Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 79 - Exchange [OW]

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After Su Ling thought about it, he felt that asking Father Su whether there is a mole on Mother Qin’s back is quite impossible as the question is too private. Father Su might be angry after hearing it, and he might not answer it.

Seeing Su Ling’s frown, Gu Liheng suggested, "You can ask her caregiver during labor."

When Nalu heard it, he agreed, "Yes, your mother gave birth to you in the Central Hospital. She has no relatives so the Su family’s 2 elders hired a caregiver to take care of your mother for a week."

Su Ling turned to Sainz and said, "I will find out whether what you said is true as soon as possible. Before that, I cannot give you the spiritual plants."

"What if you can’t get a clear answer?" Sainz is not satisfied with Su Ling’s words. "I understand it if you don't want to ask your father, but I am a businessman. I cannot stay in Belle for long." He put his arms around his chest and continued, "With the Gu family's ability, it is not difficult to find a caregiver. I will give you 3 days. If you cannot find the caregiver, you have to ask your father. I will leave Belle in 3 days."

Turning to look at Gu Liheng, he agreed after seeing Gu Liheng nodded.

Sainz tapped at his bracelet, "Let us exchange contact information, and inform me of any updates as soon as possible."

After exchanging contact information, Sainz got up and said, "I look forward to the good news." He turned and left.

Nalu looked back until Sainz has completely left the bar, before turning around and said, "The spiritual plants are probably his. He doesn't seem to be lying."

Su Ling agreed, "If he is lying, his acting is amazing." Because he was too calm.

Sighing lightly, Su Ling thought about the 3 Grade A spiritual plants and feeling a little bit sad.

Gu Liheng contacted his subordinates and asked them to find out who is the caregiver for Mother Qin after she gave birth and where the caregiver is currently. Before dinner, Gu Liheng received a reply. Mother Qin's caregiver at the time is now a doctor in the Central Hospital.

After Su Ling knew about it, he got the contact information of the caregiver through Ni An. He contacted the caregiver directly and got an affirmative answer. Hanging up the call, Su Ling was in a complicated mood. Sainz is really the original owner, but he couldn't bear to part with the 3 spiritual plants. After coming to this world, they have helped him a lot. Moreover, for him to be able to interact with male god smoothly, their contribution was indispensable. Even encountering Papa Xian and getting his pheromone to return to normal, it’s all related to the 3 spiritual plants.

Gu Liheng embraced Su Ling from behind and rubbed the top of his hair, "Feeling reluctant? I will talk to him and buy the spiritual plants."

Su Ling sighed, "They must be expensive, and Sainz may not be selling them."

Sure enough, when they met again the next day, Sainz hesitated and refused after hearing the proposal, "I don't lack money, I just want the spiritual plants."

Su Ling reluctantly took out 3 plants from his space storage, and they hurriedly wrapped his fingers with their leaves or branches. Earlier before he left, he told the 3 plants about the current situation. At that time, 3 different tearful expressions appeared in his mind. Also, there was a big ‘No’ (不) beside Lopseed and Baby's breath’s crying expression. Redthorn Ball has only been back with the group for a short time so it still cannot write yet. Su Ling felt even more uncomfortable, he had the illusion that he is abandoning a bunch of children.

Sainz saw this situation and his eyes flashed with surprise. Then his expression became very ugly, "They recognize you are their owner?"

Su Ling nodded, "Yes."

"Are you playing with me?" Sainz asked in an unhappy voice, "I can't harvest the raw materials from the spiritual plants that have already recognized their owner. What's the use of me holding onto it then?"

Su Ling: "When I learned of what my mother left for me, they already recognized me as the owner[1]."

Sainz loudly slammed on the table and was about to speak, when his expression suddenly changed. He started to cough while holding his right chest tightly. His original slightly pale lips became paler, which contrasted sharply with his skin tone. Quickly, Sainz took out a box of pills and popped two pills. It took a while before he returned to normal, and his expression was a bit weak. He leaned on the back of the seat and said, "Forget it, a high-level spiritual plant specialist can reset the connection and make them recognize another owner. And Planet Belle’s military definitely has no shortage of talents."

