My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 77: Mini Frostcloud Sect

The little hand that Jing Yue was holding suddenly tightened, and as soon as he lowered his head, he looked into Qin Yanzhi's worshiping eyes… the feeling was… a little bit of pleasure mixed in the embarrassment?

As soon as the coercion descended just now, he could feel a weak power of the country’s laws in it, but he and Qin Yanzhi were not from the Chen Kingdom, considered aliens from the outside world, so this little power of the laws had no effect on them.

He noticed that before the pressure fell, Zhao Xueyi took out a small seal, which was probably the legendary supervision seal. The power of the law should be contained in the seal, otherwise, how could Zhao Xueyi, a mortal, use the means of a cultivator?

Yes, the so-called power of law was actually inspired by spiritual energy. How could this be heaven’s punishment? It was clearly humans up to no good. With everything considered, it was probably that state preceptor.

Jing Yue looked at Zhao Xueyi indifferently as if looking at a grain of dust. “So this is heaven’s punishment? It seems that it can’t do anything to me.”

All the villagers came back to their senses and looked around with lingering fears. It seemed that… everything was alright? Thus, one after another scorching eyes turned towards Jing Yue. If the water curtain just now meant that the little priest was an immortal, now that he had banished heaven’s punishment with a wave of his sleeves, it was simply… the emperor of heaven!

The heavenly punishment created by the state preceptor could break bones and cause delusions, but it was casually resolved by the little priest. He was even more powerful than the reincarnated heavenly protector, so what else if not the emperor of heaven?

The already fattened blue phoenix wandered back to Jing Yue's shoulder and said triumphantly, “Slap face! Slap face! Jing-jing hasn’t showed-off his face-slapping skills in a long time. Ji-ji can’t bear it anymore! I’m using my claws today!”

Jing Yue resisted the desire to roll his eyes. He took action today simply because he felt compassion, and secondly because he wanted to establish Mini Frostcloud Sect in Chen Kingdom and develop it, so he couldn’t allow other cultivators to cause trouble here.

Mini Frostcloud Sect would be the only state religion of Chen Kingdom in the future and the only faith. If it involved the dispute between beliefs, he wouldn’t retreat even one step!

In that case, the road to the rise of Mini Frostcloud Sect would begin in Jujube Village.

He didn't respond to Zhao Xueyi, who was frightened out of his wits, but looked at Widow Jiang who was still sitting on the ground, and asked rhetorically, “Why do you seek death?”

Widow Jiang looked up in a daze and muttered, “This woman is afraid of implicating the villagers.”

Jing Yue, “What are you guilty of?”

Widow Jiang shook her head without any hesitation. “This woman is not guilty.”

Jing Yue, “Since there’s no guilt, how can there be implications? Look at your son. If you die, what will he do?”

With tears in her eyes, Widow Jiang looked at her son held by the villagers and saw his eyes swollen like walnuts. The panic and despair in those eyes condensed into a sharp knife and pierced her heart, almost suffocating her! She suddenly got up and rushed towards the other party, crying, “Gui Sheng, I’m wrong!”

The mother and son cried in each other’s arms, and many villagers’ eyes also reddened. Then, Zhao Haizi suffered the consequences and was tied up by the villagers for later disposal.

When everyone's mood eased, Jing Yue beckoned, “Gui Sheng, come here.”

Gui Sheng approached a little fearfully. Although he knew that the immortal would not hurt him, the other party was the emperor of heaven! He had not even seen the emperor, but he saw the emperor of heaven now!

Jing Yue didn't know what he was thinking but only put one hand on the top of Gui Sheng's head.

After a while, he said, “Gui Sheng, are you willing to go up the mountain with me, join my sect, and cultivate with me?”

Gui Sheng didn't even think about it and blurted out, “I’m willing!” He didn’t think of his mother before that, so he hesitated, “But I have to take care of my mother… I can’t go up the mountain with you…”

Jing Yue, “Your mother may join you.”

Just nice, someone to help with the cooking and cleaning!

Widow Jiang didn’t expect that she could follow her son too. She knelt with excitement, kowtowed, and said, “This woman is willing to serve the immortal master!”

She reminded Jing Yue that everyone in the village was still kneeling, so he quickly said, “That’s enough, everyone should get up. The ground is quite cold.”

The villagers dared not disobey orders of the ‘heavenly emperor’. With the support from each other, they stood up one after another.

The village chief timidly said, “Xianzhang, are you really going to take Gui Sheng and his mother up the mountain?”

Jing Yue nodded. “Gui Sheng has immortal bones.”

He had explored just now. Although he couldn’t tell the disposition of Gui Sheng’s spiritual roots, he perceived the other party's aptitude to cultivate. Now that Mini Frostcloud Sect was short of money and people, he could only bring in one person at a time.

After thinking about it, Jing Yue took out a blood-enriching pill and gave it to Gui Sheng as a welcome gift.

The villagers were envious. This was an elixir! Gui Sheng and his mother were so fortunate! Perhaps when they met next time, they were already immortals!

