Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 77 - Getting the certificate [OW]

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Su Ling stared at the box for 2 seconds, then his eyes widened in surprise. People in Planet Belle rarely consumed nutrient packs, so most of them are supplied to the army. The energy of a nutrient pack is greater than the energy of a meal. The taste is not as good as normal cooked food, but it is simple and quick. Right now they have a full box of the packs... Su Ling feels a chill ran down his back inexplicably. Are you telling him that it is difficult to even eat normally during the permanent marking? That realization caused his heart to beat faster; he’s a little scared but kind of anticipating it.

"The kitchen won’t cook these days?" He couldn't help asking.

Gu Liheng has a deep gaze as he replied, "You won’t be able to eat it even if the kitchen cooked. The nutrient from the pack is more suitable."

Su Ling: "So exaggerated?"

Gu Liheng walked up to Su Ling and looked down to check his expression, "Afraid?"

Su Ling hasn't answered yet, but Gu Liheng grabbed his hand and held it inside his palm. He added, "How about we get the certificate another day? And when you are ready then..."

"I'm ready!" Su Ling interrupted Gu Liheng with a firm expression, "Go today."

This is his goal right from the start. Seeing that he is about to achieve it, even if he feels a little apprehensive, he will never shrink back. Su Ling glared at Gu Liheng, "Don't tell me that you are regretting it?"

Gu Liheng kissed Su Ling on the forehead, "No."

Laughing, Su Ling dragged Gu Liheng with him downstairs. The two had breakfast together, then went back to their room to change into couple style suits. Gu Liheng rarely wears white at ordinary times, and this couple suit is white. Su Ling's gaze couldn’t help chasing his figure, from leaving the bedroom to getting into the car, without moving away.

Too handsome and knightly, Su Ling sighed silently.

Gu Liheng shook Su Ling’s hand, "You have been staring at me for some time. Nervous?"

Su Ling shook his head and said honestly, "No, you are so handsome."

Raising his hand, Gu Liheng stroked the end of Su Ling’s hair, and said with a smile in his eyes, "You look good today."

The young man has fair skin, and his white suit is in sharp contrast with black hair, making his appearance picturesque and delicate.

Su Ling tilted his head and smiled, "When we first met, we also flattered each other like this."

Gu Liheng: "I didn't flatter you, just telling the truth."

Su Ling smiled deeper.

Before long, the car stopped in front of the Building of Civil Affairs. When they walked into the marriage registration department, many pairs of eyes fell on them; both amazed and surprised. Amazed is because they looked really good, and surprised is because of their identities.

"This is President Gu and Su Ling, the owner of the Grade S spiritual plant, right?"

"It's them, oh my God! I thought they got together just for playing around, I didn't expect them to get married so soon."

"I believe in love again. Like Su Ling is an abandoned son of the Su family. Even if he has a Grade S spiritual plant, his status is still too far away from the Gu family who has a profound foundation. For them to get together, this is absolutely true love!"

Su Ling heard the discussion and glanced at Gu Liheng. Gu Liheng looked at him and confirmed with a calm voice, "It's true love."

The corner of Su Ling's mouth curled up. He knew very well that even if he is not an abandoned/unfavoured son, the Su family's background is far from worthy of the Gu family. Therefore, he and male god are true love!

The two walked to one of the registration counters. The staff stared at them but did not react for a while, still in surprise.

"Can we register now?" Gu Liheng reminded.

"Sorry," the staff member came back to his/her senses and smiled embarrassedly, "I'll handle it for you right away."

After 5 minutes, Gu Liheng and Su Ling left the building.

Sitting in the back seat of the car, Su Ling grasped Gu Liheng's wrist to tap at his bracelet. Then he placed his bracelet side by side with his. The holographic screen that popped up on the bracelet displayed their personal information. The original status [Single] has now changed to [Married], and the name of their partner is filled in the empty box under Partner’s column. After Su Ling looked at it carefully, he turned around and hugged Gu Liheng.

Finally, he is married to male god. He no longer has to worry that the plot in the book will appear. To be honest, he has been worrying about the plot, that Zhao Qi might suddenly appear to do something, or some incident will happen to follow the original story plot. Fortunately, everything went well.

