Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 79

The experience value of the dungeon was not high.

This time, she chose a high difficulty level suitable for level 50 players who wanted to gain experience.

The holographic online game did not limit the level of the dungeon challenge.

This meant that you could play a level 50 dungeon even if you were level 1, but you would lose 1 level when you died.

The more you die, the more you would drop your level.

This level 50 dungeon was called the Taiyin Mountain.

There were five monsters in the mountain, and Ah Jin just had to kill the five monsters.

There was no special drama involved.

The first monster was a giant bat with a highly flexible body.

Its skill was an ultrasound.

Hitting the player would stiffen and stun for five seconds.

When Ah Jin stood within the bat's attack range, it immediately reacted and crashed against her.

Ah Jin sidestepped and instantly grabbed one of the bat's wings for an over-the-shoulder slam.

Ah Jin did not have the skill to knock the bat out of the stun effect.

While she was at it, the bat didn't release her from the stun effect and was hammered by her on the ground.

The bat's blood was not thick, and it disappeared after a few seconds.

It also gave away a technique; a light technique called the "Bat Shadow Technique.”

Ah Jin did not learn it but simply put it in her backpack.

Then she went towards the next monster.

The second monster was a thousand-year-old toad with thick skin and strong toxicity.

The third was a majestic giant white tiger that was fast and had strong attack power.


The fifth was a golden dragon with a full range of attributes.

When the last 20% of blood was left, it would trigger the Berserk Skill and instantly double the attack power.

These were just a piece of cake for Ah Jin.

Her foot stepped on the toad, and her fist thrashed the white tiger.

The last golden dragon was no more than a small yellow snake, and she ate several of them in the previous world.

Although Ah Jin had no skills, her default value had exceeded level 50.

The damage was still not low, even if there were only physical attacks.

It was worth mentioning that the last golden dragon dropped a famous sword, the God Beheading Sword.

Ah Jin was able to get her hands on the weapon and gained two levels of experience.

World Channel: Congratulations to "Come and K*ll Me,” who killed the golden dragon and obtained the "God Beheading Sword."

The world was already boiling.

"Miss, don't go!"

"Goddess, stay! Please take me to fly!"

"Miss, do you want to sell it?"

"Seeking for the God Beheading Sword, with the intention to private chat."

Come and K*ll Me: I have the "Bat Shadow Technique,” who wants it?



"What is the character of this lady?!!!"

The Bat Shadow Technique was not extremely good, but its percentage in the dungeons wasn't outstanding.

If you wanted to learn the advanced feats of that series, you first had to learn this Bat Shadow Technique.

That was why people were searching for it every day, yet the results weren't good.

Ah Jin's private messages were flooded with requests to add friends.

She just took her time looking and searching until she found the request from the scum, and she agreed to his request.

That was when another person sent a request, and Ah Jin knew him.

He was the #1 god on the wealth list; You Qian.

Ah Jin agreed.

You Qian: Yo yo yo yo, hello young lady. I have money. The Bat Shadow Technique is available?

Come and K*ll Me: Under consideration.

You Qian: Miss, consider looking for me ah! I have money!

Ah Jin indifferently closed the private message and opened the message sent by the scum.

Wind Blowing The River Water: Hello, may I ask if you have the "Bat Shadow Technique"?

Ah Jin sneered, pretending to be quite decent: "Yes."

Wind Blowing The River Water: That's great! How much is it? I’ll buy it.

"10,000 yuan bao."

Ren Fengjiang's face sank when he saw that price: "Miss, you must be joking. This technique is not worth this money!"

"Take it or leave it."

After that, no matter how Ren Fengjiang bargained, Ah Jin ignored him completely.

Ren Fengjiang wanted this technique to curry favor with the original character.

He had been made well-known by the divorce before, and the original character was angry and ignored him.

If he could get his hands on that technique, he was confident that he could win back the girl's heart.

But 10,000 yuan bao, it was really too expensive.

It was equivalent to two months of his salary.

He was torn for a while.

He ruthlessly gritted his teeth and surrendered the child to the wolf and bought it!

Wind Blowing The River Water: Miss, are you there? That Bat Shadow Technique I will buy. It does not matter if it is more expensive. I really want it, or give me a 10% discount. Let’s be friends.

Ah Jin smiled wickedly: "Too late, already sold."

Ren Fengjiang was anxious: Sold? Who did you sell it to?

Come and K*ll Me: You Qian bought it for 20,000.

Ren Fengjiang cursed these damned rich people: "Ha, so rich ah."

Come and K*ll Me: The money is nothing if you want to please your girlfriend.

Ren Fengjiang was so angry that he slashed all the trees around him.

Ever since he was divorced, not a single thing went well.

He even searched for Good Jin is Not Always Available and wanted to ask for clarification, only to find no such person.

Good Jin is Not Always Available disappeared into obscurity from then on.

Ah Jin did not lie, indeed "You Qian" purchased it.

Ah Jin told him that someone offered 10,000 to get it, so he paid 20,000 on the spot.

Like he said himself, he was rich, that he was capricious.

He also made an invitation to play with Ah Jin next time.

After all, if someone could break a record, their strength would not be terrible.

Ah Jin also needed the experience to upgrade and agreed very quickly.

The God Beheading Sword was not used yet.

For a good piece of equipment, the attack power should be good.

Who should she try her hand on?

Ah Jin looked around and saw a man crouching in the grass with his head poking out.

She went forward and pulled him out.

"What are you doing here?"

"Goddess, I, I like you! I'm a fan of yours!"

"Don't give me that."

After saying that, Ah Jin came down with a sword.

Leng Yuexuan saw his blood flow down about halfway, and he shouted, "I had no other intention. I was sneaking a look at you. Let's talk, don't do this!"

Ah Jin ignored him, then came a slash.

Leng Yuexuan then fell to the ground.

After ten seconds, he turned into white light and teleported away.

After Leng Yuexuan recovered, he shared his experience of being killed in the World.

"The Miss just killed me. She is really cold and ruthless, but she looks really good."

"Idiot. It must be an adjustment that was made higher. Otherwise, she would not look so good."

"Tsk, that is really sour. I'm afraid that some people are still not good-looking after having adjusted themselves higher."

"TMD, who are you talking about!"

The World was in chaos again, and the topic went off track.

Ah Jin was satisfied with the God Beheading Sword.

She caressed the blade and thought of something she had always wanted to do.

In the game, you wouldn't die, so you could try to kill yourself.

She put the sword on her neck, and with a single movement of her hand, she sliced her neck.

As expected, there was pain coming from her body.

What surprised Ah Jin was that she could physically feel a little of the emotion before she died.

For her, it was naturally pleasant.

If it were anyone else, it might have been fear and dread.

Ah Jin was revived in Lin'an City.

She looked at her level and dropped five levels.

She only dropped 1 level when she was killed, and it was surprising when she committed suicide; it was five.

Ah Jin resisted the urge to try again, slashing her neck.

Although her body could only receive 10% feedback, Ah Jin still wanted to do it.

She wanted to try one hundred and eight ways to commit suicide.

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