Lovable Package

Chapter 79: Little Cutie 16

Su Tang stared dumbfoundedly at Chi Shuyan. For a moment, he felt that he was in a dream. What did he say? Was he joking or what?

He thought that he was a little stupid, since he couldn’t tell if these words were true or false. These words were like an alluring, sweet fragrance, permeating his surroundings, causing him to be immersed within, because this was a scent that he liked, the scene that was similar to being in love with the person he liked.

But that scent would eventually dissipate one day, just that the lingering time of the love fragrance wasn’t dependent on its quality, but the person who left the scent.

Sometimes, even if the scene had disappeared entirely, if the person carrying the scent is by your side, one would also be able to reminisce that faint sweetness.

Because what he cared about wasn’t the fragrance itself, but the person carrying it.

Or rather, so long as the person was by his side, he would always be able to detect that mild scent of love.

To Su Tang, Chi Shuyan was such a presence.

However, what he didn’t know was that Chi Shuyan also saw him in the same light. Or rather, he was mesmerized to the point of addiction, and even if he left for a moment, he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

The two rookies in love didn’t know each other’s thoughts, and when one party had honestly and fervently declared his love, the other was so frightened that he was shaking.

“You… what do you mean?” Su Tang’s heart was beating quickly, his voice somewhat trembling. He tried his best to make himself appear normal, but he couldn’t control the nervousness in his heart.

There was a faint blush on his cheeks, as though reflecting the colour of peach blossoms on his face. He was delicate, but not too much so, and when a light breeze passed, Chi Shuyan’s heartstrings rippled, leaving subtle marks, but because of the floating peach petals, the ripples ran continuously.

Just like that, Chi Shuyan gazed at Su Tang for an unknown amount of time before he finally recovered from his daze, wanting to tell Su Tang his feelings.

“I feel like I like…” Before Chi Shuyan could finish his words, Su Tang’s face turned crimson, as he looked up in disbelief.

He was somewhat expectant, and somewhat excited, as though he wanted Chi Shuyan to continue, because he wanted to hear those few words. Just thinking about it made him exhilarated, especially if he could hear it in person.

Chi Shuyan was ecstatic as he observed Su Tang’s expression. He even felt that he would never be able to forget that flushed expression in this lifetime, and that expectant look that the other person was giving him.

“I like you, Su Tang.” He confessed.

Su Tang’s face immediately reddened, and he didn’t even dare to blink as he looked at Chi Shuyan, then said in an almost inaudible voice, “I didn’t hear that clearly…”

“You mean that you haven’t heard enough of it? Little brat.” Chi Shuyan smiled.

“No, I didn’t hear it clearly.” Su Tang tried his best to refute, but his scarlet ears had already betrayed him.

“Fine, fine, fine, you didn’t hear it clearly.” Chi Shuyan was elated, as he repeated his words, “I like you, little classmate Su Tang. Do you hear it now?”

“Yes I heard it,” Su Tang whispered, then stifled a laugh.

“You really heard it?” Chi Shuyan confirmed.

“I really did.” Su Tang replied.

“Then, can you guess how much I like you?” Chi Shuyan leaned in closer and whispered to Su Tang’s ear.

“A lot?” Su Tang asked coyly.

“Extremely. I liked you from the first time I saw you,” he clarified.

Su Tang’s ears were burning hot from Chi Shuyan’s breath. His mind started to panic too, because he really, really liked him too.

But he was too shy to say it, so he only said lightly, “I got it.”

“Got what?” Chi Shuyan pressed.

“I know that you like me.” Su Tang said weakly.

“What about your declaration?” Chi Shuyan hinted, “Aren’t you going to tell me anything?”

“I… I…” Su Tang stammered for a long time, but didn’t manage to say it. Eventually, he could only say in a defeated tone, “I can’t say it. I’m hungry, I want to eat.”

Chi Shuyan was breathless from laughing. A beautiful confession was destroyed by the other party just like that, but he wasn’t angry. After all, the other person was so cute, and no matter what he said or did, it was all adorable.

He then retrieved the big bag of food and got Su Tang to pick first. When the latter was done, he casually picked the leftovers to eat.

Chi Shuyan ate faster than Su Tang, and when he was done, he observed Su Tang for a while.

Su Tang ate gracefully, but he wasn’t delicate like females were, nor would he gobble his food like males did. It just looked very satisfying, even though Chi Shuyan wasn’t sure if he thought like this because he liked Su Tang.

But it shouldn’t be the case. Chi Shuyan looked at Su Tang, who ate like a hamster, and his mood became very good. Every bite that Su Tang took, his cheeks would swell, and they looked so soft that he wanted to reach out to feel it.

