Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 78 - Making a claim [OW]

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Surprised flashed in Su Ling's eyes, someone came to claim the spiritual plants? No one has contacted him since he posted that statement on his Boyan page. Hence, he did not expect someone to show up now. Who is that person? According to Nalu, the spiritual plants were given to Mother Qin by someone else. Could it be someone who liked Mother Qin before?

"What are you thinking?" As Su Ling was thinking, Gu Liheng strode into the bedroom and asked.

He only went downstairs not long ago, but he was worried about Su Ling so he kept watching the room through the surveillance camera. So, when he saw Su Ling opened his eyes, he immediately went upstairs.

Su Ling supported himself to sit up, "Uncle Nalu..."

Hearing his hoarse voice make him paused. Then some pictures of him asking for mercy and even crying inevitably appeared in his mind. His face flushed instantly, feeling embarrassed and awkward; that person is not him! He cleared his throat, but this was just in vain as his voice did not change much, "Uncle Nalu said that someone went to the store to claim the spiritual plants."

"I'll ask someone to check the identity of that person. You can go there in a few days." Gu Liheng said, putting the tray in his hand on the bedside table.

Su Ling smelled the fragrant and strong food scent, and he couldn’t stop himself from salivating. Turning sideways, he stretched his neck over to look and exclaimed, "It smells good!"

"Chicken soup simmered in an ancient casserole," Gu Liheng spooned a small bowl of soup for Su Ling and set it aside. Then he bent over to pick Su Ling up, "It's too hot, wait until you finish washing up."

Su Ling leaned on Gu Liheng’s shoulders and was enveloped in a strong sense of security. He didn't feel embarrassed by their interactions at all. On the contrary, the intimacy makes him happy and he readily agreed with male god's suggestions from the bottom of his heart.

While brushing his teeth, Su Ling looking in the mirror. Gu Liheng stood by his side and had an arm around his waist, keeping his eyes on him, unwilling to move away for a second. Su Ling thought of what he read in the physiology book. After permanent marking, the Alpha will have absolute possessiveness and protection desire for the Omega, while the Omega will rely on and obey the Alpha. He was still very skeptical at first because how could things in his heart (feelings) be affected by physiological reactions? Now he knows, it does have an impact.

Coming out of the bathroom, Gu Liheng carried Su Ling and walked to the bed. Su Ling patted his arm and said, "I want to go to the dining room."

Gu Liheng worriedly said, "You need to rest more."

Su Ling smiled and calmly said, "I have been asleep for a long time. I only started moving a while ago and I’m in good spirits."

Checking at his expression, Gu Liheng made sure that he is not forcing himself. And so, he carried him downstairs, and Domi went upstairs to bring the chicken soup to the dining room. The two of them had their meal and, as Su Ling suggested, they went to rest on the deck chairs in the garden. Gu Liheng hugged Su Ling and massaged the sore parts on his body. The sun shone on his body through the gaps in the leaves, making Su Ling squinted lazily. He rested his head on male god’s shoulder; feeling safe and comfortable. In the next two days, the two were almost inseparable. Su Ling recovered very well under male god’s massage and nutritious good food.

Su Ling woke up very early on this day. He has been sleeping too much lately and he is not missing any sleep at all. However, it is rare to see male god’s sleeping face so he lay on the bed and admired the scene for a while. All of a sudden, at the corner of his eyes he saw something moving by the window. He turned his head and recognized Xian Mo Yu's roots at a glance. Smiling, he lightly got out of bed and walked downstairs. Before he could step down the last step, his wrist was entangled with roots.

Following the pull from the roots, Su Ling walked to the corner of the spiritual plant room and saw 2 Flower Bud Grass standing side by side. Sensing his presence, the 2 spiritual plants bent their branches towards him. Su Ling turned to look at Lóng Mo Téng on Xian Mo Yu’s petals, and smiled, "Uncle Lóng, thank you."

Needless to ask, for the small flower bud to grow up to adulthood, it is definitely the result of Uncle Lóng's daily supply of vine liquid. That was really a surprise! The fragrance bar needs high-level inhibitors for emergencies, and to do so he needs raw materials.

