Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 786: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 37)

“Since you have caught me, can I ask a few questions?”  Luo Qing Chen lashes trembled as her pale lips curled into a faint smile.

She always felt her body was strange, but she couldn’t tell why.

Until Xi Jin Ye told her that his powers were weakening, only then did she understand.  The power that entered her the day of the heavenly tribulation, it was definitely related to Xi Jin Ye.

There was only one reason for his powers weakening now.

The look that Rong Leng Mo gave her just now, it told her that he knew what was the cause.

“I know it even if I didn’t open the Half Step Glass Mirror, you caught me because you want to deal with Xi Jin Ye, right?”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes as they turned cold.

“How do you know about the Half Step Glass Mirror?”  Rong Leng Mo was stunned.  The Half Step Glass Mirror was a sacred item for the vampires, to open it, one had to be a high grade vampire or……”

In short, it wasn’t someone like Luo Qing Chen the blood hunter.

“It isn’t important how I know, the important thing is……”  She raised a brow and said, “What did the Half Step Glass Mirror tell you?”

Rong Leng Mo was stunned.  He brought Luo Qing Chen back without tying her up, he just locked her in a secret room.

Just this already wasn’t like the past Rong Leng Mo.

He shouldn’t have hesitated to kill her, but why did he hesitate and bring her back?

“He only has half a heart…..”  Rong Leng Mo paused before continuing, “Xi Jin Ye gave you half his heart.”

Her breath stopped, like she had been slammed in the chest, stopping her from breathing.

“You…..You’re saying, he……”

“His powers has been weakening since the heavenly tribulation, it’s because he only has half a heart.”  Rong Leng Mo shook his head with a smile of self ridicule, “I never would do something so crazy for so-called true love in my life!”

Rong Leng Mo had to admit that because of the word love, he was so small in front of Xi Jin Ye.

After a while, she controlled her emotions and took a deep breath before saying, “Did you capture me to threaten him?  Stop dreaming, he doesn’t remember me at all, you can’t threaten him.”

“No.”  Rong Leng Mo shook his head and said, “I don’t need to threaten him or even need to deal with him, he will soon die with only half a heart.  I only need to do a single thing.”

He paused before turning to her, looking at her with complicated emotions, “I just need to dig out your heart and destroy it.”

Suddenly it became so easy to kill Xi Jin Ye.  It was that easy to become first and bring Situ Mei back to his side.

But why did he feel a bit of disappointment in that moment.

He didn’t seem as happy as he thought he would be!

“I’ll prepare some poisoned wine for you.  After you die, I’ll take your heart.”  His eyes sunk as he said, “That way you won’t die too painfully.”

When his voice fell, the secret room’s door opened.  The one who came in was no one other than Situ Mei who had been rejected by Xi Jin Ye.

“Why are you here?”  Rong Leng Mo looked at her and slightly knit his brows, “Didn’t you go looking for Xi Jin Ye?”

“You prepared such a large gift for me, of course I came.”  Situ Mei looked at Luo Qing Chen locked in the room and said, “You are still the best to me now that I think about it.  Although I still want to marry the number one king, if you give me this gift, I can be with you for a few nights to solve your lovesickness.”

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