Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 77

Ah Jin narrowed her eyes at San, "Are you well behaved?"

San Qi nodded, "Very well behaved!"

"Did you say you became a mythical spirit?"


"How can you not be lonely?"

San Qi's eyes flickered.

Though it was possible to browse the forum, it was absolutely impossible to reveal the system’s existence inside.

He hesitantly said, "Slightly?"

Ah Jin seriously marked that, "Got it. Settle the mission."

The space allocated the energy to both sides the same as last time.

It was 3,000 energy.

Ah Jin breathed a long and comfortable one as she absorbed the energy.

The two types of energy complemented each other.

If she kept absorbing the energy from the space, the death energy in her body would also increase continuously.

San Qi asked Ah Jin, "Boss, do you want to go?"


San Qi sent Ah Jin to the mission world with nimble hands and feet.

It did not want to stay with her for a minute.

Its life would not be safe at any time if it stayed with her.

Watching Ah Jin's figure disappear into space, it let out a fierce breath and hurriedly opened the system's internal forum and scrolled through its posts.

The post's title was surprisingly this:

"Give me a shot. My partner is a Big Boss. All sorts of unbelievable operations have overturned my outlook. Please advise what should I do?"

As for the content, San Qi described the different unbelievable operations of its partner named A.

It even posted pictures to prove that it was not imaginary.

Boss's small oil lamp.jpg

Boss's extorted table and chairs.jpg

Boss's energy share.jpg

Authentic report of the phone content.mp3

It was a top-rated post that rose through the ranks with rocketing fervor.

The comments also varied.

1st: "Rest easy. It is important to live your life."

2nd: "Don't be a scaredy-cat! You have to be a hard-headed person!"

3rd: "I am very envious. If I had such a partner, how good would it be."

4th: "Meng Xin shivering.jpg. Meng Xin so wants to have a partner ah."

"Sad, it is my partner who is so obedient. He will never go to the west if he is asked to go to the east."

"You should accept your fate with your heart. But, unfortunately, a partner of that kind is hard to come by, and all of them are at the level of gods. So, you must keep your life."

San Qi tearfully updated the post.

"My boss just came back from the mission. She went to the snake island to survive, and my boss said she had an eye on a snake and wanted to bring it back to me as a companion.


The attached chart shows the mission rating of my boss. Take a look at it yourselves."

The chart contained the following.

Name: Mosaic

Mission Requirements: Escape from the Snake Island alive and take revenge on the enemy.

Mission difficulty: Level 2

Mission completion: S grade

Task reward: 3000

As soon as the post was updated, it was immediately followed by tons of comments.

"Praise the boss. The boss is amazing."



"Envious ......"

"Envious ......"

" A heartfelt concern for you!"



"Your partner could have been a god. A dangerous task like that wouldn't be difficult for her. So you should be good at holding on to her! Go!”

A lot of people followed the post and cheered San Qi.

San Qi felt the bitterness that no one could understand.

The little life it had was in danger at any time.

There were even people who envied it, and they really didn't mind the situation.

A system even gave an idea to it, "Perhaps your partner is only strong in terms of power, but not enough in terms of the brain. You could send her more tasks that involve a lot of conflicts and play her to death!"

At the sight of such responses, San Qi simply ignored them.

Were they kidding?

If Ah Jin's brains weren’t working well, they wouldn't even be as good as an idiot.

There were also well-intentioned comments to comfort it, "Don't be discouraged. Your partner probably won't be great when she moves to a mission above the second level. You have to be hopeful."

San Qi made some quick calculations in its head.

All the worlds above the second level were advanced, so it might really be possible to curb her development.

If she used the advanced world to soar to the sky, and then what if she were to really fell and lost her nerve?

So what?


The world concerned was an extremely advanced one, and the client's name was Song Jin.

She was a good girl, and her parents ran a company.

The family was well-off and grew up smoothly without any setbacks.

After her senior year of high school, she got into the university of her choice.

Her parents wanted to celebrate by taking the family out for a drive.

Still, they never expected that there would be a car accident on the way.

Song Jin escaped death by being shielded by her parents.

Both of her parents died, so the flower in the greenhouse was mercilessly knocked down before it could bloom.

She spent the next few days immersed in the shadow of her parent’s deaths and spent her freshman year in a muddle.

In her sophomore year, she couldn't stand it and applied for a break from school.

To escape from reality and forget the pain during the break, she bought a game helmet and became an Internet addict.

This world already had holographic online games, and Song Jin bought the hottest game available, "Fantasy World.”

In the game, she befriended a scum.

At first, the scum was extremely friendly, taking her to fight and upgrade, watching the stars and the moon.

When she was in a bad mood, he would tell jokes and sang to her.

For Song Jin, she felt that she could forget her worries and grew highly dependent on him.

They later became a couple in the game and started to love each other a lot.

But though the host relied on him, she did not trust him completely.

Without seeing the real person, Song Jin was still very wary.

The personal problems relating to her, she wouldn't disclose.

As time passed, the nature of the scum man was exposed.

He thought that Song Jin was a poor student and there was nothing to be gained. So he found another target and had his eye on a rich girl.

To pursue the rich girl, he dumped Song Jin.

Of course, Song Jin did not believe that he was such a person, so she kept him in the game.

She even requested to see him in person, hoping he would come back.

Who knew that the rich girl learned that he had a partner and refused his pursuit. In his anger, the scum threw all the dirty water on Song Jin.

He exposed Song Jin's infatuation with him and confessed his love to the rich girl in public.

He explained that it was all a misunderstanding and that he only had the rich girl in his heart.

The netizens were easily stirred up and instantly exploded when they saw that gossip.

They gave their blessings to the scum and the rich girl, cursed Song Jin for being shameless, and in some cases even went to kill Song Jin specifically.

In the game, people killed would drop a level.

So Song Jin's game turned to zero levels, and she couldn't get on the game. Some despicable relatives wanted to take over the company in real life and forced Song Jin to hand over her inheritance.

Song Jin then suffered a double blow in reality and virtual reality.

The burden was finally too much for her to handle, and she took sleeping pills and committed suicide at home.

Her wish was to kick the scum, clean up her despicable relatives, and safeguard what her parents left behind with her own hands.

Ah Jin absorbed the plot, and when she opened her eyes, she was lying on a bed.

It should be that she was in the client's room.

You could see that the original character was in a bad mood and did not care to clean her room.

At that point, the host had already been out of school for six months.

Ah Jin looked at the white helmet sitting on the table.

The holographic online game ah, she had not played it before.

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