Lovable Package

Chapter 78: Little Cutie 15

Chi Shuyan’s heart skipped a beat. His body was incredibly tense, and he didn’t even dare to release a breath. He tried his best to relax, but he couldn’t relax at all, as he felt his body becoming more sensitive, and all the blood in his body had all rushed down and gathered at that part of his body.

He was, after all, a chap of seventeen or eighteen years of age. It was the age where he was full of energy. Although Chi Shuyan was usually solemn, he couldn’t resist Su Tang’s pressing and rubbing with his knee. If he didn’t have any reaction right now, he probably should get himself checked in the hospital.

Thus, Chi Shuyan could only lay there frozen, not daring to move a single inch, afraid that Su Tang would discover it. As to whether he should open his mouth to remind him, that was out of the question. He must be a fool if he exposed himself like this.

Hence, Su Tang didn’t notice anything strange about Chi Shuyan. He thought that he had touched the leg of a stool. After all, it was hard, so it felt similar.

Apart from it being somewhat hot and seemed as though it was going to swell.

He must have knocked his knees numb, so he had this illusion. Su Tang thought about it innocently, so he didn’t care about it any longer. He only wanted to stand up, otherwise this position was really very awkward.

He managed to climb up from Chi Shuyan’s body after a while. During that time, he accidentally rubbed against the other person a few more times, causing Chi Shuyan to groan a few times in a mix of pleasure and pain.

“Are you alright?” Su Tang heard Chi Shuyan and thought he was injured from the fall, so he quickly kneeled down, wanting to examine him.

“I’m fine.” Chi Shuyan heard this and immediately flipped his body around out of fear that Su Tang would see it. He then got up with much difficulty, but he spoke to Su Tang with his body turned.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.” Su Tang said meekly.

“I’m fine. Are you hurt?” Chi Shuyan asked in return.

“No…” Su Tang felt somewhat guilty, because if Chi Shuyan didn’t cushion him, he certainly wouldn't be able to stand here unscathed.

“It’s good that you’re not injured.” Chi Shuyan heaved a sigh of relief, but felt some pain in the bridge of his nose. His body was also heating up. He grabbed a tissue box from the table as he covered his nose, then told Su Tang, “I’m going to the toilet first. Wait for me here.”

“I’ll go with you.” Su Tang chased after him, but Chi Shuyan stopped him, “I’ll go by myself.”

He then ran off without looking back.

Su Tang was suddenly quite upset. He thought that Chi Shyan was angry because he knocked him down, hence he was so eager to leave, unwilling to even look at him or allow him to follow.

He recalled that when they bumped into each other, his forehead was dreadfully painful, and a single touch was like a stab from a needle. There was even a huge bump forming. Yet, Chi Shuyan was knocked in the nose. That area was more fragile than the forehead, and it could be injured if they weren't careful…

Su Tang was suddenly terrified, so much so that he even wanted to cry. He couldn’t stay here any longer, and all he wanted to do was to take a look and see if Chi Shuyan was injured.

In the toilet, Chi Yanshu washed his face and cleaned all traces of blood away, then took in a few deep breaths before he could completely calm down. Even though his nose was still hurting, there probably wasn’t a fracture. It was just that he had knocked into the capillaries inside his nasal cavity, hence there was quite a bit of blood.

This amount of pain wasn’t anything to him. What he needed to do now was to suppress the fire in his heart, so he rinsed his face with cold water again, and finally felt much better. At least it wasn’t that obvious anymore.

He took the tissue box up and turned around to leave when he saw a shadow by the door. It wasn’t very tall, and was probably hiding at the door and didn’t dare to come in. He felt his heart palpitate faster, as he almost dashed out to hug this little fool in his arms and comfort him.

He slowed his footsteps, then walked water from the basin and entered into Su Tang’s blind spot. After that, the shadow wavered, increasingly lengthened, and finally, a small head popped inside.

There was no one at the basin. Su Tang wanted to look at the other side, but when he turned around, he saw Chi Shuyan standing behind him, his lips curling up into a wide smile.

Su Tang got a great shock, because they were standing very close to each other, closer than the length of a fist. If he leaned forward, he would probably touch the other person’s chest.

He felt his face heat up, and instinctively stepped back, but Chi Shuyan stopped him and asked, “Did you get a shock?”

“Yes…” Su Tang nodded, then asked, “Why do you walk so quietly?”

“Aren’t you the same?” Chi Shuyan smiled.

Su Tang immediately understood that Chi Shuyan had already discovered him hiding, hence he went to play a prank on him.

But he should have hidden himself well. How did the other person discover him?