Whatever Chi Shuyan thought, he followed through with his actions. He used a finger to lightly poke Su Tang’s cheeks, but the other person suddenly looked up and glared at him, as though he wanted to protect his food.

Chi Shuyan grinned at him. Su Tang blushed and pouted. Chi Shuyan felt that it was fun, so he poked a few more times, and in the end, Su Tang decided to cover his face as he ate.

However, he only used one hand to cover, so he would still suffer from Chi Shuyan’s attacks. He couldn’t stand it anymore, so he stuffed the bread in his hand into the other person’s mouth.

Chi Shuyan took a bite, but he didn’t look angry. Instead, he looked gleeful as he told Su Tang, “That’s good, you still know how to feed your husband.”

“Why are you like that… So shameless.” Su Tang could only chide him weakly.

“With a wife, who would still care about his pride?” Chi Shuyan pretended to say it seriously, then told Su Tang, “Wifey, feed me again.”

“Are you done with the seating arrangements?” Su Tang ignored his request and asked.

“Not yet.” Chi Shuyan was reminded by the other person and finally remembered it, hence he could only pause playing around with Su Tang, and he continued writing.

This was Su Tang’s opportunity to seek revenge. He would tug at Chi Shuyan’s collar at one point, then poke his cheeks at another. In the end, he even secretly tickled the other person’s palm, but before he had his fill of fun, he was grabbed by Chi Shuyan and pulled into a tight embrace.

“Let me go,” Su Tang hastily said.

“I’m writing the seating plan, don’t be naughty.” Chi Shuyan didn’t raise his head, and spoke as though he meant it.

But of course, that wasn’t the case, because the man was just a big bully!

Su Tang felt that there wasn’t a high possibility that Chi Shuyan would release him, but if someone else came in and saw that they were not only seated at the same time, but were even holding hands, they would certainly be shocked, and news about them might even spread.

Su Tang was especially afraid of this, because the school’s discipline was strict. They didn’t allow heterosexual relationships, and were even opposed to homosexual relationships. While they could explain that they were toying around, but if news got around, even if they were innocent, they could also be implicated.

And most importantly, they weren’t as pure as spring water.

But Chi Shuyan was strong, and Su Tang couldn’t break free. The more he struggled, the tighter Chi Shuyan’s grip was. Furthermore, Chi Shuyan was still in his “I’m seriously planning the seating arrangement” mode, his acting so convincing that Su Tang even wanted to award him an Oscar.

“You’re really irritating,” Su Tang was quite fed-up.

“How long has it been since the confession, and you’re starting to be tired of me?” Chi Shuyan put his pen down and raised his brows.

“If you loosen your hands, then I won’t feel irritated anymore.” Su Tang retorted.

“No way. If you are already tired of me now, if I loosen my grip, you’ll surely run off.” Chi Shuyan teased.

“Why would I run?” Su Tang glared at him and added, “Don’t malign me.”

“Why won’t you run then?” Chi Shuyan asked again.

Su Tang was stumped by his question. He could only look confusedly at Chi Shuyan, his expression innocent and pitiful.

Why wouldn’t he run? Wasn’t it because he liked Chi Shuyan? Otherwise, Su Tang wouldn’t even let him touch his head, what more let him hold his hand.

“What do you think?” Su Tang refuted.

“I don’t know.” Chi Shuyan said this, but he was full of smiles, like a cunning big wolf, seeing the rabbit that he raised walking step by step into a trap.

Su Tang didn’t want to fall into Chi Shuyan’s trap once again, hence he pretended to be angry. Even when the other party held his hand, he still ignored him.

In reality, it wasn’t anything like that. That was because each time, his heart would palpitate so quickly that he felt he was going to fly, and he really liked this feeling.

Before falling in love, he already liked how Chi Shuyan held his hand; it was like eating the forbidden fruit. After getting together, his feelings didn’t change; in fact, this feeling intensified. Su Tang would secretly relish every memory of their skinship, even if it was a tiny bit.

Thus, he was well-behaved for a while. Even though he looked pissed off, he was secretly smiling. After some time, probably because footsteps could be heard approaching, Chi Shuyan released him.

But before Chi Shuyan let go of his hand, his thumb grazed his hand lightly.

Su Tang was finally released, but he was reluctant to part with Chi Shuyan. He thought about it, then took out a post-it from his bag and wrote, “Thank you.”

And then stuck it between Chi Shuyan’s eyes.

“How insincere.” Chi Shuyan wrote this, then stuck it on Su Tang’s desk.

Su Tang tore another one, wrote three words on it, then secretly glanced at Chi Shuyan and stuck the post-it on his shoulder.

Then he lay prone on his desk, discreetly monitoring the other party.

Chi Shuyan opened up the note. Su Tang’s scent was on it, and he wrote, “I like you.”

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