Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 791: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 42)

There was a heartrending sound that broke the sky, as Nevernight City was doomed to a restless night.

Xi Jin Ye closed his eyes.  When he opened them again, they were blood red and his powers gathered around him, like it was about to explode.

At this time, the people of the Rong Clan surrounded his manor, being led by Rong Leng Mo and Situ Mei.

He walked out step by step, filling the air with an intense killing intent that made people unconsciously tremble.

“Xi Jin Ye, although there’s still some time before the king’s challenge, I can’t wait.”  Rong Leng Mo looked at Situ Mei beside him and said, “The grudge of you stealing my fiancee will be settled today.”

“What stealing!”  Situ Mei said to him, “Mei’er always belonged to big brother Leng Mo!”

She was someone who could see the situation.  Since Rong Leng Mo brought the entire Rong Clan, it meant that he had confidence in fighting Xi Jin Ye.

Reversal was inevitable!

“These words aren’t false.”  His voice was ice cold and his deep eyes released waves of chill, as he narrowed his eyes and said, “I only had one wife.”

“Ze, ze, ze.”

The sounds of gossip rolled out with this.

“The king’s wife?  Who is it?”

“I don’t know.  The king has been alone since his heavenly tribulation, I never heard of a wife!”

“But I envy the person who he calls his wife…...”


“It’s a pity……”  There was a faint sadness in Rong Leng Mo’s eyes as he softly said, “She won’t appear.”

In his eyes, Luo Qing Chen was a good person!  Although she poisoned him, when they were destined to be enemies, she still gave him the antidote.

If he hadn’t met Situ Mei first, perhaps things would have been different.

But it was a pity there was no if in this world.

“Then……”  Xi Jin Ye narrowed his eyes and his lips curled into an evil charming smile filled with killing intent as he said, “You can be buried with her.”

“Si, si, si.”

Countless blood crows appeared around the building, one turning into two and two turning into three.

“Xi Jin Ye…...You……”  Rong Leng Mo naturally knew what ability he used.

This was a forbidden technique of Nevernight City, the ability that few could awaken in a thousand years, creation.

“Didn’t you like using the Soul Locking Mirror?”  Xi Jin Ye gave a cold snort, “Then I’ll let you have a taste of those painful memories!”

Regaining his half a heart, he inherited all her memories.

Bit by bit, all of it pained his heart.

His final regret in life was going through the heavenly tribulation.  If it wasn’t for that tribulation, he wouldn’t have become the king of Nevernight City and could have lived the peaceful mortal life with her.

“Everyone, don’t panic, this is his last effort.”  Rong Leng Mo’s skeleton copper bell rang, “His ability can’t last long, so everyone needs to hold one and Nevernight City will be ours!”

“Rong Leng Mo, you really are too naive.”

As soon as his voice fell, countless blood crows attacked them.  With his ice cold aura and his killing intent, everyone had to die, no one deserved to live!

Since she had left this world, this world no longer had any meaning in existing.

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