However, when Gui Sheng took the blood-enriching pill, he nervously asked instead, “Xianzhang, can I give away the elixir?”

The village head trembled, fearing that the heavenly emperor would be angry, and hurriedly said, “Gui Sheng, what nonsense are you talking about? Xianzhang, please disregard this ignorant kid.”

Jing Yue waved his hand and asked, “Who do you want to give it to?”

Gui Sheng pointed his finger at Wu Zhongchun. The latter was taken aback and heard Gui Sheng say, “Wu-gege saved my mother, so I want to save his mother too.”

Simple but righteous words came out of a child's mouth, which directly stunned Wu Zhongchun! Jing Yue patted Gui Sheng's head approvingly and said with a smile, “Go ahead.”

At this time, Qin Yanzhi pulled his sleeves again. Jing Yue looked down and saw that the other party was looking at him seriously. His complicated eyes made him confused, so he asked, “What’s wrong with Lil Yanzhi?”

Jing Yue was even more at a loss when Qin Yanzhi didn't answer.

Seeing Jing Yue motionless, Qin Yanzhi grabbed Jing Yue's hand unhappily and placed it on top of his head.

Jing Yue, “…” Poisonous!

On the other side, Wu Zhongchun didn’t take the blood-enriching pill that Gui Sheng handed to him. While he thought of his mother who was paralyzed in bed, he also considered that this was the elixir given to Gui Sheng by the immortal, so he couldn't take it away.

For a while, his mind was in shambles.

“Accept it.”

A warm voice came into Wu Zhongchun's ears. As soon as he raised his head, he saw Jing Yue's smiling eyes.

Jing Yue, “Do you want to follow me up the mountain?”

He had thought about it. There should be an adult man on the mountain to handle the chores and run errands. Although Wu Zhongchun didn't look like someone with spiritual roots, he had a good character and should be useful.

Wu Zhongchun’s lips trembled and finally choked, “I…”

Jing Yue, “You may bring your mother with you.”

Anyway, Widow Jiang was around, and it didn't matter if there was another woman. By working together, they won't be too tired.

With such arrangements, how could Wu Zhongchun refuse?

Jing Yue's generous acceptance immediately made the villagers ecstatic, each looking at him with scorching eyes. Jing Yue smiled awkwardly. Although he was short of people, he couldn’t move the entire Jujube Village up the mountain, right? Thus, he coughed lightly and said, “It’s getting late. I need to get some food supplies before returning to the mountain.”

The villagers were a little disappointed, but suddenly became excited again!

The heavenly emperor wanted to get some food from them! He wanted to eat their food! As for why the heavenly emperor still had to eat, who cared!

Instantly, the villagers rushed out in a huff to get some food. Only Jing Yue, Qin Yanzhi, blue phoenix… and the penal warden Zhao Xueyi, whom everyone had forgotten, remained.

Jing Yue smiled brilliantly at Zhao Xueyi, who was so frightened that he lost control of his bladder!

Zhao Xueyi ignored the drenched lower body and was about to beg for mercy when he heard the other party saying, “Go and never return again.”

Zhao Xueyi ran away full of shame and hatred, while the villagers returned with a cart full of food and enthusiasm.

Approaching the entrance of the village, the village head glanced at Jing Yue several times with a faint worry in his eyes. Jing Yue knew what he was thinking and said, “Don’t worry.”

He stretched out his hand and drew a few runes in the air. The mysterious and beautiful lines exuded a faint glow that he slammed into the stone monument at the entrance of the village.

Vaguely, every villager heard the tolls of an ancient and heavy bell.

But they soon realized that it was not an illusion, because there was now a picture of a bell on the stone tablet in Jujube Village.

Jing Yue, “This monument contains my will and belongs to my territory. From now on, heaven’s punishment can’t exert its influence here!”

After that day, there were more people on Flying Blossoms Mountain and naturally brought more life to the area.

The blood-enriching pill was indeed an elixir for mortals. Mother Wu recovered from her many years of illness and healed up in one day. On normal days, she and Widow Jiang would take care of trivial matters such as washing, cooking, making tea, sweeping the yard…

At the back of the temple, a few acres of fields had been developed up on the mountain to grow flowers, vegetables, and grains, making it look like a paradise.

Among the few people, only Jing Yue practiced inedia, so Wu Zhongchun would go down the mountain every other day to buy some food supplies, and the rest of the time, he would learn the art of body forging with Gui Sheng.

Jing Yue later tested the two of them. Wu Zhongchun didn’t have spiritual roots, but body forging could still help him become a skilled expert in the mundane world. As for Gui Sheng, he was a three-element spiritual root. While it may not be a big deal in Frostcloud Sect, in a small remote village in the Haotian Realm, he was simply a rare treasure.

Without Jing Yue, perhaps his life would pass by uneventfully, so everything was his chance encounter.

Both of them are very diligent in cultivation, but the students led by a teacher always differed greatly. For example, there was now a lazy one.