This is the real world, not inside a novel.

"What's the matter?" Gu Liheng asked softly. Aware of the changes in Su Ling’s mood, he reached out to hold him behind his back.

Su Ling tilted his head and smiled, "It's okay, I’m just very happy."

Hearing that, Gu Liheng looked at Su Ling’s face. There were smiles in his eyes as well, and he(GLH) lowered his head to kiss him on his cheek, "Me too."

Back at the villa, after the driver left, they walked into the living room with the villa door closing behind them.

Taking off his isolator, Su Ling glanced at Gu Liheng, and pointed to the spiritual plant room, "You go upstairs first." Seeing Gu Liheng nodding, he then walked into the spiritual plant room.

The spiritual plant room has been remodeled. The entire wall facing outside has been replaced with an automatic door. The switch button is on the sidewall. Whether it is Xian Mo Yu or Lóng Mo Téng, they can easily tap at it to open or close the door. Su Ling took out Xian Mo Yu and waited for Lóng Mo Téng to shift onto the petals, then he gave them some reminders.

"Papa Xian, Uncle Lóng, stay in the villa to play these days, don't go out," he coughed lightly, looking a little embarrassed as he added, "and don't look for me either."

Although they are only spiritual plants, their IQs are not low. Needing to purposely remind them still makes Su Ling feels a little embarrassed. But if he doesn't remind them, something will definitely happen which then will make things even more embarrassing. Uncle Lóng is okay with how things go but Papa Xian might look for him if it didn’t see him for a few days.

Xian Mo Yu: "Oh, I got it. You want to do permanent marking, Ah Lóng already told me about it."

Su Ling: "..." Uncle Lóng sure knows a lot.

After thinking about it, it is normal that Uncle Lóng knew. After all, except when they are in the villa, Uncle Lóng is always wrapped around his wrist. Although it has been pretending to be an accessory and usually does not say a word, it probably remembers everything that happens around it. Though the two plants are not his real elders, Su Ling is still a bit embarrassed to let them know. He cleared his throat and reached out to touch Lóng Mo Téng's leaves, "Uncle Lóng, have to trouble you to take care of Papa Xian."

The leaves moved up and down, and Lóng Mo Téng wrote a word, "Okay."

Su Ling said a few more words to Xian Mo Yu and pinched its root before leaving the spiritual plant room.

After he left, Xian Mo Yu's roots rose to wrap around the vine’s leaves. Its tone excited, "My son is so sweet and he asked you to look after me!"

The leaf turned its direction and stabbed the root, "Idiot, stop your stupid thoughts. He just doesn't believe you can stay good by yourself."

Xian Mo Yu immediately drew a big crying expression (T____T), "Really? Am I so unreliable in my son's heart? Am I not the most dependable and stable father? Am I..."

Lóng Mo Téng: "Shut up and stop your tirades!"

The tearful expression filled Lóng Mo Téng's consciousness so the leaves moved to touch the roots, "Your son asked me to look after you which means he cares about you. That’s very sweet."

The tearful expression from Xian Mo Yu instantly changed to a smiling face, and the roots swayed around in the air, "Haha, I said that just now! Did you envy me just now and said those words on purpose?" The roots rubbed against the vine and added, "Don't be sad, when my son comes out, I will help you to teach him a lesson for not caring about you and ask me to take care of you!"

Lóng Mo Téng's leaves curled up on the petals, looking like it is about to rest, "Oh."


As soon as Su Ling exited the spiritual plant room, he smelled the mellow red wine that made his heart beat faster.

Gu Liheng stood at the top of the stairs, leaning on the handrails casually. His suit and shirt were still neat, only the tie was loosened; giving a sense of abstinence and sexiness. He locked Su Ling's gaze tightly and raised his hand to beckon Su Ling.

All of a sudden, Su Ling's heartbeat speeded up. He took a deep breath and quickly walked towards Gu Liheng.

Gu Liheng's eyes grew darker, and before Su Ling approached, he took 2 steps forward and carried Su Ling back to the room. The moment their skin touches, it was as if sparks fell into a patch of withered grass, the flame surged the ground and starting a prairie fire. The aroma of red wine mixed together with citrus mint. As they influenced each other, their aroma quickly becomes rich, like a pool of water suddenly turns into a deep ocean, the waves completely engulfed the two.

