Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 78 Part 1

Ah Jin first went to the bathroom to fix herself up.

It must be said that her face was very good.

Long black hair, delicate features, fair skin, and a height of about 1.7 meters were more than enough to rely solely on the appearance to live.

Ah Jin turned on her phone and ordered a bunch of takeouts.

She hadn't eaten a good meal in a long time.

The task or whatever was put aside until she had finished eating.

Hot spicy soup, hot and sour noodles, rice with meat and vegetables, hamburgers, fried chicken ......

Ah Jin ate a mouth full of oil and sighed in satisfaction.

It was only after eating and drinking enough that she comfortably began to do the task.

Ah Jin opened the drawer to find the helmet's instructions.

She wanted to take a good look at the helmet's usage, even with the original owner's memory.

Ah Jin still had to fully grasp the helmet before she could rest assured.

The helmet was directly connected to the nerves of the human brain.

It could bring an incredibly realistic experience, including a sense of pain.

10% of all blows and deaths suffered in the game would give the user feedback on the actual experience.

Ah Jin took the helmet on and logged into the game.

The first thing she did was enter her profile page.

Song Jin's game character, "Good Jin is not always available,” was a white-clad female warrior whose face was somewhat similar to Song Jin's true face.

The game had only one account for one person, and facial features could be adjusted by 50%, either more or less.

Song Jin had adjusted it down by 50%.

The level of the game was already 50.

The game was now complete at 80.

An ordinary outfit, unremarkable equipment, and even only a crappy broken sword, so no wonder the scum thought she was a poor student.

Ah Jin exited her profile page and made her way to the game world.

She came to a city in a flash of white light.

The city of Lin'an was a safe zone in the game.

Ah Jin was curious about everything surrounding her as she looked around.

Just then, Ah Jin's contacts rang, and it was the scum.

Wind blowing the river water: Honey, you're finally here. I've been waiting for you for a long time. Come on over!

Ah Jin saw the message and went back to the plot.

At this time, the scum should have already started to contact the female sponsor.

Good Jin is not always available: I'm not going.

Ren Fengjiang frowned.

There was something wrong with her today.

Usually, the moment he called, she would come in a hurry.

He patiently answered back again: What's wrong? What's bothering you?

Good Jin is not always available: Go and leave!

Ren Fengjiang was vexed and slashed the ground with his sword: Cut it out. Hurry up and fight in the dungeon. They are all waiting for you.

Good Jin is not always available: Are you coming or not? If you don't come, I will leave you.

Ren Fengjiang was frozen and did not understand what she was mad about today: What's wrong with you? What madness! Come and fight in the dungeon.

Ah Jin clicked on her status page, and in the relationship section, there was a "Forced Dissolution of Relationship.”

Ah Jin unhesitatingly clicked on it, and a dialog box popped up in front of her, "Are you sure you want to forcibly dissolve your relationship with him?"


"Sorry, your balance is insufficient. Forced dissolution of relationship 100 Yuanbao."

Only then did Ah Jin realized that the original owner's game account had not been charged.

Ah Jin quickly linked her personal account and generously spent 100 yuan to dissolve the relationship with the scum.

1 Yuanbao = 1 yuan.

In the general channel, the news came out: Congratulations, "Good Jin is not always available," forcibly dissolved the marriage contract with "Wind blowing the river water.” The bridge is back to the bridge from now on. The road is back to the road. For future encounters, the meeting is nothing but of strangers.

The world boiled over: "Wow, got dumped."

"Look, someone here got divorced."

"Brother, speak out ah. Tell me why you got divorced. You cheated, or you couldn't...? Evil smile.jpg"

Usually, there would be no message posted anywhere within the world except for those who have paid for it.

A lot of people came to ask him what happened and why he was divorced.

He could only grit his teeth and respond one by one that it was all a misunderstanding.

It was just a joke.

The crowd teased—what an excellent way to play.

Ren Fengjiang wanted to question Ah Jin through private messages.

However, he found that their contact had been automatically deleted by the system after being forced to dissolve the relationship.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah istg this arc is really hard for me. Game terms are so alien to me!

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