Jing Yue, “Ji-ji, you’re dozing off again.”

On the plum tree branch, blue phoenix’s head was originally dropping. When Jing Yue spoke, it raised its head suddenly and roared at the plum tree, pretending to be practicing leaf blade, but only a few plum petals were blown away, falling like rain.

Jing Yue, “…”

He took a deep breath and said solemnly, “Ji-ji, just look at you. Every time you practice, you either sleep or catch butterflies and chase birds. You can even play with a bug for an hour. You’re the one who said that you want to practice, and you’re also the one afraid of hardship and tiredness. Yanzhi can already guide Qi into his body but you can’t even release a leaf blade. Do you still remember that you’re a divine beast?”

Blue phoenix obediently accepted the criticism with its head down, but the beady eyes kept peeking at Jing Yue. Once he finished speaking, it hurriedly flopped from the tree to his feet, held its wings up, and said earnestly, “Jing-jing, Ji-ji promise to practice hard. Ji-ji must transform and protect Jing-jing as soon as possible so that Jing-jing won’t be injured again!”

Jing Yue, “Every time I scold you, you act like a baby. The gestation period of your blue phoenix clan takes hundreds of thousands of years, and you are… a premature baby and inherently inadequate. If you don't pay close attention to cultivation, you can’t even transform after tens of thousands of years. Do you still wish to ascend with me?”

Blue phoenix immediately said nervously, “Ji-ji wants to be with Jing-jing. Jing-jing must wait for Ji-ji.”

Jing Yue, “How can I wait for you? Even if I cultivate to the Tribulation Passage stage, I have at most ten thousand years of lifespan. If you continue to be so squeamish and lazy, I can’t wait for you even when I turn to ashes.”

Blue phoenix burst into tears. “Ji-ji will practice right away! Jing-jing mustn’t turn to ashes!”

Jing Yue sighed. “Come with me up the mountain first. Yanzhi is waiting for us.”

Blue phoenix glanced over. Qin Yanzhi was waiting by the door with a peach-wood sword in his arms, his eyes full of admiration while looking at Jing Yue.

Contrary to blue phoenix, Qin Yanzhi cultivated very well.

As Daoyi Sword Technique was only known to Qin Yanzhi in the entire world, Jing Yue could only rack his brains to find a method that he thought was the most suitable for a sword cultivator, and also the most conservative form that could withstand the test of time, and teach it to Qin Yanzhi. Anyway, this was just a transition.

However, Qin Yanzhi only spent seven days opening up the body's acupoints and meridians, and guiding qi into the body in one day. Compared to the Omnispirit body of Jing Yue, such advancement was beyond his imagination.

He carefully inspected Qin Yanzhi's body and found no other hidden dangers. Even the sword spirit in the dantian grew stronger and steadily suppressed the nine heavens malefic energy.

In that case, Jing Yue left him to his own means. If Qin Yanzhi achieved success in his cultivation as soon as possible, and Mini Frostcloud Sect could grow up as soon as possible, they could ‘ascend’ as soon as possible.

Jing Yue carried blue phoenix and walked to the door, deliberately teasing Qin Yanzhi, “Let’s go. Today, I’ll teach you the second style of the seven styles—cleave. Once you learn it, you can help chop wood.”

Qin Yanzhi, whose height was only up to Jing Yue's thigh, kept a solemn face and nodded. “Yanzhi must learn it soon and help to chop wood.”

Jing Yue laughed, rubbed his head, took Lil Yanzhi’s hand, and walked out together.

When they arrived at the mountain pass of the east summit, Jing Yue let go of Qin Yanzhi and walked up first. The latter slowly climbed up the first step with the wooden sword in his arms.

The wooden sword was specially refined by Jing Yue. It was very light for him, but it was still too heavy for the five-year-old Qin Yanzhi.

There were 1,700 stone steps on the east summit. Every day, Qin Yanzhi climbed it with great difficultly. Jing Yue never helped him, but preferred to walk quickly to the front, and then look back to appreciate Qin Yanzhi's struggle.

Sometimes, Qin Yanzhi held the wooden sword on his shoulder, and sometimes he held the sword in his arms.

But no matter how tired he was, he never dragged the sword to the ground or used it as a walking stick. He cherished the sword even though it was only the most common peachwood sword.

Every now and then, Jing Yue would compare the little guy in front of him with the mountain leader of Nine Heaven Academy, and couldn't help but admire him in his heart.

However, he didn't know that Qin Yanzhi actually liked climbing stone steps very much. Although he was very tired, Jing-gege would always wait for him at the end of the road and watch him.

Once he caught up, he could hold Jing-gege’s hands. Those hands were soft and warm and would hold him forward and keep going.

Author’s Notes:

Jing-jing: Do you know that you’re poisonous now? Extremely toxic!

Rouge: I’m poisonous. You have medicine.

Jing-jing: ???

Rouge: You’re the antidote, of course.

Ji-ji: … It’s really poisonous.

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