Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 771: Blood sucking highness’ puppet doll (Part 22)

In the next half month, she felt her stomach churn when she looked into the mirror.

It was like seeing a scorched corpse without any part of her skin intact.  Her face was even more scorched, unable to tell if she was a man or woman…...

System, come out for me!

[Host, please speak.]

Do you remember the Beauty Pill you gave me before, can you give me another one!

[The Beauty Pill is a special item, it isn’t sold in the shop.]


Luo Qing Chen suddenly remembered that she seemed to have exchanged for the Exquisite Ring and she didn’t have much exchange points left.

Even if the shop sold the Beauty Pill, she probably couldn’t afford it…..

System, I still have another question…...

She closed her eyes when she said this and slightly knit her brows, like she was remembering something very painful.

[The host wants to ask why the male lead’s affection has turned to zero, right?]

I think I should already know…..He doesn’t remember me, right?

[It can’t be said that he doesn’t remember the host, he doesn’t have any memories of his time as a mortal at all.]

Un, I know.

She softly replied and didn’t say anything else.  She picked up the bitter medicine in front of her and gulped it all down.

“Ze, ze, ze.”  Wu You walked over with a smile and said, “You’re not crying that the medicine is bitter and you want candied fruit today!”

“My heart is cold.”  She said with a cold laugh, “So this is the reason I have to experience another life.”

My god, truly ruthless, decisive, and cruel!

Although she felt very sad, she still had to continue her mission.  She couldn’t just give up on the person she should love just because he lost his memories.

After spending half a month with Wu You in the thatch hut, she felt that the old man in front of her wasn’t that bad.

As for why he wanted to kill Xi Jin Ye, it was probably because of his mission as a blood hunter!

“There are many bad things in life, a sparrow can’t fly up the branch unless you want to become a phoenix.”  Wu You kept stroking his beard, looking at Luo Qing Chen as he said this with a heavy heart.

“With my appearance, can I still become a phoenix?”  She gave a self deprecating laugh, “I probably can’t even be a sparrow!  At best I would be a burnt sparrow……”

In the past, she had thought about the possibilities after the heavenly tribulation.

She had thought that if she died like the previous host, at least the last seven months were worth it.

But she never thought that she and Xi Jin Ye would end like this…...

“No, no, no.”  Wu You pointed at the ring in her hand, “You have this, so you can surpass me and become the strongest blood hunter in the world.  When you stand in a high position, it’ll be easy to have someone notice you.”

Luo Qing Chen looked down at the Exquisite Ring on her right hand.

It seemed to have been fixed and was covered in a faint golden glow.

“What use does it have?  Could it be that having a single ring is enough to become a so-called blood hunter?”  Luo Qign Chen gave a shrug as a faint look of doubt appeared in her eyes.

“Naturally.”  Wu You slowly raised his right hand and calculated with his fingers.  His eyes lit up as he said, “This thing doesn’t come from this world, but it can resonate with the golden talisman.”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised, so surprised that it swept away all her doubt from before.

He could actually calculate that the Exquisite Ring didn’t come from this world, he really had some skills!

“Continue.”  She put a hand to her cheek, planning on hearing what he had to say next.

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