Lóng Mo Téng calmly wrote, "It is a waste anyway if I don’t use it."

Xian Mo Yu shook its roots and said, "I teach them to read every day!"

Hearing that, 3 Grade A spiritual plants and 2 Flower Bud Grass shook their leaves together.

Su Ling was amused. Papa Xian's behavior right now is just like a kindergartener asking for praises. He pinched its roots and said, "Thanks to Papa Xian."

"BANG..." There was a noise from the door, and Su Ling turned his head.

A figure flashed in front of him and the next second, he was hugged tightly, surrounded by a familiar aura. Su Ling raised his head in surprise, Gu Liheng lowered his head and kissed him, not stopping until he felt like he couldn't breathe smoothly.

Su Ling sensed Gu Liheng’s anxiety and asked softly, "What's the matter?"

Gu Liheng closed his eyes and opened them again. With a dark voice, he said, "I woke up and you are not there."

Su Ling patted Gu Liheng’s arm and said, "I have been sleeping a lot recently and can't fall asleep. So I came down to take a look at the spiritual plants." He pointed to the corner, "Look, the small bud from before has also grown."

Gu Liheng glanced at the plant, then moved his gaze to Su Ling again, "The next time you leave my side, remember to tell me."

Su Ling tapped at his eyelid with his index finger and said, "You have been very tired the past few days. Seeing you slept soundly, I didn't disturb you."

"No matter how tired I am, you still have to tell me."

Su Ling saw his seriousness and nodded, "Okay." Then he pulled male god out of the spiritual plant room, "I will rest with you again."

Gu Liheng: "No."

With Su Ling's insistence, Gu Liheng continued to take a nap for half an hour.

At breakfast, Gu Liheng received the information from Hua Cheng. He called up the holographic screen to show it across the table and watched it with Su Ling.

"Sainz, Alpha, 42 years old, an interstellar merchant. He wanders around different planets to buy and sell goods. 20 years ago, he was trading goods at Planet Klai, and..." Gu Liheng paused at 'Madam Su or Mother’ before continuing with, "Met Mother."

Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng and smiled. He said, "Call Mother Qin."

In order to distinguish between his mother (Qin Min) from Mother Gu, he got used to calling that.

Gu Liheng nodded.

Su Ling looked at the information and pondered, "The timing is right, and the chances of interstellar merchants owning a rare spiritual plant are also very high. Maybe he did give the 3 spiritual plants to Mother Qin."

Gu Liheng: "It's not necessarily. Anyone who has been in contact with Mother Qin is possible."

Su Ling: "I have to meet him."

Gu Liheng: "I will accompany you."

Su Ling contacted Nalu and make an appointment.

At 2.00 pm, Su Ling and Gu Liheng came to the fragrance bar.

Nalu was sitting in the deck seat further back. Opposite him is a tall Alpha, with profound facial features. His skin was dark wheatish, and his lips were pale, giving the sense of a brutal handsome look. Nalu got up and introduced, "This is Sainz." He then sat next to Sainz, pointing to the opposite seat, "Sit down and talk."

Su Ling and Gu Liheng sat across from them.

Sainz's blue eyes had a cold texture. He didn't speak immediately, but looked at Gu Liheng, before shifting to Su Ling.

"Are you Min's son?" Sainz asked, his voice rough and slightly hoarse.

Su Ling nodded, "Yes," he got straight to the point, "Do you want to get back 3 spiritual plants?"

Sainz: "Yes," he narrowed and a sharp flash glinted as he opened his eyes, "I gave them to Min, hoping she would marry me."

After he said that, Sainz clenched his fist and thumped the tabletop with a ‘BANG’. He didn't care, and his anger was obvious, "She actually left with the spiritual plants and got married someone else anonymously. This is an insult to me."

Gu Liheng frowned slightly and wrapped his arms around Su Ling's waist. Then he glared at Sainz, "Please follow an Alpha's gentlemanly demeanor and don't make an unnecessary ruckus."