Su Ling tugged at his collar, his slender fingers trying to unbutton it but his hands slipped off. His body felt soft like a puddle of water and he couldn’t muster any strength at all. Frowning, he tilted his head to utter a tsk, "So annoying." It felt good to have close contact with male god, but this feeling of weakness makes him feel disgusted, he’s too weak.

Gu Liheng placed the young man on the bed. His breathing blew hot air as he kissed between his(SL) eyebrows. With a deep voice, he held Su Ling’s hand and said, "Don't worry, I'll do it."

As Gu Liheng often played ball sports (like tennis), there were thin calluses on his fingers. Su Ling being held by him, his irritability and discomfort disappeared immediately. Pulling back slightly, Gu Liheng unbuttoned his suit, followed by his shirt. However, Su Ling couldn't stand with just his shirts unbuttoned. He stretched out his hand around Gu Liheng’s neck to get closer to him.

The air seemed to ignite. Originally, Su Ling was letting Gu Liheng undress him, but Gu Liheng wasn’t close enough, which made him feel uncomfortable very quickly. He eagerly wanted to be closer to male god. His body felt empty and his head seemed to be filled with hot steam, causing his thinking to become slower; only his instincts were exceptionally clear.

During the whole process, Su Ling has been in a state of chaos. Everything seems like his personal experience, but also like a dream. In the beginning, he could maintain a trace of reason, but later it was all instinct. Soon, the only thing in his mind was to ask for mercy and he just wanted it to end. At the moment of permanent marking, a huge shocking pleasure and pain struck at the same time. He couldn't help his reaction at all. He cried and tried to back away as far as he could, but he couldn't move at all.

There were pity and distress in Gu Liheng's eyes as his fingers stroked Su Ling’s hair. He kissed him comfortingly on his face, and his voice was hoarse, "Don't be afraid, it will be better soon."

Su Ling couldn't think of anything at all. He just sobbed and repeated his words, "You.. let go."

His appearance aroused Gu Liheng's desire even more. Not letting go and tightening his hold instead, he used his remaining reason to hug Su Ling to comfort him.

Su Ling gr-o-aned, and he complained with a hoarse, agitated voice, "Liar!"

Su Ling didn't know how many times he had been tossed around like a flatbread or when he fell asleep. When he woke up, the smell of pheromones in the air has dissipated a lot and his body felt refreshed. Medicine has been applied behind him, so it didn’t feel throbbing and painful. Gu Liheng hugged him tightly and kissed his forehead.

"How are you?" He asked, taking a nutrient pack from the bedside table, "You need to replenish your energy."

Su Ling didn't have much strength and didn't want to refuse him at all, so he drank the nutrient from Gu Liheng’s hand. Looking at Gu Liheng, he has this very strange feeling that though he(GLH) is an independent person completely different from himself, he felt that they are one entity at this moment. Before long, the fragrance in the air became rich once more, the temperature of Su Ling's body rose rapidly, and the two entangled with each other again. A thought flashed in Su Ling's mind, ‘No wonder he can't eat (normal food), there is not enough time to eat it.’

This situation lasted a total of 5 days. There were traces of them all over the place; the entire bedroom, balcony, bathroom, washstand, and even the cloakroom. From the night of the fifth day, Su Ling slept until the morning of the seventh day, which he would occasionally be woken up by Gu Liheng to eat something.

When he finally woke up, he was in good spirits, just that his body is very weak, and there were soreness and weakness everywhere. Whenever he closed his eyes, his mind will be filled with the chaotic and fuzzy scenes that happened these days. Su Ling rubbed his eyebrows, the physiology book didn’t lie. Knotting or whatnots, it turned out to be true. It's just that personal experience is countless times more profound than how he feels when he read the book. Even when he is thinking about it now, he still can't help feeling his scalp tingling.

His bracelet vibrated, and he tapped on it. There were 2 messages from Nalu, which were sent one after another.

"After your body recovers, come to the store. Someone wanted to claim the 3 Grade A spiritual plants!"

"But don't worry, come back after you have a good rest."

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