Su Tang couldn’t get over it, but he was too embarrassed to ask. After all, he didn’t want to admit that he was sneakily tailing the other person.

The toilet was not a suitable place to chat, hence the pair decided to walk back. Chi Shuyan walked in front, and he turned back a few times to look at Su Tang.

“Why are you looking at me?” Su Tang abruptly asked.

“No reason why.” Chi Shuyan paused in his footsteps and waited for Su Tang to catch up, then they walked together.

Actually, he wanted to hold Su Tang’s hand, but he didn’t really dare to do so, because he was scared that Su Tang would hate him for this. After all, logically speaking, no matter how good the relationship between two males were, they wouldn’t hold each other’s hands like a couple would.

But he really wanted to do this. And it was only to Su Tang.

The pair walked slowly, leaning close to each other. Sometimes, their hands would accidentally touch, but they would immediately separate, as though they had been shot by an electric spark.

Su Tang looked down and saw Chi Shuyan’s action. His heart pounded wildly, and he couldn’t resist thinking, was the other person feeling the same, wanting to hold his hand too?

On the other hand, Chi Shuyan was thinking, if he didn’t shrink back at that moment but grabbed the other person’s hand instead, would Su Tang… Would he obediently not struggle, and take it that he was doing so out of concern?

But if it was out of concern, should he have held his hand from the onset? If he did this now, it was surely just a cover-up.

As Chi Shuyan thought of this, he even regretted not doing so from the start. This feeling was terrible, as though he had lost a hundred million dollars.

The two people were stuck in their thoughts, and didn’t say a single word the entire way. However, the mood between them was harmonious, and they didn’t feel awkward at all.

Someone had said this before: in order to determine the feelings between friends, one should look at whether they would feel awkward when both weren’t speaking.

Su Tang looked up and secretly sized the other person up. He noticed that Chi Shuyan was probably in a very good mood. The corners of his lips were curled up, and a faint smile was on his face.

Observing Chi Shuyan’s disposition, Su Tang’s mood immediately lightened up, because the other party liked him too.

Perhaps it wasn’t that type of liking, but fondness between friends was sufficient.

When they returned to the classroom, Su Tang didn’t know where he should sit. He turned back and tried to look for his seat, but was pulled back by Chi Shuyan, who pressed him down onto his seat.

Next, Chi Shuyan pulled another chair from the side, placed it beside his desk, took out the food that Su Tang bought and handed it over to him.

“I bought enough for two,” Su Tang said.

“Who else did you buy for?” Chi Shuyan chuckled.

“... You.” Su Tang then added, “Mine and yours, we’ll eat together.”

When Chi Shuyan heard this, he was overjoyed. He looked at Su Tang’s perplexed gaze, then said, “I suddenly feel you’re like my little wife.”

“You!” Su Tang’s face was crimson red, unclear if it was from anger or shyness.

“What are you thinking of? What I’m saying is that you’re considerate.” Chi Shuyan was deadly earnest.

“You’re lying.” Su Tang was furious.

“Why am I lying? Don’t tell me that you’re not considerate?” Chi Shuyan asked.

“There are so many people who care for you, why don’t you tell them that?” The words slipped from Su Tang’s mouth when Chi Shuyan laughed and observed him.

“Isn’t it because you are cute?” Chi Shuyan said.

Su Tang blushed, and even looked as though he was going to faint from embarrassment. He stammered for some time, then said weakly, “I didn’t mean that just now…”

“What do you mean then?” Chi Shuyan leaned closer and continued asking, “Did you think, when I called you my little wife, that I was taking liberties with you with my words?”

Su Tang was at a loss for words at his question. He did think about it this way, but he refused to acknowledge it. However, Chi Shuyan could already tell, so if he tried to refute it, it would only seem like a bad cover-up.

“Then, are you still angry?” Chi Shuyan asked.

“I’m not very angry…” In a soft and depressed tone, Su Tang added, “Anyway, you’re just joking with me.”

“What if I wasn’t joking?” Chi Shuyan looked him in the eyes and asked.

“What if. That’s just a conjuncture…” But before Su Tang could continue, he was cut off by Chi Shuyan.

“Will you dislike it if I remove the ‘what if’?” He asked.

Su Tang suddenly cocked his head sideways, feeling as though he was going to suffocate. If Chi Shuyan wasn’t playing around with him, if Chi Shuyan really thought of him as his little wife, he… he…

“If I say that I don’t dislike it, will you hate me?” Su Tang decided to ask eventually.

“No, never.” Chi Shuyan finally showed a smile on his face, as he said, “Because I want to marry a little wife like you.”

“No, I want you to be my little wife,” he corrected himself.

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