Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 781: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 31)

A certain person’s cold and bloodthirsty eyes not far away sparkled.  There was a wave of pain that filled his heart as it began beating uncontrollably.

He didn’t know why he felt this strange today, he just knew that the person wearing the moon white dress was…..very special.

After that day, Luo Qing Chen didn’t speak to Rong Leng Mo for three days.  She still continued to give him the antidote each day, that was considered fulfilling her duty.


Ghost Street was the busiest street in Nevernight City.  Luo Qing Chen was dragged out by Jin Jiao to buy some jewelry and she had wanted to grab her hand many times during this period, but she had rejected her each time!

She was lying that she was injured, but actually her body was still warm.

Jin Jiao was a very low level vampire in Nevernight City, so she basically flattered people like Situ Mei, but that was just lip service.  This ‘vegetarian’ vampire had never sucked human blood, so she never did anything that harmed the world!

“I’m very sorry about what happened that day…..”  This was already Jin Jiao’s third time apologizing.  She had never expected Situ Mei to become this arrogant.

“I know!”  She helplessly shook her head as she said, “I wasn’t helping you, I was just helping myself.”

If she really wanted to help Jin Jiao, those two slaps and that whip, Situ Mei wouldn’t have been able to touch her.

After all, she was not a buddha.  For people like Jin Jiao who talked about her before, she was planning on watching a show and wasn’t planning on helping her at all.

But it was different now.  Since the other side took the initiative to show goodwill, they could be considered half friends.

The more than ten vampires in front of them all had the words ‘Situ’ embroidered on their clothes.

The one leading them was Situ Mei.  She had heavy makeup on that seemed to be oozing out.

“No…..It wasn’t me……”  Jin Jiao shook her head in a panic, “I…..”

She had gone to Rong Leng Mo’s manor to go shopping with her, but she hadn’t passed this news to Situ Mei.

“I know.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a chuckle.  Her ice cold eyes looked at Situ Mei, “What?  You weren’t embarrassed enough last time?”

Situ Mei gritted her teeth and looked at the blood bracelet on her right hand, as a look of jealousy flashed in her eyes, “I wasn’t prepared last time, this time…..I am prepared!”

Situ Mei had gone back to research tomes, but there were no tomes that mentioned this ring that defeated her.

It meant that it didn’t belong to Nevernight City and it wasn’t a weapon that belonged to vampires.

“You really are prepared, I’m curious whether it is bringing more people or if it is having better skills!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort as a faint look of disdain filled her eyes.

“Your tone isn’t small, I will definitely kill you today.”

Situ Mei finished this when a faint red light filled the sky.  The vampires on Ghost Street all begin to flee.  Although the Situ Clan couldn’t compare to the Xi or Rong Clan, they couldn’t be underestimated in Nevernight City.

Situ Mei didn’t know she hated this woman.  She was clearly an ugly monster, she was clearly far from being able to compare to her.

But when Rong Leng Mo who never had a female companion suddenly brought her to the Saint Asura Hall, her heart was filled with unwillingness.

It was like something that belonged to her had been suddenly taken away.

In her eyes, even if she was unrelated to Rong Leng Mo, he could only pamper her because only she, Situ Mei was worth pampering.

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