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Chapter 79.2

Ordinary person? The role for this game was just too ordinary. Xing Ye couldn’t glean anything from it.

And there was even a hell-level difficulty mode. Xing Ye felt like this world was going to be even trickier than the rest. What was the factor in raising the difficulty?

The mirror said worriedly, “Why don’t we just do normal mode? It’s scary, thinking how it’ll only be you with the difficulty up.”

“I think the difficulty lies in restricting my starting abilities,” Xing Ye said, “But it doesn’t matter. I still have you, and you can use my points. Your starting abilities are very strong, so I’m not afraid.”

The mirror relaxed a little. Right, he was no longer the same as when he was in the campus world, who could only hide in Xing Ye’s pocket. He made big contributions to the team in Puppet City!

After comforting the mirror, Xing Ye chose hard mode. A familiar feeling overtook him as the world spun and broke down, sending him into the world.

Xing Ye opened his eyes and found himself lying on a bed. He sat up, his long hair draping over his shoulders.

Who am I? What is my name? Xing Ye frowned as he touched his brown hair, secretly wondering, am I a woman? Am I supposed to be a woman? Why do I feel like I’m a man?

He touched his chest. It was full and formed a delicate curve. However, when he gave it a tug, the fake chest came falling off. Was he crossdressing?

Xing Ye tried tugging at his hair and found it was real. After all, men could also grow out their hair.

Xing Ye thought, I’m a man, but I like to crossdress so I leave my hair on, wear a fake chest, and my clothes...

He didn’t panic and instead surveyed his surroundings calmly. He found that what he was wearing wasn’t a dress, but a striped blue and white hospital gown. The strong smell of disinfectant also lingered in the air.

Why was he in the hospital, was he ill? Was his medical card in the room?

Xing Ye rubbed his limbs and didn’t find any injuries. Nothing seemed to hurt either, so it didn’t seem to be anything physical. There wasn’t any medicine in the room, but there was a patient information card attached to his bedpost.

Xing Ye took the card, relaxing a little when he found he could still recognize the words on the paper.

Patient Name: Xing Ye

Gender: Male

Age: 29

Days Hospitalized: 2

Illnesses: Amnesia, irregular fits of madness, transvestism

There was also a small row of text on the back of the card, probably used to remind the nurses and caretakers.

Amnesia: Every morning, the patient forgets everything that happened the day before. His memory only lasts for a day- by the next, it’ll all be gone.

Madness: The patient has irregular fits of madness. He won’t attack, but will try to harm himself with a knife and is intent on trying to chop off his male parts. Staff must take care to not let him hurt himself.

Transvestism: The patient is clear about his own gender, but likes to crossdress and frequently takes strolls around the hospital, pretending to be another patient’s family member. Staff must pay attention.

Xing Ye: “...”

He was very doubtful about the information on the card. He refused to believe he had those sorts of problems.

I think I should be a logical, cool-headed, and strong-willed person who doesn’t care too much about what other people think, so why would I develop these kinds of illnesses? Madness and amnesia can be explained as chemical imbalances in the brain, but do I really have a hobby like crossdressing?

The hospital ward was actually quite fancy. It was a quiet single room with a closet, a TV, refrigerator, and other furniture. It was clear that his family was wealthier than most.

Xing Ye thought, I’m probably very wealthy. I subconsciously felt like such amenities were only natural, so I should be quite rich.

He opened his closet and found it filled with high quality women’s clothing. It ranged from daily-wear dresses, formal dresses, traditional dresses, to lolita dresses.

Xing Ye refused to believe he wore such clothing, but when he saw a black and white vintage maid’s uniform, he got the feeling he had worn it in some ancient castle before.

Could it be that I actually do like crossdressing? Xing Ye doubted himself.

There was even a makeup cabinet in front of the bed, its drawers filled with different skincare and makeup products. Just all the lipsticks alone numbered more than twenty. Strangely, however, Xing Ye somehow knew all the different makeup brands and how to use them.

He touched his own face and stared at the products in the drawers in a daze. Could it be that he really was trans?

His facial hair was completely shaved off, leaving nothing but smooth skin. Xing Ye casually flipped open the 20 cm long, 10 cm wide makeup mirror to look at his own face.

Xing Ye’s first thought: his face was very handsome- and very neutral. He didn’t know what he would look like after putting on makeup.

Just as Xing Ye was examining himself in the mirror, a row of blood red words appeared on the surface: Do you remember me?

Xing Ye was startled slightly before decisively closing the mirror, his face expressionless as he said, “No.”

A ghost? Were there supposed to be ghosts here? Xing Ye thought with a frown.

He seemed to vaguely remember something: a severed human head, floating in a pool of blood. At that time, he was wearing a high school uniform.

It seemed there were ghosts.

The lights were on in the hospital room. Xing Ye pulled open the curtains to see it was pitch-black outside. There was no light at all, it must be the very late in the night. In that case, it’s normal for there to be ghosts.

Xing Ye stared at the folded mirror on the makeup cabinet. He felt like he should’ve been afraid. After all, a ghost appeared- who knows if the ghost in the mirror would crawl out and try to kill him. But strangely, Xing Ye didn’t feel scared of the mirror at all. Rather, those red letters dripping with blood actually made him think the mirror was very cute.

“I probably am actually crazy.” Xing Ye muttered to himself.

He continued to observe the room. The owner of the room didn’t seem to regard this as a hospital and furnished it to live a life of luxury. There was even a treadmill and chest expander in the corner of the room- was this really a hospital ward?

The treadmill was very advanced and kept history of previous workouts. Xing Ye looked at the speed, slope, and training times and felt something was wrong.