Sainz glanced at Gu Liheng and leaned back in his chair. He apologized to Su Ling, "Sorry, it’s just that I suffered too much."

Su Ling didn't care about the sound, but he knew that male god is still influenced by their permanent marking. At this moment, he(GLH) regarded him very importantly, and at the same time felt that he is very fragile. Stretching out his hand to cover the back of male god's hand, Su Ling smiled at Gu Liheng before asking Sainz, "How do you prove that the 3 spiritual plants belong to you?" He added, "I hope you can understand that I am not trying to monopolize the spiritual plants, but Grade A spiritual plants are very precious. Many people have intentions on them. I must be cautious."

Sainz: "Of course I understand. Thank you for your caution. If I get the news that the spiritual plants have been cheated away when I come, I won't be happy." He leaned forward slightly, "You are an Omega. Then you should have communicated with the 3 Grade A spiritual plants before? You can let them share their memories, and you will know that they belong to me."

Su Ling shook his head, "I have asked them before I came here. They have been frozen for 20 years so their memory is incomplete. There are only fragments of pictures, and they were sent to my mother by mail, not by hand. They can’t identify the identity of gift’s sender."

The field of vision of the three spiritual plants was from the forest, in the storage box, in the mail express box, and then to Mama Qin's hands. During this period, the sender’s face did not show up at all.

Sainz frowned unhappily, "The fact that I made this proposal, shouldn’t it be enough proof? If I were a liar, would I suggest that? If the spiritual plants have memories of their owner, you would be able to catch me red-handed on the spot."

Su Ling hesitated.

Gu Liheng stated in a steady tone, "The news of the 3 spiritual plants were widely spread in Planet Belle. The part about them being kept frozen is not a secret either. It is not difficult to find out that long-term freezing treatment will cause the spiritual plant to lose part of its memory."

"People who know the gifting process would not even have to think about checking the memory of the spiritual plant and even daringly proposed to do so, because they know that the sender did not show his face. You may be the sender, or you may just some other people know about it."

Gu Liheng stared at Sainz, "Perhaps, you can submit the mailing information of that year."

Su Ling's eyes lit up slightly, "Yes, mailing information can prove it."

Sainz's brows tightened, his eyes scanned between the two, and finally stopped on Gu Liheng, "Did you investigate me?"

Gu Liheng did not deny.

Sainz snorted coldly, "Then you know that not long after Min disappeared, I had an accident. At that time, I barely survived. My bracelet was destroyed and the data was lost, but you still deliberately made this request."

Next, Sainz shouted angrily at Su Ling, "Your post in Boyan is just for people to see, you don't intend to return the spiritual plants at all! You were attracted by their value!"

Su Ling was firm with his standing and he didn’t do anything wrong. So he is not afraid at all, and raises his doubts, "Mailing information can be restored through identity verification, and the history records are in the identity account."

Hearing that, Sainz’s expression looked ugly, "The 3 Grade A spiritual plants were given out behind my team member’s back. How could I use my ID account? At that time, I was so charmed. To think I actually used the Grade A spiritual plants to please a liar Omega!"

Su Ling couldn't help saying, "Mother didn't lie to you. She was going to return the spiritual plants, but her father didn't allow it. She left to avoid her father."

Sainz was silent for a moment before saying, "If so, why didn't she return it later then?"

Su Ling was not sure of this person’s identity and did not want to reveal too much about Mother Qin's information. Instead of answering, he asked, "Is there anything else you can prove that the spiritual plants belong to you?"

Sainz thought for a moment before saying, "Yes! The reason why I launched a fierce pursuit at the beginning was actually not completely hot-headed one-sidedly, Min responded to my courting as well."

Su Ling and Nalu looked at each other. Mother Qin had feelings for the person who gave her the spiritual plants.

"If I wasn’t desperate, I would not say it," Sainz said. "There is a black mole under the butterfly bone (wing bone) on the right side of her back."

Su Ling looked at Nalu, and Nalu waved his hands, "I don't know about that!"

Su Ling has a headache and asked, "Do we have to go to the Su family to ask?"

If Father Su heard the question, one wonders if his face would turn green.

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