Lovable Package

Chapter 77: Little Cutie 14

Su Tang’s face was flushed from Chi Shuyan’s questions, but he still said, “Then who was the one who chased relentlessly after me, and even cornered me here?”

“That’s me,” Chi Shuyan said, then asked, “Tell me, why would I do this?”

“Who knows…” Even though Su Tang said this, internally, he was anxious to know. Chi Shuyan’s words were like the sweetest candy, freshly boiled from the pot, beautifully glossy, yet was too hot. When he heard those words, he felt his heart was gratifyingly sweetened, but that scorching heat reminded him not to touch it further.

But Su Tang was tempted. He really wanted to eat that overly sweet candy, and even wanted to clean off that outer layer so that he could taste that candy’s core. Even though it was very hot, he wasn’t scared of being scalded. However, he was afraid that he might be addicted once he ate it, and could never shake off that addiction.

And by that time, he would certainly not be satisfied by these tiny candies. He would surely want to put all these candies into his little bag, but if these candies were snatched away by someone else, what should he do?

Thinking of this, Su Tang suddenly felt very sad, yet very conflicted. Like what the system said, Chi Shuyan was indeed very attractive. Su Tang liked his voice, liked his words, and even liked his scent. It was like… like he liked everything about the other party.

Chi Shuyan had always treated him well, pampering and protecting him. No matter what he did, Chi Shuyan would unconditionally accommodate him. He was the same too; no matter what Chi Shuyan did, he wouldn’t dislike him.

But… but…

Chi Shuyan was the male lead, and he was simply a transmigrator who was supposed to matchmake Chi Shuyan with the female lead.

And he had actually developed feelings that he shouldn’t have towards the male lead.

It was just that he didn’t say it out, and left the seedlings of these feelings buried under the ground. If he didn’t curb it, the seedlings would break out from the soil and grow frantically, enveloping his entire heart. And at that point, he would never be able to leave Chi Shuyan again.

He knew in his heart that he shouldn’t be like this, but he couldn’t help but let those seedlings germinate. The clash between logic and emotions caused his feelings to dive into an abyss.

So frustrating.

But there was nowhere for him to vent.

Su Tang furrowed his brows, still worrying about something, but Chi Shuyan used his fingers to smoothen it.

“Why are you unhappy again?” He asked.

“I don’t know.” Su Tang pouted and looked at Chi Shuyan for some time, before finally spouting these words sulkily.

He looked even more upset than before, a little resentful, and even a bit defeated. If Chi Shuyan didn’t ask him, perhaps he could still hang on for a while on his own, but now that the other person had spoken, Su Tang immediately softened into a tender grape seedling. All he wanted to do was to climb onto Chi Shuyan and vent all his emotions out, then let the other person comfort him.

Since he was very reliant on Chi Shuyan, as though the latter was the only vine that he could climb, if the vine was now broken, he would surely fall to the ground without his support, and never be able to climb to higher places ever again.

Su Tang understood this logic, but he didn’t want to admit nor face all these, hence when Chi Shuyan asked him, he always refused to tell the other person the truth.

But Chi Shuyan was an intelligent person. He could tell what Su Tang was thinking about, so he said lightly, “Don’t keep it inside. Why don’t you tell me about it?”

Chi Shuyan’s voice was bewitching, and Su Tang almost agreed, but the system suddenly made a noise, causing him to swallow his words.

“Go back to class first. I’m going to take a walk.” After Su Tang said this, he turned around and left.

Chi Shuyan knew that Su Tang wasn’t willing to tell him more, and the reason why Su Tang was unhappy or angry was more or less linked to him. He didn’t know if he should feel happy, but looking at Su Tang, he knew that he shouldn’t hold him back. He could only walk up to Su Tang and press his meal card into his hands, then said, “Don’t miss your meals. It’s not good for your health.”

Su Tang wanted to return the card to him, but Chi Shuyan was unexpectedly stern, “Be good.”

“Ok…” Su Tang agreed, and Chi Shuyan finally heaved a sigh of relief, before turning around and leaving.

Su Tang didn’t go for a meal. He wasn't in the mood to eat at all. He wanted to take a stroll, but the school was too big, and he was worried that he might not be able to find his way back, so he could only find a small garden nearby and sat there.

“System, are you there?” Su Tang asked.

“... I’m always here.” The system’s voice was like him, sounding somewhat listless.

“Tell me, what should I do?” Su Tang asked again.

“I don’t know either.” The system thought about it and advised, “Of course, I would want you to be more rational and pair the male and female leads together, then complete the mission. Perhaps, we’ll be able to end this damned transmigration mission.”

“We’ve already transmigrated into a few worlds, but we have never completed a single mission…”

“I’m sorry.” Su Tang was upset once again.

