Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 779: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 30)

“Young master Leng Mo can’t let go of big sister, so he just found someone to be his partner.  Big sister shouldn’t care, big sister is now the celebrity by the king’s side!”  Jin Jiao said in a flattering voice while also laughing at Luo Qing Chen.

But right after that.

“Pa.”  A crisp slap fell onto Jin Jiao’s face.

The one who slapped her wasn’t Luo Qing Chen, but rather Situ Mei.

Jin Jiao was frozen in place.  She was a low grade vampire, she normally flattered Situ Mei.

Although she also rolled her eyes, she endured it for her weak family.

She never thought that she would receive this kind of humiliation today!

“What do you mean don’t mind it?”  Situ Mei gave a cold snort as her eyes filled with disdain, “When did I, Situ Mei care?”

When she was engaged to Rong Leng Mo back then, the king of Nevernight City was Xi Long Zhan and not Xi Jin Ye.

She didn’t even know who Xi Jin Ye was back then, she just knew that Rong Leng Mo was so dazzling.

She never thought that after Xi Jin Ye came back from his heavenly tribulation, he took back the king’s rights from the Rong Clan right away.  He defeated Rong Leng Mo without any effort.

She had to marry the strongest king in her life because she was the most beautiful girl in Nevernight City.  From that moment, she cut herself off from Rong Leng Mo and entered Xi Jin Ye’s embrace.

Only…..that person didn’t welcome her.

Only when meeting Rong Leng Mo would he say a few words to her.

Normally, she couldn’t even enter Xi Jin Ye’s building.

Jin Jiao looked aggrieved and couldn’t help muttering, “You’re still looking for faults when you don’t care!”

“Pa.”  There was another slap.

Jin Jiao’s voice was very soft.  Even Luo Qing Chen closest to her couldn’t hear it clearly, but Situ Mei had heard everything.

“You’re whispering in front of someone like me with a hearing ability, aren’t you looking to be beaten?”  Situ Mei looked at her nail before saying with a soft snort, “Scram.”

Jin Jiao gritted her teeth and was prepared to leave, but Rong An came over to take her hand.  He looked up at Situ Mei and said, “What do you think you’re doing!”

He already hated Situ Mei.  His big brother gave up so much for her, but she left without even turning back, not showing any emotions at all.

In Rong An’s eyes, Situ Mei was someone who couldn’t resist going for whoever was the king.


“Rong An, he, he.”  Situ Mei gave a cold snort, “Your big brother isn’t qualified to talk to me, what are you!”

“I just couldn’t stand seeing you all alone like this, I feel disgusted!”  Rong An’s words made the surrounding people take a cold breath.

Now that Situ Mei was the closest girl to the new king Xi Jin Ye, the Rong Clan had been greatly hurt and was walking on thin ice.

But Rong An was the same as before, acting arrogant!

Luo Qing Chen’s lips curled into a faint smile, she felt that Rong An’s words were quite pleasant!”

“What are you laughing at?”  Situ Mei was already very angry and she saw Luo Qing Chen smiling at her, causing her anger to surge.

Since a small Jin Jiao had someone speak up for her, the person who Rong Leng Mo brought who looked disfigured naturally wouldn’t have anyone.

After all, Rong Leng Mo belonged to her, Situ Mei.  She knew that he was just doing this to catch her attention!

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