Su Ling was taken aback, "You have relations with the military?"

Sainz: "There will be a partnership soon."

Su Ling thought about what he said and asked, "What do you want to cooperate with the military using the spiritual plants?"

Placing his hand on his right chest, Sainz’s expression was not very good. He replied, "I had an accident in the space previously. I survived, but not without a sequela." His tone was low and resentful as he continued, "A wound caused by dark matters was left on my body," he sighed, "Fortunately before I despair, I saw the news that Planet Belle can heal this kind of wounds." Then, he looked at Su Ling, "The medicine is also related to you."

Su Ling understood what Sainz said, "You want to exchange the spiritual plants for the medicine to cure dark matter wounds?"

Sainz: "Yes. The Belle military will only agree to give me the medicine if I exchange them."

Glancing over Lóng Mo Téng on Su Ling's wrist, Sainz added, "Unfortunately, you can only provide raw materials from Xian Mo Yu, not making the medicine, or I can cooperate with you instead. Judging from your behaviors, it seems that you are reluctant to part with them as well."

Indeed he is. Su Ling stroked the leaves and petals of the 3 plants with his fingers. After thinking for a while, he asked, "You only want 1 portion of the medicine, right?"

Sainz nodded.

Su Ling: "I will use the medicine to exchange them with you," he paused, "You won't leave until 2 days, and I will get the medicine before that."

Sainz raised his index finger and stated in a non-negotiable tone, "I give you 1 day. In case you couldn’t get the medicine, I'll still have a day to discuss cooperation by myself."

Su Ling: "Alright."

Sainz got up and left.

Next, Su Ling first contacted Doctor Ni An and learned that the medicines for dark matter wounds were all in the hands of the military so he contacted the Chief of the Logistics department.

The Chief was a little embarrassed as he replied, "This is a precious resource. We have a waiting list for the people in need of medical treatment in the military and the queue is as long as decades for now. The use of each medicine need to be clearly noted in our records."

Su Ling: "I will trade with the raw materials."

Other than the amount he submits to the military in accordance with the contract each month, Su Ling has a small amount of surplus of raw materials left for himself. It was fortunate that he didn’t sign to sell all of it at that time.

The Logistics Chief hesitated, "This..."

Su Ling: "I provide 10 times the raw materials needed for 1 portion of medicine."

"I will submit an application report," the minister responded, and then asked, "How deep is the patient's wound? How long since he has the wound? Different wounds require different amounts of medicine."

Su Ling was unsure so he asked, "I'm not very clear so can I send you a message later?"


Hanging up the call, Su Ling breathed a sigh of relief. He poked the soft and glistening sphere of the Redthorn Ball, "Don't worry, I will try my best to keep you guys."

The 3 plants immediately rubbed against his fingers with their leaves and petals.

Su Ling put them away in his space storage and sent a message to Sainz. Sainz quickly replied, and Su Ling forwarded his reply to the Chief.

Logistics Chief: "The request has been issued. After it is approved, I will get someone to make the medicine according to your requirements right away. When it’s done, I can either give it to you, or you can ask the patient to come to the military hospital to receive treatment."

After Su Ling asked Sainz for his preference, he replied to the Chief, "Give it to me."

At noon, Su Ling was having lunch when he received the news that the medicine had been prepared, together with delivery tracking information. His eyes lit up, and after he expressed his gratitude, Su Ling said to Gu Liheng, "The medicine is ready. We can trade with Sainz in the afternoon."

Gu Liheng: "I will have someone draw up a contract. After he signs it, the spiritual plant will be yours in the future."

Su Ling nodded and felt a little impatient. He couldn’t stop worrying if things were not confirmed. What if Sainz changes his mind?!

"I will make an appointment with him right away."

Gu Liheng held Su Ling’s wrist and stopped his movement, "Eat first. You can contact him after an afternoon nap."

Su Ling shook his free hand and said, "No need afternoon nap, I've already recovered."