“Actually, I’m to blame too. I didn’t look out for you, and even gave many erroneous instructions.” The system said guiltily, and added, “Hence both of us were at fault. You don’t have to blame yourself. Moreover, I think the male lead is to blame. He’s so disappointing. Falling in love is something private, but he still requires others to help matchmake him. And he’s not even meticulous about it, and even treats you so well. Tsk, anyway, a straight man like him really doesn’t have an awareness of a straight man. So I’m telling you, he…”

Once the system started on the male lead, he had unlimited grievances. After all, it’s family’s Su Tang was so well-behaved and kept to himself, and if the male lead didn’t always seduce him, the missions would never have failed.

It got increasingly angrier, and by the end of it, it’s voice was impassioned, as though it was making a speech. Su Tang looked at it and finally couldn’t resist laughing.

“Wow, how dare you laugh! Who was I getting so agitated for?” The system suddenly said indignantly.

“Alright, I’m not laughing anymore.” Su Tang quickly covered his mouth and said softly.

“I’m a gracious person, so I’ll not fuss about this. But you’ve got to remember this: we’ve already failed the mission a few times…”

The system paused for a while, then added, “One more time won’t matter.”

“What?!” Su Tang almost couldn’t believe his ears.

“What I’m saying is, a dead hog won’t be afraid of boiling water [1]. It’s fine if you continue kicking the can…”

Before it could continue, Su Tang couldn’t help but retort, “Can you say something better? Do I look like a pig?”

“Regardless, you are just silly.” The system snorted.

“How am I silly?” Su Tang was unconvinced.

“Just because you can be seduced by the straight guy, and even like him so faithfully. Tell me, isn’t that silly?”

“It’s not!” Su Tang said this, then stood up and argued all the way with the system.

After being counselled by the system, Su Tang’s mood improved immensely. He didn’t feel like eating at the canteen. Instead, he went to the supermarket and purchased a bunch of food items using Chi Shuyan’s card, then bounced upstairs.

At this hour, most students would be having their meals at the canteen, so there was almost no one in the teaching block. Su Tang’s journey was unobstructed, and when he reached the third floor, he slowed his footsteps, then stood behind the door and peeked into the classroom like a thief.

Chi Shuyan was alone inside. He was leaning over the table and writing. Su Tang felt excitement creeping over him. He silently pushed the door open, then tiptoed into the room.

Chi Shuyan was writing when he heard someone walking towards him from behind. From this sound, it seemed like it was someone familiar, walking sneakily, probably trying to sneak an attack on him.

Such a senseless act, it was probably Li Cheng.

Chi Shuyan was deep in thought, and suddenly thought about Su Tang. He realised that his soul was really hooked by the latter. He would be reminded of Su Tang regardless of who he saw. It would be fine if it was just a fleeting thought, but the problem was that once he thought of Su Tang, the floodgates would open. He would worry if Su Tang had eaten, if he would be lost, if he would uncontrollably cry after Su Tang saw him leave, then he would regret leaving Su Tang alone to calm down.

Chi Shuyan couldn’t sit back anymore. He even wanted to go down to look for Su Tang now. He was really anxious now; how was this little baby so worrisome?

It was precisely at this moment when Chi Shuyan was lost in thought that Su Tang could move behind him. He was suddenly nervous, yet excited at the same time. Hence he held his breath, wanting to pounce onto Chi Shuyan’s back and scare his wits off.

Yet, at the exact same moment, Chi Shuyan could no longer sit still. If he didn’t find Su Tang, his heart would probably not settle down the entire night. Thus, he suddenly stood up, intending to go from the back door and take the shortcut to find Su Tang.

With this coincidence, the two knocked into each other. Su Tang’s forehead bumped into the other person’s nose bridge. This was a heavy hit; Chi Shuyan felt a sting in his nose and saw stars.

He wanted to stabilise himself with the table, but Su Tang didn’t stand properly too, and toppled onto him. The two men leaned back and heard the loud bang of tables crashing together, then both of them fell to the ground.

“Why did you…” Chi Shuyan paused for a moment before slowly recovering. He realised that it was Su Tang in his embrace, and he instantly felt overjoyed. He wanted to say something else, but saw Su Tang covering his forehead, his eyes brimming with tears.

A thought came to his mind, as he saw some unspeakable images flash past. Just as he wanted to press this terrible feeling down, he felt Su Tang’s knee pressing on his lower abdomen, even rubbing it, as though he wanted to support himself up.

But before Su Tang stood up, he was almost standing upright [2].

[1] A saying that implies how one can remove all misgivings when facing a situation, and just deal with the situation as they deem fit.

[2] Well, the “he” here that was going to stand is below his waist.

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