it.

Throwing an egg against a rock was no use at all.

Not to mention that Xi Jin Ye was already stronger than his.  A person set on dying, their power was immeasurable.

“I’m not leaving.  I think that you’re jealous of me, jealous of our Situ Clan!”  Situ Mei looked at Rong Leng Mo and said, “When master ghost doll descends, you’re not allowed to talk about the relationships between us.  Oh, right, there is no relationship between us!”

He had to admit that Situ Mei’s voice was like a needle, piercing into his heart with every word.

He had seen the wrong person, rather it was more accurate to say that he was blind.

“Xie.”  The golden light surrounding Situ Mei had disappeared and he said with a cold laugh, “As you wish.”

As soon as his voice fell, he took back his barrier and jumped out towards the roof of the building.

“You…..You really are petty…..”  A bunch of blood crows attacked the Situ Clan.  Although the Rong Clan weren’t Xi Jin Ye’s match, they still didn’t lose their lives in front of the blood crow.

Rong Leng Mo looked at the sky as his eyes became deeper.

There was a figure looming in the moon.  She had a long red robe, dressed like a puppet doll, but her face couldn’t be seen clearly.

“Save me…..Rong Leng Mo…..Quickly save me…..Big brother Jin Ye, I’m your Mei’er!  Your Mei’er……”  Situ Mei roared out with a hideous look on her face!

Xi Jin Ye gave a cold snort as he narrowed his eyes.  He gathered light blue energy with a raise of his right hand and his eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at Situ Mei, “You can be buried with her…..die!”

As soon as his voice fell, the light blue light flew out in Situ Mei’s direction.  Wherever the light went, the blood crows parted.



With a pitiful cry, a dark red light fell from the sky to stop Xi Jin Ye’s attack.

Situ Mei cried out in wild joy, “Master ghost doll, master ghost doll!”

Xi Jin Ye narrowed his eyes as he looked up.  When he looked at the bright red sky, his eyes trembled.

There was a familiar look that flashed in his heart.

That figure, it seemed similar to the doll he had made when he was younger.

Could it be that this puppet doll was the ghost doll…...

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