Hearing that, Gu Liheng's eyes changed slightly. But seeing that Su Ling’s face is flushed and looking expectant, he let go of him and said, "Set the appointment to somewhere nearby."

After the meal, the two went directly to the cafe not far from the villa. Sainz arrived shortly after they reached the private room. Su Ling passed the contract to Sainz. After Sainz read it, he cautiously said, "I want to test the medicine first."

Su Ling expressed his understanding and asked, "How are you going to test it?"

Sainz: "Give me a little, I will know whether it’s genuine or not by using it on the edge of my wound."

Su Ling took out the medicine and took 2 drops with a small dropper. Then he handed it to Sainz.

Sainz didn't take the medicine but started to unbutton his clothes instead without reserve.

Gu Liheng wrinkled his brows and said, "Wait." Next, he took the dropper from Su Ling's hand and turned his(SL) chair 180 degrees, making Su Ling’s back facing Sainz.

Su Ling felt a little embarrassed and thought it was amusing. Sainz is not a woman, so what wrong with letting him see? But after thinking about the gender setting in this world, he shrugged his shoulders and sat obediently without turning back.

As for Sainz, he only raised his eyebrows and snorted before opening his clothes to reveal the wound on his right chest. The wound looked very hideous, and the dark sunken skin was very terrifying.

Gu Liheng's expression remained unchanged, but deep inside he patted himself at the back. Fortunately, he makes the young man turn around before this.

Sainz took the dropper and smelled the medicine. Then he looked at it for a while before starting the experiment.

Su Ling raised his ears to listen to what’s happening. The sizzling sound like the sound of barbecue and the sound of teeth grinding making him feel a chill running down his back. At this moment, his bracelet vibrated, and it is a call from Nalu. As soon as he connected, Nalu quickly said, "Another person came to claim the spiritual plants. He has evidence and wants to see you!"

Su Ling: "... Bring him here." He sent the cafe’s address and room number to Nalu.

"It’s alright now." Gu Liheng waited for Sainz to wear his clothes, then turned Su Ling around.

Sainz's face was ecstatic as he said, "It's the real medicine!" He stared at Su Ling and said, "Take out all the medicine."

Su Ling didn't take the medicine immediately but asked, "Do you want something to drink?"

Sainz narrowed his eyes, his ice-blue eyes filled with sharp chill, "Not drinking, now give me the medicine. The spiritual plants are in your hand, and I will sign the contract when I get the medicine."

Su Ling spread his hands and said, "You don't need to sign it for now."

Sainz: "What do you mean?"

"Another person has come to claim the spiritual plants, and he will be here soon," Su Ling said.

Sainz snorted, "Do you have to meet every single person who comes to claim the spiritual plants?"

Su Ling: "For the time being, there are only two of you. Moreover, he said he has evidence."

If one does not have evidence, they would not dare to pretend to claim it. After all, he already said that anyone who tried to make a false claim will be handed over to the police.

Hearing that, Sainz's expression is not good. He lowered his eyes to hide the coldness in his gaze.

"Xiao Ling." Nalu opened the door. Behind him is a 15 or 16 years old Alpha, who was very tall and had pale skin.

"Are you Su Ling?" The Alpha walked past Nalu and his gaze fell on Su Ling.

Su Ling nodded and asked right away, "What evidence do you have?"

The Alpha did not answer, but turned to look at Sainz and pointed at him, "Are you the person who pretended to be the owner of the spiritual plants? What evidence did you provide?"

When Sainz saw that person, his face changed slightly and his eyes flickered. Some thoughts went back and forth in his mind. The place where he used the medicine just now feels completely different from other areas. Although it is only a small area, the wound has followed him for many years, and he is too familiar with the pain. That small patch of recovered skin hooked out his strong desire for recovery. The ferocity in his eyes instantly turned violent. When everyone didn't have the time to react, he reached out and grabbed the Alpha's palm, then pulled hard towards him. At the same time, he quickly got up and kicked the Alpha's abdomen.

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