He ran for a little bit and easily broke the treadmill’s record without much work.

He then tried the chest expander. It was also very light and it only became actually strenuous after he added more weights.

After confirming his stamina, Xing Ye looked at his hands.

His hands were very well taken care of, without any calluses. His fingernails were very long and manicured, gleaming beautifully.

There was also a desk in the room. Xing Ye took out a paper and pen and tested it, beautiful handwriting flowing from the fountain pen.

From his experience, such beautiful handwriting could’ve only been produced through many years of practice. The pen’s grip definitely would’ve left some calluses, but his hands were clean, his fingertips round and full, and his skin held a healthy flush to it. These hands didn’t seem like they could write such words.

Nails… Xing Ye sat in front of the desk and pondered silently. He closed his eyes and tapped out a melody on the desk, a piece of sheet music automatically appearing in his mind.

I can play the piano. Xing Ye thought confidently. He even had the impression that he played such a piece when he wore that school uniform.

How could somebody who plays the piano let their nails grow that long? Xing Ye shook his head inconceivably.

He pondered before directly closing his eyes and feeling his way towards the bathroom. He stood in front of the sink and without thinking, habitually reached out with his left hand to pick up the razer only to grab air. He then reached out to where he usually put his toothbrush but touched a bottle of cleanser instead.

Xing Ye opened his eyes and glanced at the items on the counter. Everything was somewhere different from when he had closed his eyes and subconsciously reached out.

An ordinary person would usually think this was a hospital ward they had only stayed in for two days, so it was normal for things to be arranged differently compared to a place you lived in.

But for a ward that was filled to the brim with women’s clothing and furnished until it was like a luxurious hotel, how could he not arrange his commonly-used items in a way he was used to?

It was impossible.

Xing Ye sat on the bed and pondered. All the previous signs proved one thing: this was not his body. The real person who had amnesia, madness, and a hobby of crossdressing was not him. He was somebody else. He still wasn’t sure how he lost his memory- maybe he was influenced by this body’s illness and his memory automatically adapted to it?

That wasn’t good. What would he do if he had a bout of madness and began to hurt himself?

Xing Ye lowered his head and examined himself, quietly letting out a sigh of relief when he found that place was safe.

After observing his environment, Xing Ye patiently searched the room again and finally found a black and white phone charging behind a stack of books on the desk.

Why was his phone hidden in such a concealed area? Could modern people even spend a day without their phones? There was an outlet by the bedhead, so if his phone needed to be charged, why not just charge it there? It’s like the phone was deliberately hidden there to make it harder to find.

The pictures and info on the phone should be able to verify the original owner’s identity.

Xing Ye currently didn’t know how he entered this body, nor did he understand why he was in the hospital and if it was dangerous or not. Right now, the only thing he could do was pretend to be the original owner to avoid raising suspicions.

Phones were good information warehouses. Through the chat records, voice messages, photos, videos, files, apps, etc, he could learn about the original owner’s likes, way of talking, hobbies, relationships, and understand the original owner better.

The phone had a fingerprint lock, but there was a limited number of attempts. Most people would usually choose to use their thumb or index finger, so it only took Xing Ye two tries to open the phone. The camera roll was startling- it was completely filled with crossdressing selfies.

Xing Ye took a deep breath and continued searching. The chat record was also mostly selfies and asking others “Who are you?” and “Who am I?”

For a person who loses their memory every day, it seemed no matter what he did, it wouldn’t seem unexpected. Acting as the original owner should be very easy.

Somebody marked as a close friend on Wechat titled “I’mYourDadStopRandomlyChangingMyContactName” texted him: Darling, your mother and I are on a business trip. Stay in the hospital for a few days and we’ll pick you up to go home once we’re back. We’re doing this for your own good,there’s nobody who knows about your illness and can take good care of you. Doctors are professionals, so it’s better for them to care for you. Make sure you listen to them.

Another close friend with the contact name “Yeye’sMom” sent: If anything happens, just tell Mom. No matter what happens, Mom will support you! Isn’t it just crossdressing? You can get a sex change operation! Send a few photos to Mom everyday, I’ll give it a like!

Xing Ye: “...”

Alright then, at least the original’s relationship with his parents were very good and he didn’t have to worry about them for now. He just had to take a few pictures in crossdress every day.

But the problem was taking pictures in women’s clothing…

Xing Ye frowned as he looked at the women’s clothing in the closet unwillingly.

There were also a few notifications saying: The custom-made women’s clothing is done and has been shipped to your hospital via express delivery. Please leave us five stars.

Xing Ye: “...”

He opened a shopping app and sure enough, there were clothes, fake chests, makeup, etc. being shipped to the hospital from every country.

Fortunately, with the address saved in the app, he now knew his city, region, hospital, ward room, and phone number.

Xing Ye looked through the apps on the phone again. He looked through the most frequently used apps and they were all livestreaming and social media apps. It seemed like as a crossdresser, the pressure on the original owner was very high and so he looked for a following on the internet.

An app at the very bottom of the list called “The Game of Challenging Fate” had a notification bubble. Because it was never used, it was easy for an ordinary person to overlook it.

But Xing Ye was an extremely careful person. He went through all the apps with a notification and combed through each of them diligently.

A dialogue box popped up when he clicked the black and white rubix cube thumbnail of the app.

Plot Background: You find yourself in a very interesting hospital. Inside the hospital, there are two parasites draped in human skin that may be threatening towards humans. Furthermore, with every passing day, the number of parasites increases by one. Maybe you or your companions are one of the parasites. Please find those beasts in human skin as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the easier it’ll be for the hospital to become a hell.

Xing Ye: “...”

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